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Nightmare Fuel / Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts

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  • Most of the things Shouko does to Yuuji would qualify as criminal aggravated assault in Real Life. Imagine the terror of having to deal with someone like that every day of your life.
    • One of the scariest examples of this is in Season 1 Episode 7. The gang puts Yuuji and Shouko together in a haunted house attraction in an amusement park based on an abandoned hospital. Hideyoshi starts talking into the PA system in a filtered voice combined with his incredible acting skills to sound just like Yuuji. He starts saying over and over that he prefers Himeji over Shouko in Yuuji's voice. Shouko, of course, thinks it's really him. Then an assortment of weapons for Shouko to use fall and dangle from the ceiling, including a bat riddled with nails, which she grabs. Mind you, the two are in a narrow hallway so Yuuji can only run in one direction and hope Shouko doesn't catch up to him. Luckily, we don't see what happens because the episode cuts to the scene after the ordeal.
    Yuuji: Why are you guys doing this!? She's really gonna hurt me!
    Shouko: ...You're right.
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  • In Episode 8, Yoshii's screams as his Avatar and he share the pain of attacks sound a little too close to Shinji Ikari getting fried up by Ramiel.
  • It's played for laughs, but the OVA's show that Akihisa and Yuuji apparently have no problem maiming someone with explosives if they're in their way.
  • The payback the girls inflicted on the guys for trying to hit on other girls was apparently enough for a near-death experience. And the girls still didn't forgive them after that.


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