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YMMV / Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts

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  • Awesome Music:
    • "Baka Go Home".
    • Every time Miharu clinging to Minami, this classical high paced music is actually a good one.
  • Ass Pull: The Class F Inquisition being able to increase their Avatar scores when they find out the class rep for Class B has a girlfriend. This is never explained, but probably occurred due to the Rule of Funny.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Minami Shimada. Initially a full on The Scrappy for her constant beating of Akihisa for often very stupid reasons, for some, she was Rescued from the Scrappy Heap when she gets her backstory episode. It also helps that afterward, she and Akihisa had some moments that weren't filled with anger or violence. There is still some hate for her, though, due in part to her behavior prior coming across as her dickish even for her.
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  • Broken Base: Whether or not Minami was redeemed or not in the event of her Day in the Limelight in Season 2. Some swear she's now the best girl in the school, while others still hate her with a burning passion.
  • Crazy Awesome:
    • "Ironman". Some teachers have special characteristics, such as different summoning ranges, faster test-checking speeds, and lenient test-grading... but his is an extraordinary ability to move around such that he can appear everywhere: classrooms, ventilation ducts, public bathrooms... you name it! His skill is even mentioned in the show as he follows Kouta/Voyeur in his Dynamic Entry through a closed window to allow a key battle.
    • Ironman is the wild card in the show, as he can allow battles in any subject.
    • He's surprisingly empathetic, intuitively understanding why Mizuki needs to alter her 2nd placement test. He also correctly guesses that there's an important reason for Akihisa and Yuuji's hijinks. See CMoA below.
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  • Designated Hero: Most of Class F save for Hideyoshi consists of idiots, Jerkasses, or both. The worst offender has to be Minami, though. Shouko, however, manages to be the worst offender by miles.
  • Designated Monkey: The universe pretty much has it out for Akihisa. Even when he's done nothing in particular to deserve anyone's wrath, he ends up in the worst possible situation anyway thanks to circumstance.
  • Designated Villain: All the one-shot antagonists (the delinquent couple, Nemoto, the Tokonatsu duo, etc.). Sure, they are Jerkasses, but many of the main cast are far worse in that respect.
  • Die for Our Ship: Akihisa/Minami shippers call Himeji a one-dimensional Generic Girl, Akihisa/Himeji shippers call Minami an aggressive bitch, and Akihisa/Hideyoshi or Kubo fans call both girls terrible influences who should be nowhere within two hundred feet of Akihisa. And woe betide you if you actually support Yuuji/Shouko...
  • Ear Worm:
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Among all of Aki's possible love interests, Hideyoshi is the most liked, due to being the only one that has yet to physically assault him. And as of the later light novels, the feeling is apparently mutual. To put it into perspective; even some non-yaoi fans want these two to get together.
    • Hideyoshi is actually in all aspects the most suitable love interest for Akihisa. He never abuses Akihisa, is pretty enough for him to swoon over, is a Nice Guy and the fact that he's male also means Akira won't bother their relationship. No wonder even non-yaoi fans want them together, as they are a perfect example of a non-abusive, healthy and loving relationship.
  • Foe Yay: A lot of people from Class A and Class F are usually shipped together.
    • Yuuji and Shouko. This is pretty much the only canon example for the fact that they're from different classes whose war with each other is central to the story.
    • Kouta and Aiko. Kouta may deny it at first, but his body language certainly won't.
    • Akihisa and Toshimitsu/Yuuko. Although the latter was only recent.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Mizuki, as far as Class F students go, having the brains of a Class A student.
    • Fighting Kouta in a Health and PE match is tantamount to suicide. His scores are so high in these subjects he can easily defeat Shouko, a Class A student and the best one in their year. Kouta actually kicks this Up to Eleven with the reveal that he has a score higher than the teacher of said subject. Too bad he can't pull that in all subjects.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: The English title leaves Baka untranslated despite being having plenty of suitable translations.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Idiot Plot: Mizuki getting sent to Class F because she had a medical emergency during the exam. Rather than being allowed to take the test again, she automatically fails.
  • Informed Wrongness: Akihisa in episode 10 of the second season. While he may have somewhat deserved the harsh treatment he got, he isn't the only one at fault. He may treat Minami like one of the guys, but that's partly because she's always beating him up, at times with only the slightest provocation. Not to mention, Miharu is one of the last people to tell Akihisa that he doesn't treat Minami well. Especially since she gave the What the Hell, Hero? speech right in front of Minami, and reduced her to tears.
    • Season 2 begins with a Beach Episode, in which Akihisa and Yuuji decided to go on an 'Operation Babe Hunt' of their own. By the end, they're caught by the girls, who become angry and punish the poor bastards for their actions off screen. Keep in mind however, the only reason they did this is because the girls insinuated that they can't flirt with anyone because they're unpopular, especially after they tried to make them jealous and worried about being hit on earlier. In season 2's second episode they go further by forcing them to compete in a beauty pageant, adding the innocent Kouta & Hideyoshi to the mix for no almost reason at all. The guys are made out to be the ones in the wrong, but the girls started the debacle in the first place, and they had no business getting mad at the guys for trying the hit on other girls at the beach. Not to mention, absolutely none of the main boys or girls are dating each other, so naturally, the boys had no reason to be jealous of no name guys hitting on the girls in their group, and the girls shouldn't be angry about the boys hitting on other girls.
  • Just Here For Hideyoshi: A good portion of the fanbase.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    Minami: Watashi...
    Akihisa: What a shit?
  • Moe:
    • Hideyoshi is major (male) moe.
    • Sweet and cuddly Mizuki Himeji.
    • If you want Yandere Moe, you've got Shouko.
    • Hazuki Shimada is adorable, especially when she goes "Baka Onii-chan".
    • Even Akihisa in a meido outfit, much to the amusement of Mizuki and Minami.

  • The Scrappy:
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: In episode 9, Akira's mantra that "Effort alone is meaningless if it doesn't produce results" to Akihisa can come off as rather harsh, but is also Truth in Television.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Nemoto's blackmailing of Mizuki using the love letter that she wrote in order to keep him out of the battle between Classes B and F is seen as extremely cowardly and underhanded by Class F, except for the small fact that it's entirely legal to do. It's nothing personal either, and no, Aki and Yuuji, it's not because she's a girl and he's a Straw Misogynist either. Considering what Serious Business class battles are, it's entirely justified as the class representative that he'd be doing whatever he could to make sure his class won. In fact, it's a bigger surprise that no one else thought of taking Class F's secret weapon out sooner.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Episode 7 looked like it could be setting up some impressive Character Development for Shouko, with comments from strangers (who don't have to worry about upsetting her) making her realize what an asshole she's been to Yuuji. Unfortunately, instead of being the catalyst for her change, the comments are treated as a Moral Event Horizon by the other characters, and she hardly gets better.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: The delinquent couple from episode 7 were meant to be seen as jerks, and are treated as so in-universe, for belittling Shouko. The problem is, Shouko is basically Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male on two legs, and many fans saw the mocking as the Laser-Guided Karma Shouko deserved for her repeated abuse of Yuuji.
    • Akihisa rarely, if ever, deserves the horrendous mistreatment he gets from everybody, especially Minami.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: The narrative frequently suggests viewers are supposed to feel some kind of sympathy for Shouko. However, due to her actions as mentioned above, many readers and viewers have lost the ability to empathize with her, and would prefer to see her get what's coming to her.
    • Minami as well. Despite Akihisa being treated as wrong for constantly pointing out her violent nature, her Hair-Trigger Temper only serves to prove him right.
    • Miharu, during season 2, is made out to be the person in right who really cares about Minami, and hates Akihisa for how he treats her in comparison to Mizuki. Sadly, prior to that, Miharu's possessive behavior toward Minami doesn't help her case. She has ignored Minami's protests to having a relationship, has invaded her personal space and forced herself on her numerous times, tried to kill Akihisa on one occasion, openly admitted to stalking her with spies, and her worst offense, attempted blackmail on Akihisa & Yuuji, and framing them for peeping on the girls during study camp to keep him away from Minami (And by extension Mizuki, and/or Hideyoshi). On top of that, she tried to instigate a Summoner Test War out of petty jealousy that Akihisa and Minami has grown closer together (Due to a misunderstanding). Not to mention, she made Minami cry during negotiations to get Class C to fight an ST War with Class F (to avoid a war with Class B). In comparison to all that, the worst thing Akihisa has done is make Innocently Insensitive comments that provokes Minami's rage. Miharu's "Reason You Suck" Speech to Akihisa about how he "toys with Minami's feelings" is basically coming out of the mouth of a self-righteous hypocrite, who, in the end, got away with everything she did. All this makes it clear Miharu doesn't care for Minami's personal feelings, and the "love" she claims to have for her is more akin to "lust".
  • Values Dissonance: The animators and some fans find the whole Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male funny, but some other fans certainly aren't amused by that. Many find it extremely annoying when Minami (and sometimes Himeji) abuses Akihisa too often, even for things that's entirely not his fault, and let's not even start with Shouko.
    • Abusing Akihisa is funny and sad at the same. And then there was that one time he took that history exam and got a zero because he wrote Alexander the Great where his name was supposed to be.
    • Shouko gets a rare one in episode 7 of Season 1, when she runs off stage in a wedding dress after getting mocked by another couple that she's got a stupid dream of wanting to be Yuji's bride. Yuji decides to have a little "talk" with said couple later on, and presumably beats up the guy, as he looks like he's been in a fight after he catches up with her later on.


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