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Turnabout Theatre, Part 1

  • Apollo is utterly baffled at how quickly everyone else adjusts to being in a world of pastel-colored talking ponies.
  • Athena gets mad when the royal guards won't let her into the detention center without an Equestrian Attorney's Badge. Apollo has to keep an eye on her so she doesn't try to body-flip one of the guards.
  • The Wright Anything Agency's encounter with Playwright is worth a few chuckles.
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  • Trucy offers to demonstrate her magic act to Rarity... and of course, she has to bring up her "magic panties" trick.
    Phoenix: (thinking) Trucy, as your father, please be careful when you start talking about your panties...
  • As the others are reminiscing on the events of "Turnabout for Tomorrow", Trucy adds, oddly cheerfully, that she was kidnapped during that case.
  • Athena still has a bit of trouble adjusting to the fact that Ponies are so different from them, as she's interested in trying one of the pony costumes, even though they're clearly too small for her.


Turnabout Theatre, Part 2

  • Seeing Rarity blow up over Blueblood being the prosecutor, Trucy reminisces that with a temper like that, she like...a roasted marshmallow.
  • Phoenix reacts to seeing The Judge in Equestria again. The judge in turn is quite tickled to be back. Even giving a bright hello to all of Phoenix's team in the gallery.


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