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Jason did die in the lake when he was 10.
This theory uses Jason's ability to possess people, as seen in Jason Goes to Hell, to explain why Jason never appeared before his mother's death and why his appearance varies from the second film to the third. Jason really did die in Crystal Lake at age 10, and any rumors of him inhabiting the woods before Part 2 were just urban legends. In Part 1 Jason's spirit was (partially) possessing his mother, driving her to kill the counselors who were trying to reopen the camp. After she was beheaded he was able to possess the long haired man we see as Jason in Part 2. At the end of that movie he receives an injury that would have made that body impractical to continue using, in spite of his ability to use an undead body. He then possessed the bald man that had once attempted to rape the heroine of Part 3 (which would explain that out-of-character behavior, that wasn't Jason).

Now I know what you are all thinking: how come these men had Jason's facial deformities? I would chalk that up to being a result of being possessed by him for a certain period of time.

  • Alternatively, he retroactively changed their looks into them having ALWAYS looked like that.
  • This is a good explanation for the early films, but it his lightning-resurrected body in VI muddies the waters somewhat.

The events of Jason X were a dream created by Freddy to test Jason.
Before using Jason to his advantage, Freddy wanted to know just what Jason was capable of. This explains both why Jason X was released before Freddy vs. Jason, and the ridiculousness of the premise.

Jason doesn't actually come back to life at the end of the remake, it's a bad dream
  • Whitney dozes off, relieved to finally be rid of him. Then WHAMMO! nightmare.
    • Or, after dropping the mask to the water, the two head to the car, THEN Whitney fell asleep during the ride home.

Jason is a stoner.
In the last movie, he seems intent on killing teenagers that take weed from a large patch in his woods. That's HIS weed. (This theory comes from the movie review at
  • Alternatively, Jason's a drug dealer. Not everyone who farms and sells weed is a user; it could be all business for him. Those little shits are stealing his weed and costing him money.
  • Alternatively-alternatively, Jason's neither of these things; the weed is bait. He planted that patch knowing that teenagers would be drawn to it, and inevitably smoke it, making them easier to kill.

The kids sent to Crystal Lake have been sentenced to death
All the kids are violent criminals. They are brainwashed and sent to Crystal Lake, and hidden cameras record their grisly execution for the masses. Jason is a convicted murderer who was promised life instead of the chair if he offs all the kids. This is why Jason keeps coming back from death; there's more than one Jason, and they all take the same deal.

This also explains why the kids are so dumb: they are conditioned to run off by themselves.

And finally, 'Jason' gets luxury dinners if he kills off the kids in a certain way; the viewers of the surveillance tapes expect the cliches of a horror movie.

  • Alternately, since being able to give people false memories like that would probably imply that this is the future, Jason could be a bio-engineered killing machine. He keeps coming back because when he has a very resilient physiology and can hibernate for very long periods, and if he is killed for good the government just uploads all his memories, clones him, and put the memories in the clone. He may be brainwashed to believe his own origin story. Or perhaps his origin story is actually true, except he was brought back to life and transformed into the Jason we know by the government.

The telekinetic girl the seventh film was a relative of Carrie
They both have mental powers, they both are messed up, and the book did say the gene for telekinesis only expressed itself in females.
  • The movie as a whole is a lot more entertaining if we just pretend it is Carrie.

All the films after the original are just a delusion of Mrs. Voorhees.
Only the relatively realistic events of the first film ever happened. Jason did die as a child and never came back to life. Mrs. Voorhees, incurably insane after the loss of her son, imagined him coming back and taking vengeance on camp counselors.

He always dies because that's the event in his life that she most remembers. But in her fantasies, he always comes back. Just before dying, she became so delusional that she re-imagines the recent events with Jason as the killer instead of her (the 2009 remake).

  • Specifically, the films all zip past her as visions in the seconds while she clutches at the space where her head used to be after getting decapitated at the end of the first film.

Jason is some sort of corporeal ghost.
It'd explain a lot. Jason actually did drown as a kid, with his restless spirit residing in the lake. The death of his mother angered his spirit into taking vengeance, but as A. a ghost and B. a mentally handicapped kid, his targets are basically "anyone who crosses my path." He generated a corporeal, hulking body and set off to avenge his mother. As killing is really his only purpose, it's the only thing he can fully comprehend - this is why he can be so creative with his killing methods despite being dumb when it comes to anything else. The people who "killed" Jason throughout the series only managed to trick him into thinking he was dead (well, dead in the not getting up and killing people way) - once Jason remembers he's a corporeal ghost and thus can't die, he gets back up and starts killing again. This also explains how he's able to pull off the classic offscreen teleportation trick, as well as how he managed to string up people's bodies in gruesome ways with so little time.
  • Well, he *does* escape from his private hell when Freddy, invading his mind in the form of his mother, reminded him that "you cannot die; you are only sleeping."

Jason is a zombie resurrected by Pamela
One of my fave theories I had heard was that Jason is actually just a demon possessing the dead body of Jason Voorhees and which was trapped in that corpse by Pamela's experimentations with dark magic after her son's death. This was brought up in the sadly non-canon comic book Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash where it's either hinted or flat out stated (don't have the books in front of me) that she used the Necronomicon and turned her son's corpse into a kind of deadite.
  • Alternatively, Jason's powers are a result of Pamela dabbling in black magic. She used it either in an attempt to simply bring back her lost child with the unusual strength and immortality being an unexpected side effect, or fully with the intent of making him large and extremely powerful, unable to die so that he can kill those Pamela felt were responsible for his death. What she didn't know was that the spells don't work until the conjurer's death.
  • Jason being a sort of proto-deadite might also explain the Gainax Endings of the "living Jason" cycle of films (1 through 4) and why he keeps coming back; as long as Jason hasn't been fully dismembered, the deadite spirit inside of him can eventually regenerate his still-living flesh, but when he is put down violently, the spirit will slip out of his body to make one last attack on the survivor(s) — perhaps in an effort to try and steal their body so it can escape being part of Jason?
  • Though meant to be a bit of a shout-out, in Jason Goes To Hell, you can see the Necronomicon in the basement of the Voorhees house. It could be possible that Pamela may have went up to the Knowby cabin sometime after the events of Evil Dead 2 (there's no mention of a date in the Evil Dead films, meaning the first two could have taken place well before the events of the first Friday the 13th film), finding the Necronomicon and the tape player. After summoning a Kandarian demon, it could have made a deal to bring her son back, but it would have required her to sacrifice eight souls, and allows Jason's soul to possess her to prove that he could be brought back full. So, Pamela decides to go back to Crystal Lake and think about who her targets would be. But when she gets back, she discovers Steve Christy is working on reopening the camp. So, she decided to sacrifice Christy and the counsellors to complete the deal. However, Alice ends up killing Pamela, which in turn completes the deal and Jason is resurrected. And we also know Freddy Krueger had gone up to the cabin at some point, as two gloves looking similar to Freddy's can be found at the cabin (maybe Freddy spent a summer there, perfecting his iconic weapon).
    • To go with the above, in the latest Friday the 13th game, whenever Jason goes to do the teleportation where he can grab a councilor, it switches to a first person POV that acts strikingly similar to the POV of the Deadite force that has chased Ash in the films. Seriously, it's almost identical, minus the sound and the ability to break through things (maybe because Jason has Kandarian power, but not full on like the Deadites).

Jason Goes To Hell was an in-universe fanfic written by one of the young Crystal Lake campers.
Given the huge inconsistencies and additions to Jason's mythology never before established(Body-swapping demon Jason, a bounty hunter tracking him, the "Voorhees can only kill Voorhees" rule), it reads like someone telling a story of their own theories about the monster. By "Jason Lives" Jason was an established campfire Urban Legend with little known about him other than he's a boy who became a murderous undead creature. Given the room to fill in details, some of the kids at camp in that film took interest, especially when Jason himself showed up, and crafted a bizarre tale of the killer, even throwing in a cameo from another mythical monster said to invade people's dreams.

The reboot film is in the same continuity as the live-action Transformers films.
Trent appears in both films. Friday the 13th was produced by Michael Bay. There isn't much to elaborate on.
  • Which implies that a Freddy vs. Jason vs. Optimus Prime crossover might occur, the prospect of which will make any child of the Eighties squee uncontrollably.

Jason was a Metahuman from birth with a limited Healing Factor and rapid evolution powers. He has been "undead" since he drowned in Crystal Lake and washed ashore.
When Jason was dealt the final blow by Ginny in Part II, it was actually fatal...or would have been, were it not for the latent healing power that resurrected Jason after he drowned years earlier. Each time Jason has been killed, his healing factor not only revived him, but gave him new abilities, including Super Strength that increased with each death (starting with part III), Invulnerability (Part VII), and teleportation (Part VIII). In Jason Goes to Hell, Jason was blown up, but his healing factor was on a cellular level, and generated the "Hellbaby" over the years to act as a backup body to seek out fresh genetic material for a new body, explaining his more human appearance in Freddy Vs. Jason and Jason X. Also, Jason gains a more intuitive intelligence, allowing him to improvise more weapons in lieu of his famed machete and know to render vehicles immobile and sever power and phone lines.

The drawback to Jason's healing power is that it sacrifices complete restoration in favor of durability and pragmatic evolution. This explains his different appearance in each movie; In Part II he looked the most human, in Part III his head had lost hair and his face began to degrade, and in Part IV he began to become more noticeably decayed in appearance. Jason's time buried in his grave between the end of Part IV and the start of Part VI restricted his ability to regenerate, hastening his transition into an "undead" form.

In addition to jump starts from electricity, Jason's powers are triggered by an ability that is also a "blessing" and a curse for him, this being his limited telepathy. This power to sense thoughts was triggered when he was revived by his healing powers, and are the reason for his decades long seclusion. On the night his mother Pamela was killed, the thoughts of lust and disorientation from being intoxicated were the strongest things he had sensed earlier that day, and he associated them with his mother's own thoughts of revenge before her death. When decadent thoughts become strongest, it accelerates his healing factor and revives him more quickly. This is coupled with an enhanced sense of smell which allows him to track people more easily. The smell of pheromones and weed smoke also send him into a rage due to association with his mother's killers.

Jason's telepathic abilities also allowed him to form a link with Alice, letting him track her to her home and murder her. Alice's hallucination of Child-Jason pulling her into the lake was the moment this link was formed by a then adult Jason. The formation of psychic links with others also have an effect of reviving Jason, as evidenced with Tina in Part VII, Rennie in Part VIII and Freddy Krueger.

Jason keeps a bunch of animals on hand to distract his victims.
This happens a lot. Someone hears a noise. It's a slasher movie, so they go to investigate. A cat or dog jumps out. The person relaxes. Then Jason pops up behind them and sticks an ice pick in their head, or pulls them out the window. Seriously, this happens so often he must keep a bunch of animals in his pocket, using them to lull his victims into a false sense of security after the initial Cat Scare has passed.
  • Well, it does look like a hand throws the cat through Alice's window in Part 2.

The sewer worker killed by Jason at the end of part VIII was Ed Norton.
After all, it takes place in New York City, and Norton is much older because over 30 years passed since the series.

Jason never drowned in Crystal Lake in 1957.
He in fact managed to splash his way to the shore, but went hiding into woods because in his infant logic he thought he had done something bad. He occasionally steps out from the woods to help his mother in her sabotage missions on Camp Crystal Lake, hiding evidence and indirectly causing some of the damage. This explains how she wasn't caught for over twenty years.
  • Though that would mean she would have known about him being alive, unless her madness led her to believe that when Jason was helping her, it was his "ghost".
  • Alternately, Jason was pulled unconscious from the water and revived by the camp staff. His mother, already a kook, freaked out when she saw her son lying so still and thought he had died, even after he resumed breathing. She went so batshit insane that she thought Jason was a zombie even before he actually became undead, and set about killing the camp personnel to avenge his "death", never realizing she was killing people who'd saved his life. Then she hid her "undead" kid from the world for years and filled his head with nonsense, making him believe he was an unliving revenant so intensely that, when he died for real, he genuinely became one.
  • Or maybe he was found unconscious on the lake shore by some well-meaning busybody who'd long considered his mother to be an unfit parent, who took him away rather than report the discovery and let the boy be returned to his crackpot mom's custody. They took Jason to another town and told him his mother was dead, and he believed them ... at least, until he heard on the news about his mother's own rampage and demise. He killed his rescuer/abductor, then went hunting for his mother's killer, and began playing out Pamela's counselor-killing obsessions in a twisted attempt to feel close to the parent whose companionship he'd been denied.
  • Or how about this? When Jason was drowning, the kids who got him to go in the water saw that he couldn't swim and went to get help. In the meantime, Jason was able to splash away to the land near the woods in order to get away from the other kids and hid out in the forest. He got lost and was presumed dead by everyone since they didn't see wear he went. He became a hermit and waited for his mother to come back to find him. One day, he hears his mother's voice and realizes mommy came back for him... only to hear his mother scream and find her lifeless decapitated body on the ground... and the machete that killed her. Cue the mayhem...

  • Note that Pamela never says outright that Jason was dead, only that he'd drowned and that he'd been her "sweet boy". A person can experience drowning but survive, given proper medical attention, and an event so traumatic could easily scar a young child's psyche so severely that an already-unstable woman might start referring to him - rather, his former personality - in the past tense.

The Friday the 13th remake, the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, and the Rob Zombie Halloween remakes take place in the same continuity.

The remake isn't a remake at all, but another sequel.
Any previously established continuity that it contradicts can be easily explained away:
  • Jason being alive instead of an undead Zombie-thing can be explained by it being set somewhere in between part 1 and part 2 (whilst parts 2-4 take place within a couple of days, it is established that quite a bit of time passes between one and two,
  • Him getting the Hockey mask from Barn-Guy instead of from Nebby the prankster (as seen in part 3) can be explained by him having a preference to that kind of hockey mask, and as for him not having the mask in Part 2, in his line of work, he probably loses masks a lot.

Freddy vs Jason actually takes place *before* Jason Goes to Hell
Everyone seems to assume, mainly due to the ending of part 9 and some lines in the Vs movie, that Freddy VS Jason must take place after Jason Goes to Hell. But it actually kind of makes more sense to assume it comes before. For one thing, Steve in Part 9 mentions that the cabins at camp crystal lake were torn down two years prior, yet in Freddy vs Jason we see the whole camp still intact (was it torn down because of the huge explosion that devistated it in VS?) Assuming that Part 9 takes place after VS could also explain how Jason was revived after part 8 (Freddy ressurected him) and how he got from New York back to Crystal Lake (Freddy brought him to Springwood, and then the kids took him the rest of the way back). It might also explain how Jason suddenly developed body jumping abilities, the supernatural ressurection by Freddy ended up giving him some unexpected new powers.

The events of the movies were all morality testers gone wrong.
Crystal Lake is really a place where people go to test out their sense of right and wrong. Many of the survivors were pure of heart whilst the cannon fod...excuse me victims broke certain rules (mostly horror movie style rules, as well as not being an asshole to the pure of heart.) and die as a result of it. Whomever survives in the end gets an all expense paid vacation. Jason is immortal so he has no problem with people willing to kill him Unfortunately many of the survivors lost their sanity so instead they get a cash prize and their hospital bills paid up.

Jason killed Brenda in part 1
She was lured out with a child-voice calling for help. Also, when Pamela looked at her body, when she asked 'what monster did this,' she wasn't lying to catch Alice off guard. She was genuinely curious because she didn't kill her. Either Pamela's a good vocal imitator, or Jason has been doing some kills without his mother knowing.

Jason was a rape child
His father is never around and Pamela doesn't mention him. It's entirely possible that Elias Voorhees note  raped Pamela and that's how Jason was born.
  • In the recent Friday The 13th game, you can find a series of audio cassettes that were apparently recorded the day of Jason's drowning with the police interviewing Pamela. Pamela states that Elias Voorhees, her late husband, wasn't Jason's biological father and that she had been raped before marrying him. She explained that she married Elias because she feared the man who raped her was still watching and waiting to take Jason away, with her believing that Elias could protect them. This was before she admits she murdered Elias, with her saying that Jason told her to because Elias was hurting him.. However, seeing that Pamela gets more and more insane during the interview due to Jason's death, it's hard to know how much of the truth she's saying.

Jason's change in personality is due to becoming undead
Jason of the "living Jason cycle" (films 2-4) is almost a whole different beast to the undead Jason who becomes the villain from film 6 onwards. Living Jason has no problems killing or attempting to kill children (including murdering a 2-months pregnant woman in film 3) or animals (in film 2, Jason disembowels a completely non-threatening small dog with his hands when it tries to play with him), and he similarly seems to feel no particular bond to Camp Crystal Lake — he tracks his mother's murderer into the middle of a city to kill her at the start of 2, wanders over into the camp next door for the rest of the film's slayings, and films 3 and 4 are all about him leaving Crystal Lake to murder elsewhere for no discernible reason besides "he feels like it". After becoming undead, Jason is as he is most famously remembered: not only capable of Offscreen Teleportation, but also indifferently non-violent to children and animals and tending to leave people alone unless they approach the lake first. It seems likely, therefore, that the two changes are connected.
  • It's possible that dying 'reset' Jason's mind back to his youth, when he was a bullied victim, as opposed to the Jason from 2, 3 and 4, who had spent years isolated and bitter. So maybe after rebirth he sympathizes more with children, and like most kids, likes animals.

The opening of Jason X is set inside the S.C.P
After failing to execute Jason numerous times, he was picked up by the S.C.P foundation. No-one found him for years because the foundation chose to cut their losses after the breakout and seal off that part of the facility.

The sequel to the reboot will begin with a five-year time skip.
Just like what happened in the first sequel to the original.

Jason Voorhees is a Time Lord.
Each different actor who has played him is a different incarnation. He regenerates sometimes when it looks like he is dead and defeated. His shack is his TARDIS
  • Ari Lehman played the First Jason, whose life ended when he drowned and regenerated in 1957.
  • Warrington Gilette played the Second Jason, who had long hair. In 1980, he witnessed his mother being murdered by Alice Hardy in Friday the 13th. He followed her to her house and killed her in ''Friday the 13th Part 2. Five years later, he saw Ginny and Paul in a cabin and burst through the window, grabbing Ginny. She managed to escape and defeat the Second Jason, causing him to regenerate.
  • Steve Daskewisz played the Third Jason, who was so ashamed of his ugliness that he wore a burlap sack. He was also willing to do more stunts. He time traveled prior to the Second Jason's regeneration and killed many teens in Part 2. When Ginny disguised herself as his mother, she cut him in the neck with the machete that beheaded his mother. After she left the shack, he regenerated.
  • Richard Brooker played the Fourth Jason, who was bald, more athletic, and got rid of the burlap sack. He time traveled to 1983, during which he terrified Chris Higgins. He returned to 1985 and decided to wear a hockey mask. At the end of Friday the 13th 3D, Chris hit Jason in the head with a pickaxe, causing him to regenerate.
  • Ted White played the Fifth Jason, who awoke in the morgue and returned to Camp Crystal Lake in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. Tommy Jarvis used a machete on him, causing him to regenerate.
  • Tom Morga played the Sixth Jason, who emerged from his grave one rainy night and was seen by Tommy Jarvis. He time traveled to 1991 and tortured Tommy by appearing in random places, causing Tommy to believe that Jason was still alive during Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. Tommy eventually found him and buried him as he regenerated.
  • C.J. Graham played the Seventh Jason, who left his grave when Tommy dug him up a year later in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Live. This Jason was tougher than previous incarnations; his fist could go right through someone's torso. Tommy sunk him in Crystal Lake, causing him to regenerate.
  • Kane Hodder played the Eighth Jason, who was awakened in 2002 by a telepath named Tina in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood. Tina defeated him by putting him back in the lake. In 2003, he awoke once more to terrify students heading to Manhatten in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhatten. A couple of them evaded him in the sewer. He returned to Crystal Lake in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, and was shot by government agents. His heart was eaten, and he possessed multiple people until he was taken to Hell. He managed to get out by 2008, when he was captured by the government. He was frozen cryogenically. He awoke in 2455 and became much stronger when he obtained nanotechnology. He ended up on New Earth. He time travled to 2002. His body tried to deny the nanotechnology by regenerating Jason into a little boy.
  • Timothy Burr Mirkovich played the Ninth Jason, who looked like a child and knew how to swim. He ended up in the sewers of Manhatten, where he drowned during the events of Jason Takes Manhatten and regenerated.
  • Ken Kirzinger played the Tenth Jason, who fought Freddy Krueger in 2003 during Freddy vs Jason. He defeated Freddy, who became trapped in his mind. The two of them fought Ash Williams in Freddy vs Jason vs Ash in 2008 and Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: The Nightmare Warriors in 2009. In the latter, Freddy made Jason look younger with long hair. They were defeated and sent through a vortex created by the Necronomicon. It was so intense that Jason regenerated.
  • Spencer Stump played the Eleventh Jason, who looked like a child and ended up in a nightmare created by Freddy in Freddy vs Jason. he drowned in the nightmare and regenerated.
  • Caleb Guss played the Twelfth Jason, who looked like a child. He ended up in an alternate universe in which he was a human and actually died when he drowned. He saw his counterpart's mother getting killed in 1980. He eventually regenerated.
  • Derek Mears played the Thirteenth Jason, or Jason the Thirteenth, who wore a burlap sack and then a hockey mask. He killed some teens in 2008 during the Friday the 13th reboot. After this Jason, the character may die since Time Lords normally only have twelve regenerations.

In Jason Takes Manhattan Jason is aware he's in a bad movie
Throughout the movie you can see Jason's mounting frustration with how bizarre everything is. He woke up and found himself trapped in a parody and spends the entire movie hunting down the protagonists just to make it end.

All of the Friday the 13th movies take place in different alternate continuities

Jason took mercy on Tina
In Part VII Jason knew Tina was responsible for reviving him, and as a small bit of gratitude he didn't kill her right away. He jammed the metal spike in her cabin doorway as a warning that she needed to leave his territory. This is why he goes out killing nearby campers in the woods first.

"Jason Voorhees" is actually a Legacy Character, an identity assumed by multiple masked killers.
(This theory was espoused by James Rolfe.)

When Jason drowned at Camp Crystal Lake, he never came back; his mother Pamela was the only Voorhees to ever murder anybody. That, or the events of the first movie are merely an Urban Legend told between local kids about the abandoned campground. Either way, a number of psychopaths have exploited the Jason myth to act out their urges, coming to the area, posing as Jason, and going on killing sprees, building his legacy in the process. This is why Jason's body shape keeps changing between movies: it's actually a different man underneath the hockey mask each time.

  • Ironically in the recent video game's Tommy Jarvis tapes, this WMG is what the police believe as the truth, that a number of psychos keep coming to Crystal Lake and committing murders and using the Jason Voorhees legends, reinforced by the murders committed in Part 5 by Roy Burns. And what's worse is that the police blame Tommy Jarvis for the cause of the "psychos" coming to Crystal Lake and killing people dressed as Jason because he keeps ranting about it. The heartbreaking thing is that Tommy keeps telling the truth and no one believes that it's Jason's actual doing. But then again, looking at it from the police's point of view, what is easier to believe: a series of psycho murderers dress up as Jason and go in killing sprees or that a Jason Voorhees has come back from the dead to murder people multiple times?

The thirteenth film will be called The 13th Friday.
It is unknown whether or not the next film will take place in either the original continuity or the reboot continuity. Either way, the title would be a funny reference to the fact that this is the thirteenth Friday the 13th movie.

If they ever make another Friday the 13th game, it will be hack'n'slash with Jason as the player character
The developers will decide to just run with Jason being Villain Protagonist. The game will consist of Jason/player wiping out hordes of (frequently naked) 20something-looking teenagers, who in turn try to kill him with various methods and objects. Bosses will be (of course) Final Girls from various movies, with Tommy Jarvis as Recurring Boss, and Freddy Krueger as possible Final Boss (if they get a permission from New Line). Game levels will generally correspond with the movies with reboot being placed somewhere between Parts 2-4 (and Clay being that level's True Final Boss with the entire Winchester's arsenal at hand) and Jason goes to hell being a Stealth-Based Mission.
  • Jason would be able to switch between barehanded of his machete, with the ability to pick up objects as weapons. Environmental kills would also be a feature, allowing the player to recreate things like the Sleeping Bag kill or drowning someone in a barrel like in Jason Takes Manhattan.

Jason's There's No Kill Like Overkill moment on Paula in Part VI was because she resembled Alice Hardy
If you squint a bit, Paula sort of looks like a dark-haired version of Alice. Seeing his mother's murderer seemingly alive and well and at his home despite him stabbing her in the head with an ice pick pressed Jason's Berserk Button enough to really brutalize "Alice" enough to make sure she couldn't come back again.

The franchise takes place in the Marvel universe.
Jason and the telekinetic girl from part 7 are mutants.

Jason is half demon.
He's super strong, immortal and violent. Pamela Voorhees was impregnated by a demon and Jason's 'deformity' is actually just him looking like his dad.

The sequel to the reboot will be an Actionized Sequel.

The reason Jason keeps his mother's Leitmotif...
The trademark sound we always hear is "", which was Pamela hearing Jason saying, "kill them, mommy". When Jason hears it, he's hearing his mother saying "kill for mommy".

One day Jason will clash with The Toxic Avenger
Both films take place in or around New Jersey, don't they? You'd assume that Toxie, being a super-hero and all, would try to put an end to Jason's teenage bloodbaths.

How Freddy's Dead, Jason Goes To Hell, Freddy vs. Jason, and Jason X all fit together
In Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Freddy is kill "for real" and his bargain with the Dream Demons is imperiled or nullified. They can't retract the powers they gave him, but they can limit him so harshly the effect is the same, thus requiring him to feed on fear. Springwood, being repopulated as people move back in and survivors have children again, take steps to mitigate this fear, causing Freddy to have to go after victims outside his usual type (like Lori's mother), because he can only attack the people who are afraid enough of him. Eventually, Springwood starts quarantining Freddy, and his power slips away so much he's basically confined to the bowels of Hell.

Meanwhile, Jason had always had a Healing Factor, both strengthened and weakened by his own lack of mental development and understanding. He doesn't really understand death, so survives and heals what would be fatal wounds (machete through the shoulder, axe to the forehead), but when Tommy Jarvis slices his head half open (and Jason was even starting to recover from that) then thoroughly mutilates the corpse, Jason is "convinced" he's dead, and his soul moves on (to Hell). Jason also has an evil spirit, a demon if you will, that rides with him and spurs on his killing sprees. When Tommy kills Jason, some of this evil latches on to Tommy, explaining his mental state in Part V. Tommy's obsession with Jason, especially in Part VI, is this evil wanting not just to reunite with the part of it still resident in Jason, but wanting to reunite with Jason itself (since Tommy has proven himself unwilling to be swayed into evil by it). When Tommy attacks Jason with the broken fence pole, the evil jumps back into Jason, and when lightning strikes the pole, it jump-starts Jason's regenerative abilities. His soul realizes that his body is reawakening and comes back to it. Tommy then uses an ad hoc magic ritual to bind Jason back to the bottom of Crystal Lake, at which point Jason once again "assumes" he's dead, his soul once more departing. Then Tina, sensing a presence in the Lake and believing it to be her father (actually the evil spirit inhabiting Jason), reaches out with her psychic powers to try and bring him back. Once again, Jason's soul is summoned back to his body, but notably he now believes himself to be an undead, so his regenerative powers are limited to that dynamic. Tina manages to sink Jason again, again he assumes his finished. Then he's resurrected again by an electrical shock in time to (not) take Manhattan. After that, the Feds can no longer ignore Jason Voorhees, and send a SWAT team and airstrike after him. This time, Jason knows he's dead, but the evil just won't let it lie. Possessing others, it finds its grown too powerful to inhabit a regular human body without burning it out, and needs Jason back because of his regenerative abilities. So the evil arranges to have Jason reborn through a Voorhees woman by expending a lot of its power, but shortly thereafter, is stabbed by the magic dagger which destroys the evil outright and banishes Jason back to Hell yet again. Now, Jason has never been fully aware of his healing factor, until Freddy (in the guise of Pamela Voorhees) spells it out for him, so Jason returns in Freddy vs. Jason more powerful than he's ever been, knowing that whatever happens to him, he can and will recover. The final battle with Freddy leads into Jason X, where Jason, knowing he can keep coming back as long as he wants to, is completely indestructible and the authorities have no choice to cryogenically freeze him to stop him.

Jason's disability is responsible for the series' inconsistencies
Throughout many wmg's we've debated whether maybe Jason was always super powered with a healing factor, whether Mrs. Voorhees used magic to bring him back or he just rose from the dead on his own. However any theory has some problems that make us want to throw our hands up in the air. But what if the idea that Jason himself was deformed and slow is partially impeding whatever supernatural abilities he was born with/received. In some cases maybe it's a direct issue that messes with his chemistry or cases of not even realizing he had an ability in the first place.

If the legal issues ever get resolved, the next film will be a reboot diverging from Part VI
After the success of Halloween (2018) it's likely that the other famous Slasher franchises will copy it's formula, by ignoring all the sequels to the original and having the most iconic hero facing off with the killer again. This worked well with Halloween and would work well with a few others like A Nightmare on Elm Street but wouldn't work with Friday the 13th since neither it's most iconic hero (Tommy Jarvis) nor it's most iconic villain appeared in the first movie. Potentially they could make a film ignoring all the sequels to Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter but that would pose the obvious problem that Jason died in that movie without any obvious means of returning.The solution? Ignore all the films after Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives and make a direct sequel to that film. Part VI ends with Jason having been resurrected and still alive but chained up at the bottom of Crystal Lake, which means that the film wouldn't need to explain where Jason's been for the last 30 years or have to come up with a convoluted explanation for how he's still alive again. Inevitably, Jason will be freed from his watery imprisonment and go on yet another killing spree, forcing Tommy to face off with him one last time.

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