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  • Awesome Music: Turnabout Storm already has a fair number of pretty amazing original soundtracks and they’ve received some excellent remixes as part of the development of Elements of Justice. Take a listen yourself here. Word of God also states that he currently plans to remix all of the original soundtracks of Turnabout Storm as well as creating some unique themes for Elements of Justice as well.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Hell, the fact that the series was released to begin with counts as this! After an insanely Troubled Production lasting four years longer than expected, the series finally debuted its first episode in June of 2019! Talk about a determined creator!
  • Nightmare Fuel: Overall Concept, the victim of Turnabout Theatre, dies from being hung by a rope from up on a catwalk during a production, in full view of the audience. If this is any indication, the murders in this series are going to be more brutal than Turnabout Storm's death by electrocution.
    • Overall's death also counts as this in-universe. Not only are Rarity and Coco Pommel both shown to be traumatized from witnessing it, but even Apollo (who up until this point was the least gung-ho about being transported to Equestria) is taken back by how gruesome it is. The one and only solace Phoenix can find in the situation is that Overall must have died instantly, so he didn't have to suffer.
  • Memetic Mutation: Cakewalk February 11, 2:30 PM Explanation 


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