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Heartwarming / Elements of Justice

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  • When Phoenix is summoned back to Equestria, Twilight reveals that she specifically called him back by name, and not simply the "Greatest Defense Attorney in Equestria"—a surefire reminder that he's more than an ace attorney to her, but a dear and trusted friend.
  • For a moment, Phoenix appears to have completely forgotten about Twilight, who is visibly hurt by this. But not a moment later, all his memories of her come flooding back, and she responds in kind with a big, warm hug. It's such a heartwarming sight that Athena and Trucy set aside their confusion to join in.
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  • The first episode reveals what happened after Gilda and Sonata were released from prison: Gilda mended fences with Rainbow Dash (the Director's Commentary for Episode 1 confirms that this was not the same as the events depicted in "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone"); and Sonata declared shortly before disappearing from the public eye, "I'm going to help out all those who need it."
  • The friendship between Rarity and Coco goes both ways. Rarity proves to be a deeply supportive friend for Coco throughout her entire ordeal, remaining absolutely certain of her innocence, and not only has full confidence that Phoenix will prove it, but sticks with the party during the whole investigation to help every way she can. As for Coco, she continues to look to Rarity as an inspiration for changing her life, and has Phoenix make sure Rarity knows she will be okay.
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  • Athena, Apollo, and Trucy sharing stories of the times Phoenix came through for them in their darkest hours, which deepens Twilight and Rarity's already profound respect for him. Phoenix remains modest about the whole thing, and that's after privately noting to himself how nice it is that there will always be people who will change people's lives for the better.
  • When Twilight re-acquaints Phoenix with the rest of her friends, who's the first pony to greet him? Why, none other than Rainbow Dash, his first client in Equestria, with a huge Glomp to boot.
  • While hanging out with the ponies, Trucy suddenly remembers she's seen them all before in a photograph pinned inside the top hat Phoenix gave her as a little girl—the very same hat and photo he received from Trixie before he left Equestria. Sadly, the mood is soured when Twilight recounts what happened after that...


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