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Video Game / Eldest Souls

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One warrior. One sword. Against them all.

Centuries ago, humans imprisoned the Old Gods in the ancient Citadel, and humanity prospered. Great and mighty kingdoms rose from the now-abandoned temples of worship. However, these victories and successes were short-lived. In revenge, the Old Gods have released a plague known as the Desolation on the world, turning farmlands to deserts and rivers to dust. The armies of the Second Great Crusade were sent to Citadel to slay the gods, but they all perished, and the human kingdoms lay in ruin. Then came a lone Crusader, journeying to the citadel to slay every last Old God.

Eldest Souls is a Souls-like action-adventure role-playing game developed by Italian video game development studio Fallen Flag and published by United Label. You play as a lone warrior, set in a Dark Fantasy setting inspired by the Dark Souls series where you must fight and destroy gods to halt the desolation in epic boss battles. Each battle against the Old Gods will be life-threatening, as you engage in fast-paced and challenging combat.

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