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G-Stones are crystallized Spiral Energy
They're the same shade of green, they react to emotion (courage is just fighting spirit by a different name), they have limitless potential. Not much of a stretch here. Similarly, J-Jewels are also crystalized spiral energy tinted red by the Red Planet's manufacturing processes. Guy's Evoluder form is a human body that has become capable of consciously harnessing spiral power—a prequel to humans as we see them in TTGL—hence the "holding GaoFighGar together by force of will" scene in FINAL.
  • This would make the Loud G-Stone the precursor to the beastmen Anti-Spirals, would it not? Because, a backwards spiral... is still a spiral. (YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH)
  • Could also explain the Genesic Machines in FINAL: The remaining energies of the G-Crystal not absorbed into Ghaleon being formed into new mecha. (This troper personally finds the notion that 5 shards of the G-Crystal just happened to both contain the Genesic Machines AND avoid destruction at the hands of the Sol Masters, plus they were apparently still in energy-form when they shot off to block the Sol Wave.)
    • Alternately, G-Stone radiate Spiral Energy.
GaoGaiGar humans will eventually become the Anti-Spirals
...because man will grow proud of their G-Stone/Spiral Power-based technology, never realizing the threat of the Spiral Nemesis until long after the legend of GGG has faded from memory.

G-Stones are made of Thiotimoline.
The determination-activated spacetime-warping properties of the G-Stones are consistent with those described in Dr. Isaac Asimov's The Micropsychiatric Properties of Thiotimoline.

Everyone alive at the Bittersweet Ending of FINAL survives.
There is one more Gadget Tool mentioned in the Genesic GaoGaiGar eyecatch, called the Galeoria Road. From what we know of the Galeoria Comet, this would probably create a massive ES Window through which everyone could escape the collapsing universe. So Everybody Lives, And the Adventure Continues with the GGG crew Walking The Multiverse. Further evidence: The very last frames of FINAL are a shot of the thought-destroyed Galeoria Comet. Make of that what you will.
  • This... this actually makes a huge amount of sense. Even setting aside the Galeoria Road, they also had other space-warping tools available like the Bolting Driver and access to ZA POWAH, so there's no reason GGG shouldn't have been able to go home... except that they were still exiled from the solar system by the UN. There's no home left for them to go back to (except for Mamoru and Kaidou, who aren't officially part of GGG) so the obvious solution is to go find a new one. The reason they fed Mamoru and Kaidou that story about being trapped is because the kids are the only members of the team who still have friends and family waiting for them on Earth and they didn't want to force them to choose between their civilian friends and their fellow Braves; the adults must have made this decision for them while they were both unconscious after the Final Battle.
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  • Confirmed as of the GaoGaiGar vs. Betterman web novel; GGG uses the Galeoria Road to get back home (Run it through Google Translate if you don't speak Japanese, it's sloppy but it gets the job done).

Kouryu and Anryu both suck at landing.
I've had this idea in my head ever since the scene where they both crash in Final Episode 7. True, it was because they were falling from space, but what if that scene was telling us something else. Consider that Kouryu has trouble stopping in space, and Anryu does the Traditional Ryu sibling faceplant in Super Robot Wars. It would be funnier cause it breaks the usual pattern.

Hana was being targeted, either covertly or actively, by the Zonderians.
It may be more than just unfortunate coincidence that she was in pretty much every location that Pasder and the Machine Kings attacked, even when it was outside of G-Island City. They knew that Mamoru's power to Purify their creations was a huge threat to them, so getting rid of him was a high priority. If they were aware of their Toy Ship status, she'd be perfect bait for drawing him in for them to eliminate. (This troper can only speculate how much of a disaster it would have been if they'd ever made her into a Zonder...)
  • This troper believes that it would result in nothing less then every zonder-type being in the galaxy spontaneously purifying/melting from sheer wave of "pissed-off" that Mamoru would generate.

The GGG crew returns to earth 8 years after FINAL ends
Given how we learned during the final episodes the comet itself passes Earth every eight years, they just have to hold out until the cycle starts again. Then when they return, they have to save Earth from yet another threat.
  • That would first and foremost require that they could survive for 8 years. And that's without a viable foodsource. Remember, Repli-Earth was destroyed when the Pas-Q Machine was destroyed.
    • They survived on COURAGE!!!
    • They lived on the properly restored Green Planet. Integrating was easy, since the Green Planet denizens inexplicably speak a pidgin of Japanese, Latin, English, and some unknown language where 'gemu giru gan go gufo' means something.

Galeon is the reincarnated form of Mufasa
Memetic Badass Papa Wolf King of Beasts. After overseeing that his son Simba reclaimed The Pride Lands, Mufasa allowed himself to enter the cycle of reincarnation and was later resurrected as an even more badass Humongous Mecha, going by the alias of Galeon. He watches over Mamoru because he reminds him somewhat of his own son, and has allied with humanity For Great Justice!

Mic Sounders the 13th was going to be a traitor
After having just saved the team from getting destroyed, ChoRyuJin takes the time to look up at him suspisicously before saying how he doesn't trust him. It isn't a dynamic that is played up in the interaction between the three of them, and it is never really brought up again in the story. But it's weird that they would say that about Mic out of the blue. Mic is also seen basicly spying on the team and relaying information in the series. Of course it wasn't what it seemed, but I think somewhere along the line he was supposed to turn, but they changed their minds.

The J-Jewel on Hope
it is never explained why J fell to the zonderization, even tough the J-Jewel was shown to be able to resist it. but if you look closely at the flashbacks, you realize that J Had given up Hope when he was zonderized. And the reason he started to resist the zonderisation later in the series, was because Guy and GGG's fighting spirit made his hope return.

GaoGaiGar disassembles in between uses because...
...The Gao machines are easier to maintain while separate, Galeon wouldn't be able to move by himself when in GaiGar mode (and would thus prefer his default form), and/or Guy can't exit GaiGar except by allowing Galeon to return to his normal form.
  • Guy stands on GaoGaiGar's hand in the last episode when he borrows Mamoru's power to purify Mikoto, but then again, that might've been at least partially due to how badly GaoGaiGar was damaged. Apart from that, though, everything makes perfect sense. Also, it's probably a lot easier to store and transport the Gao machines when they're separated.

Mamoru was originally intended to pilot Gaogaigar.
Near the end of the TV series, Guy, on the brink of death, has a conversation with Cain, the creator of Galeon and Mamoru's real father. During this conversation, Cain states that he was the intended pilot for Gaogaigar; presumably, he sent Mamoru away with Galeon when it became clear that defeat was inevitable, and he stayed to fight to the last or something of that sort. Besides Purification, Mamoru's abilities mirror Gaogaigar's to an extent: he raises his left hand to generate barriers, just like Gaogaigar's left hand produces the Protect Shade (though the hand gestures are different), and Mamoru even uses a similar ability to Hell and Heaven at the end of the series to destroy the Z-Crystal. We can assume from this that his right hand contains more destructive effects (the "Broken" side of the equation), but Mamoru is more interested in protecting his friends and family than actually fighting.

In any case, from what we see in FINAL, Mamoru is capable of piloting Gaogaigar, but requires the Pas-Q Machine to do so. It's worth noting though that both repli-Mamoru and repli-Galeon aren't 100% identical to the originals (Mamoru's aura is blue instead of green, and Galeon is gray), and the Pas-Q Machine, which seems to greatly amplify Gimlet's abilities in the first episode, only allows him to fight evenly with Gaofaigar. So unless Gaofaigar is much, much stronger than the original Gaogaigar (possible but unlikely), it's not too much of a stretch to believe that the copies are weaker than the originals. We also see Pei la Cain in action, and his abilities seem to be similar to Mamoru's: green aura/pink wings, barrier projection, some form of destructive power, and from the latter two a Hell and Heaven-style attack.

So when we put those two facts together (Cain was the original pilot for Gaogaigar, and he and Mamoru have similar abilities), it suggests that Mamoru, on his own, was meant at some point to pilot Gaogaigar. However, when Guy was rebuilt as a cyborg, Galeon instead chose him as a pilot for two reasons: Mamoru's lack of experience with his powers, and Guy's sheer Hot-Blooded-ness making him a better warrior. By the end of the TV series, despite Mamoru's growing powers,, Guy still has more experience fighting with Gaogaigar, and switching over to the inexperienced Mamoru could've hampered their efforts against the Primevals. There was time during the Time Skip for Mamoru to learn how to pilot Gaigar, and repli-Mamoru might've been drawing on that when fighting Gaofaigar, but again, Guy's experience and Hot-Blooded-ness made Galeon choose him over Mamoru when fighting the Masters of Sol. But if the situation desperately called for it, Mamoru could step up and kick ass if he had/wanted to.

A related WMG: Mamoru-piloted Gaogaigar would've been much stronger than Guy-piloted Gaogaigar. Why? Mamoru can power up G-Stones with his abilities, so he could amplify Galeon's GS-Ride whenever he wanted; in effect, it would probably be a mecha-scale version of Guy's Hyper Mode. Guy wasn't able to handle Hell and Heaven because, if this theory is correct, Galeon was designed to work with a different pilot, so Mamoru could probably use Hell and Heaven with less or no consequences. It's also possible that Gaogaigar's Broken Magnum and Protect Shade attacks could've worked in tandem with Mamoru's natural abilities, making them stronger as a result (and further boosting Hell and Heaven's power). Finally, since he has to be near the battle to use Purification anyways, if he were piloting it, he might've been able to Purify Zonder cores while still pin the pilot seat.

This kinda sorta happened in FINAL. We cringely saw how broken it was, and SRW players got the short stick of it.

The crisis the Eleven Planetary Masters caused was an (Anti-)Spiral Nemesis and/or Negative Instrumentality.

Basically, the problem with the Eleven Planetary Masters is that they are incapable of True Creation (ex nihil generation of matter/energy). The PasQue Machine is their spiral 'generator', but their Loud G-Stones don't give them the emotions to use it properly. To expand their pocket dimension, they needed to steal the dark energy of the normal dimension.

And/or, they were draining the AT fields of Lilith, causing the laws of Reality to break down.

The G-stone works on a similar principle to Getter Rays and Spiral Energy, but also produces an Absolute Territory Field in equal amounts.

Mind you, the G-stone's Absolute Territory field that does not rely on Absolute Terror, but rather Absolute Courage, the understanding of exactly who one is rather than the isolation for fear of being hurt. This is the key to the G-stone's stability and durability: unlike Getter robots which barely understand what is themselves versus not-themselves (key to their ability to combine with each other and with anything, but also makes them Glass Cannons), the G-stone-based mechanoids and Super-AI have barriers of themselves.

Palparepa is the God of Creation because his dominant hand is the hand of separation, which is creation. (This is at least partially an Abrahamic thing: Genesis, God does not merely create the land and sea, but he separates them from each other, makes them distinct.) Genesic opposes him because he wields the hand of destruction—the "Broken" side. But if creation is separation, then destruction is combination. This is why gravitational lenses are created using the Bolting Driver on the right-hand side; gravity is an attractive force. (This is also why Spiral Nemesis is a collapse.)

Because G-stone technology runs on Absolute Courage rather than Absolute Terror, it's best used by heroes who don't suffer the Hedgehog's Dilemma. This means that its protagonists can be awesome instead of emotionally crippled; notice how every Brave has an excellent relationship with their family and with each other.

The combination and balance of the Absolute Courage and love with Destruction and evolution has many benefits. Combination works because of, rather than in spite of, the differences between component parts. Where Spiral-style combination tends to create homogeneous slurry that makes differences irrelevant, Fusion combines strengths. Furthermore, the integration of the masculine and feminine gives even more stability than the spiral-style "My enormous pointy tool is bigger/harder than yours" masculine of the Spirals and "Pretty much literally powered by the desire to retreat to the womb" feminine of the EVAs. (The Getters are actually much more stable in this regard, but they have other issues since they still represent unbounded evolution and consumption.)