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  • Kane Hodder once appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show in-character as Jason.
  • Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History Of Friday the 13th features a lot of the actors reciting some of their character's more well-known lines over the end credits. Except Derek Mears, who just sits there in silence, even tapping on his mic with boredom at one point.
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  • On an E! True Hollywood Story episode devoted to Scream Queens, Adrienne King told the story of her mother seeing the first movie. Per Adrienne, her mother was increasingly nervous about Alice's safety all the way to a certain scene in a boat.
    Adrienne: So then, we're at the end, and she's like... I can hear her going, "Thank God she's safe." You know, it's like my mom's like tapping me on the knee, "Good job, good job." And I'm just sitting there waiting. And when Jason pops up and grabs me and pulls me under, she popped out of that seat and screamed. I mean, now I know where I got my scream from.

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