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Nekketsu Oyako (Hot-blooded family) is a Beat 'em Up videogame created by Technosoft (the creators of the Thunder Force series) as their first (and only) attempt in the Beat'em up genre for the original PlayStation on December 3, 1994 as a launch title for the console. A Sega Saturn port was launched the following year.

Is the year 2064, The Hibino household may look like your average household, but middle-aged housewife Saeko Hibino has a secret: she was a Child Prodigy who created an antimatter fusion reactor at the age of seventeen! Thus, the local criminal syndicate Haraguro-dan, led by the evil CEO Herograw has devised a plan to kidnap her and force her to complete a doomsday device. And when the kidnapping succeded, her husband, former Pro-Wrestler Rando shout: THEY'RE GOING DOWN!!!. And he's not the only hotblooded one: his daughter, fighting prodigy Rio Hibino, and Saeko's assistant Toratarou Minoru join him in this rescue mission.


Nekketsu Oyako was originally going to be an arcade title, but in the wake of Sony's new console, Technosoft decided to convert this game and release it in Japan. The gameplay is your standard beat'em up title: beat all your enemies on your path on the level and finish the boss to advance to the next level, you have three characters to choose from: Rando, Rio, and Tora, each one with his/her own set of special moves at your disposal, they can also pick up and fire weapons and use a Desperation Move. Co-Op Multiplayer is possible.

The game was pretty average for a beat'em up, but the music and controls are the best points. The game was released for the Saturn the following year with some improvements and changes. Both game and port are also very rare, in fact, they were meant as a technical demo for showing 2D sprites and effects on consoles with plenty of 3D games around.


Absolutely no relation to the more popular Kunio-kun series.

Nekketsu Oyako provides examples of:

  • Action Girl: Rio, hot-blooded as her dad, fights with a shape-shifting hammer as her Weapon of Choice.
  • All There in the Manual: most of the story behind the plot its here, it doesn't help that this game is very rare to find.
  • Badass Family: father, daughter, and assistant team up to beat the crap out of the evil syndicate that has kidnapped the mother, do you need any reason better than that?
  • Hot-Blooded: every playable character, it runs in the family.
  • Excuse Plot: the Big Bad has abducted your wife, are you a hot-blooded enough family to save her?
  • Morph Weapon: Rio's hammer changes onto a fist and a palm on some attacks, and it can do a middle-finger downward attack too!
  • Multiple Life Bars: most of the enemies have them, specially on higher difficulties, although even in hard difficulty, they doesn't have more than two except the Final Boss, he has three.
    • Your character can have a second life bar by picking up healing items after your first bar is full, this was removed on the Saturn version.
  • No Export for You: due to being a technical demo for displaying 2D sprites, the game never left Japan, and its obscure even in there.
    • There's a Fan Translation of the PlayStation version, although there's not too much of a story, see the intro above.
  • One-Winged Angel: CEO Herograw, after being defeated the first time, transforms into a muscular parody of the classic superhero, complete with bright tights and star-emblem-decorated cape. It'd almost be funny, until he starts hurling out a Kamehame Hadoken.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: there's more explosive weapons and/or scenery objects in this game that others of its genre. And some enemies can use them, too.
  • Updated Re-release: the Saturn port has more animation frames for the characters and everyone has more moves. In addition to some tweaks to gameplay, the game has some visual effects changed due to the Saturn being incapable of drawing translucent textures.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: Rando can perform a pliedriver on his unfortunate opponents. He's still got it!


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