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The story will end...
...with Class F finally winning a summoning war against Class A. However, since Yuuji's motivation to win a summoning war against them aren't the facilities, Status Quo Is God, Class F will return to their dinghy classroom. The next possible scenario would be Class F immediately challenging Class B to war. Class F will win via a Curb-Stomp Battle, except this time, Yuuji will propose a class merger. The Class Representative will also be replaced as an effect, effectively throwing Nemoto into obscurity. The reasoning for the second scenario is that there wasn't a Class F to begin with. Also, after the last battle against B and F (in which F won), the entire Class B was already backing up Yuuji, meaning they dislike Nemoto to a degree.
  • Alternatively: Class F WILL win the summoners war. But after staying in Class A for a while they find out that being rich and having money is quite boring. They always have to maintain their status in order to look good for the school and have to pay for everything as well. Plus, there is no running allowed. Also, they realize that the previous people of Class A is actually having a really crappy time. So they try to get their class back even though they are not allowed too.

The story takes place in the same universe as Shitsurakuen.
The tech used here is either a prototype or a much saner adaption of the tech used in the Exaclan game.


Hideyoshi actually is a girl in gender, and only asserts being a male because of Yuuko
Hideyoshi actually likes being a girl, and uses the drama club as an excuse to get into situations to dress up as one. Hideyoshi enforces a disclaimer out of fear of Yuuko or conditioning due to her violent gender policing/jealousy, so Yuuko would take it easier on the punishments.
Hideyoshi's parents are filthy rich and want to keep his real gender a secret.
It would certainly explain why he he has his own changing room and own area in a public bath, and a rather classy-looking one at that.

Hideyoshi is actually a girl, who happens to be quite the Tomboy and has deluded herself into thinking she is a male.
Well, the title explains everything.

Hideyoshi is the historical Toyotomi Hideyoshi when he was young. He went to ~400 years ago after the story.
And what's more, Hideyoshi is an artificial hermaphrodite and is infertile. This explains why the historical conqueror nevered had a kid before he became old. That two sons he had later must be result of one of his concubines cheating on him.

Hideyoshi is going to get a full-on shirtless scene near the end of the series, whenever that is. And possibly a super manly one at that.
Rule of Funny.
  • Actually, more like the first episode of season 2.

Himeji is related in some way to Yuuji's mother.
In Yuuji's background episode, we see Yuuji's mother, who is extremely similar to Himeji in both personality and physical appearance. She's even just as bad at cooking as Himeji.

Akihisa will lose it someday.
While, granted, some of the horrible things that happen to him are FUNNY, and some are due to his own "ahem" lack of intelligence, I have a feeling that he will snap sometime soon. And I don't know why, but I have a feeling his desire to leave them will somehow raise his grade.

Akihisa isn't actually oblivious to love.
It's just that due to his Acquired Poison Immunity, there is a chance that he will turn into a Poisonous Person, which, quite honestly would definitely make his love life made of suck. I said "he will" because Minami didn't experience anything weird when she stole his first kiss.

Nishimura-Sensei will eventually pull a Dynamic Entry on any character with a nuke.
Or something that would make it look like he just nuked the bejeezus out of anyone. All while bellowing an obvious Shout-Out to Anavel Gato.


Impossible crossovers

Himeji is actually Irisu Kyouko's long-lost sister.
That explains the Yandere tendencies and similar interest in bunnies... Also, they look really similar. Compare this to this. The more you know...

Himeji is actually Yuno's daughter...from the future!!!
Or her lost twin sister...from the future!!!

Kaoru Toudou was involved with Academy City.
The Shoukanjuu Summoning System was an accidental combination of science and a supernatural power, and the catchphrase of the Index series is "When magic and science collide... the story begins!" And with the existence of that reality-warping studio from Railgun Episode 13, this only furthers my point.

Akihisa subconsciously called himself Alexander the Great because both were heroes that are speculated to be gay.
Additionally, Philip of Macedon was Alex's father, who had several male lovers and wives.
  • So they could be bi!

Akihisa was not joking when he said that he wanted to become The God of Conquest.
  • Possibly, his sudden urge to spend all his allowance on video games may have been caused by him stumbling out of curiosity upon the "Fallen God" site. It did not actually say in the story whether or not he 's been buying galge, but such statement of his (along with the fact of common seiyuus) begs to differ.

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