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  • Role Reprise: While so far, every revealed character that had also appeared in Turnabout Storm has a new voice actor, it was originally confirmed that TheGoldCrow would be reprising his role as Phoenix Wright. Unfortunately, due to TheAljavis losing the lines he recorded and TheGoldCrow being too busy to rerecord them, Phoenix was recast as Julius Gem.
  • Schedule Slip: Turnabout Fashion was originally intended to be released near the end of 2015 but due to TheGoldCrow (the voice of Phoenix Wright) being busy working on Operation Turnabout (also voicing Phoenix Wright), the release date has been pushed back. It was pushed back again due to Troubled Production.
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  • Troubled Production: Due to TheAljavis's hard drive crashing, his money problems, and losing the lines TheGoldCrow had recorded, the show was pushed back significantly from 2015 to June 5, 2019.
  • What Could Have Been: Phoenix was originally going to be voiced once again by TheGoldCrow; however, the creator's hard drive died in November 2016, resulting in the loss of all their files; and since TheGoldCrow was too busy voicing Phoenix on Operation Turnabout to record his lines a second time, the part was ultimately recast.
    • Aljavis freely admits that having this take place during season 9 of FIM would make it so he wouldn't have to rely on Narnia Time, and add to the parallels of Twilight having pupils now as well. Not to mention characters such as Starlight Glimmer or Thorax being out of bounds because they don't appear until season 5. But because the original script was conceived of long before it released, he felt compelled to keep the time frame he originally conceived.
  • Word of God: According to notes by aljavis, this takes place after Dual Destinies in the AA timeline, and just before Season 5 of FIM.

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