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Headscratchers for GaoGaiGar.

  • Just a few things that have been bugging me.
    • First question: what was it that destroyed Guy's mech and Goldy when Pisa Sol was shattered? Was it simply the usage of something as massive and powerful as the Crusher with so much force behind the swing, or was it an energy backlash from Pisa Sol's destruction?
      • 1. Makes it more dramatic. Seriously, possibly all the dark matter being forcefully shat out of the Pas-Q machine. Also, the Goldion Crusher was operating at a hell of a lot higher than the energy capacity it was designed for. It was built for GaoFighGar, designed to take a certain amount of Ul-Tech Evolual Power, and GaoGaiGar gave it Genesic Aura instead, and a huge quantity of it too. This puts its energy way, way above what Leo designed it to handle. This is also why the head expanded - the energy was supposed to be totally contained inside the head.
      • I'm not sure I agree with that. If it was designed to be totally contained, the head would have shattered when he activated it. But it comes apart in specific, neat sections, in a way it was clearly designed to. Bear in mind further, the Crusher was made to deal with threats on par with the Z-Master, who was a good deal bigger than Earth. As far as my answer for this: Guy wasn't feeling the effects of massive crushing gravity until he ES Window'd into close proximity with the Pas-Q Machine. He swung the Crusher against the massive swarm in orbit just fine. Therefore, I chalk it up to massive gravity in close to the Pas-Q machine. It was probably pretty close to singularity-ville itself.
      • As of the GaoGaiGar vs. Betterman novel, it's now explicitly clarified that the Crusher's head is designed to expand the way it does in FINAL, and that its diameter can even be changed to be appropriate to the situation, up to the maximum of 20 kilometers used against Pisa Sol.
    • Second question: Due to what makes Mikoto immortal, does it mean that Zonuda possesses the ability to come back one day?
      • 2. Mikoto's regeneration is just an effect of her being an Evoluder.
    • Third question: Why did Guy's dad (forgot his name) design the ultimate attack of Horyu and Enryu, the Supernova, to be used in their Chouryujin form, if the way that they combine makes such a thing impossible?
      • 3. It was built into the Chest Thriller and Warmer. It's not ChoRyuJin's fault that those two point inward in his body (and are mounted in his legs to boot). Note that KouRyu and AnRyu have the same problem with the Portable Dangan X. Actually, the real odd one out is GekiRyuJin, the only Dragon God not to have his ultimate attack built into a Chest Blaster.

  • So I've just had a moment of insanely belated Fridge Logic re: GaoFighGar. The Ul-Tech Engines on its wings presumably keep it afloat, right? That means that the thrust force is upwards. The problem with that is that, looking at StealthGao's role in Final Fusion, the Ul-Tech Engines on StealthGao III would propel it backwards. What's going on?
    • Obviously, a healthy dose of Reverse Polarity.
    • Also, the original StealthGao had retro-thrusters built into its wings, allowing GaoGaiGar to fly. Presumably, they similarly built the Ul-Tech engines to let them fire in the other direction as well. And, well, you know, allow it to slow itself down for Final Fusion.
    • Check out the very last second of this video of GaoFighGar's transformation; pretty sure those wing-tips reverse the thrust of the Ul-Tech Engines.

  • For all the build-up and the weirdness, is Hell and Heaven just a jet-powered Polish Hammer?
    • Pretty much. Except with the side effect of, essentially, punching into your opponent's chest and ripping their heart out.
    • Mechanically, yes. The important thing was to combine GGG's Protect and Broken powers so that he could break through a Zonder's defenses and completely destroy it while not harming the core.
    • Don't forget that GaoGaiGar releases the same electromagnetic whirlwind that Gai Gar does when performing Final Fusion. The effect is to paralyze the Zonder while GaoGaiGar pulverizes it.

  • Forgive this troper for being a bit thick, but... in FINAL of FINAL, they all die, right?
    • According to information this troper has found on 4chan, there is an unreleased followup to GGG Final that leads directly into the Betterman, and at least Guy and the GaoGaiGar survive.
      • Not quite correct. Betterman happens in the GGG universe, but it happens somewhere during the time of GaoGaiGar - Liger supposedly got the idea for Mic's shattering soundwave attacks from a Betterman monster. But, yes, "Project Z", AKA "GaoGaiGo", would have had Mamoru and Kaidou piloting the next-gen GaiGo (which would have been partially based on Betterman technology), and one of the screenshots showed a giant Genesic GaoGaiGar coming out of the sun. There were also suggestions that it might actually be the villain of the series. Ouch.
      • Small reminder, all the data, plot and such that would become Project Z were retooled into a different anime: GEAR Fighter Dendoh. Including but not limited to: two children being the pilots for a single machine (Mamoru and Kaidou's planned role), and an old hero, Brainwashed and Crazy, eventually joining their ranks after some Character Development. Watch it to have an inkling on how it'd pay out.

  • This is completely stupid but I can't figure it out. What is with Gai's hair? I mean, when he takes off his armor and is wandering around the base in that weird cloak/gown thing and his hair inexplicably turns into these weird plastic dreadlock looking things. Does anyone understand this?
    • Blame it on being a cyborg. Cyborg Guy's hair is clearly not his natural hair - it's brown in several flashbacks to before the EI-01 incident and it returns to being brown when he becomes an Evoluder. The two side strands, at least, are strings of batteries that enable Hyper Mode. I think I've seen some of the other ones plugged in to the medical bay in the bases, so I guess they're interface cables for GGG to use when he's being maintained.
      • Thank you. Thank you so much...
      • For further pointoutage, I believe that Genesic GGG's hair is supposed to be made of the same stuff as Cyborg Guy's two battery-strands.
      • It is. There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it snapshot of Genesic's hair going totally rigid during the Goldion Crusher sequence, indicating that G4 went into its' own hyper mode to use the damn thing.

  • Am I the only one who thinks J looks an awful lot like Kurtis as far as he is visible? It's gotta be the nose that does it.
    • You mean Kurtis looks like J, who looks like Cyborg 002.

  • Where does GaoGaiGar's mane on his chest come from? I mean, on Galeon and Gaigar, there's no mane, but I see it attached to his chest every time he performs Final Fusion. To which Gao Machine is it attached to?
    • It's actually attached to Stealth Gao. It's not easy to see it in many pictures, but it's there.
      • Watch Final Fusion more closely. After StealthGao/GadgetGao docks, the mane slides out from behind.
    • On the Genesic model, it's actually several layered plates on the sides of Galeon's lion-mode head.
      • The layered plates do come from GadgetGao, though, or at least they do in the OVA.

  • Behold, one of the most important questions left unanswered in the series: Which one does the Ryu-sibling face plant, Kouryu or Anryu?
    • Super Robot Wars answers this: it's An Ryu.
      • Huh. I've seen those clips on Youtube, but I still wasn't sure, what with Anryu being the more cool headed of the two, ala Hyoryu and Fuuryu. That's kind of funny.

  • I just did a GaoGaiGar marathon (including FINAL) and survived the sheer awesomeness. But even after watching it, one question remains unanswered to me. What the heck is the Oath sworn through Courage?
    • Kick the ever loving shit out of evil, while screaming like a maniac.
    • In episode 7 of FINAL after the entire GGG crew recovers from Palparepa's Paras Particles and makes a triumphant return in the three spaceships, Taiga proclaims that the Oath Sworn Through Courage is to 'fight until our last breath'. It's basically a more dramatic version of that one official GGG rule - "Under no circumstances must a GGG member ever give up." No matter how strong the foe, no matter how hopeless the situation, no matter how heavy the cost, Those With Courage must fight with everything they have until the very end.

  • Sol Master Puranus' Loud G-Stone was in her head, right? Then how did she regenerate after TenRyuJin bisected her starting at her head? Shouldn't that have destroyed her Loud G-Stone or am I missing something? I'll admit, I haven't seen everything with the show, but this doesn't make since if destroying their Loud G-Stone is how you destroy them.
    • I don't think it mattered because Pisa-Sol used it's regeneration power to regenerate them, Loud G-Stone and all. Note how later when most of the strongest brave robot corps targetted the Loud G-stones, they were still regenerated. As long as Pisa sol was around, they could keep going. Hence why Guy had to solve that problem personally.
    • The reason they had to utterly pulverize the Loud G-stone is presumably because it's harder to regenerate than other things, thus smashing it forces Pisa Sol to work overtime. Remember, the Braves were all communicating via the G-Stone Infinite Information Circuit and Limpid Channel (Betterman telepathy) during the second half of the fight, so they already all knew exactly what they had to do.

  • When Guy uses Hell And Heaven, what the heck is he chanting as he brings GGG's together?
    • "Gemu giru gan go gufou"... if you're looking for a translation, I assume it was supposed to be some foreign-sounding gibberish
      • Since Mamoru uses those exact words and movements in destroying the Z-Master core, and that he was (apparently) only able to do so after Cain released the last of his seals, it can be assumed that it's the language of the Green Planet, channeled into Guy by Galeon.
    • If you want specifics, it's "Gemu giru gan go gufo" as he's bringing his hands together, then "Vita" (Latin for "Life") while charging.