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     Turnabout Theatre 

The possible suspects who might have murdered Overall Concept

  • Suri Polomare
  • Playwright
     Crusading for a Turnabout 

The defendant in this case will be Sweetie Belle

  • In a twist of irony, the only crusader who didn't get in trouble during Turnabout Storm will be the one to suffer during this case.
     Turnabout Discharge 

This case will be rooted in or a forward leap to wonderbolt episodes

The immediate ideas would be:
  • Wonderbolts Academy: Something involving Lightning Dust
  • Rainbow Falls: Where Rainbow's decision to stick with her friends had more far reaching impacts on the Wonderbolts than expected.
  • Rarity Investigates: This would be where it's a call forward when something like this happens much more violently than was presented before, and it's up to Phoenix and crew to clear Rainbow of Murder once again.

Possible Alternative Defendants for this case (besides Rainbow Dash)

  • Soarin
  • Spitfire
  • Bulk Biceps
     A Turnabout for Brotherhood 

The defendant in this case will either be Shining Armor or Big Macintosh

Since the title is A Turnabout for Brotherhood, it is a good guess that somehow, one of two big brothers of the two Mane 6 members will be accused of murder, meaning the gang will have to help him.
     The Turnabouts of Friendship 

The defendant in this case will be Spike

Having such a tiny role in Turnabout Storm AND an important character in Friendship is Magic, Spike being accused of murder and needing serious help will be an important change for him and his fans in the fandom!
     Character Guesses 

An ongoing arc for this story is Athena's feeling of inexperience compared with her team

  • It's first hinted at in Case 1-2, where Apollo and Phoenix give her a slight ribbing about her lack of practice by comparison, or that someone else is more needed for the case. This will develop until Athena gets to defend, and be a Coming-of-Age Story to overcome her anxieties to show she is where she says she is.
     The overall story 

Somepony is using magical mind control to prompt the murders

5 murders in the span of less than a year in land where it just doesn't happen? Seems kind of an important detail that somepony is pushing others to do this.

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