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Video Game / Atomic Runner Chelnov

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Go ahead and fight! Chelnov, the Invincible Warrier (sic).
Atomic Runner Chelnov is a 1988 arcade action game, developed and published by Data East. You take a role of Chelnov who after becoming superhuman after being exposed to radiation, made a vow to thwart the evil plan of the nefarious Deathtarians.

The game itself is a hybrid between side-scrolling platformer and shoot-em-up: You run, jump, and shoot out the layer (your arsenal can be upgraded by picking up items), but you have no control over the screen scrolling, in fact the game always keeps the screen moving forward sans a few boss fight. Enemies will usually take advantage of this, and try to ambush you from everywhere, so you always need to stay on your feet to survive the stage.

While its small sprites and dull color choice make it look rather primitive on surface, even at the time when it's released, that didn't stop certain part of gaming public digging its strangely engrossing gameplay underneath it. Chelnov soon became cult favorite among arcade goers in Japan. Apparently, Data East loved it too, because they ported it to Sega Genesis in 1992, and kept putting this Russian miner to their games as cameo appearance (often alongside their de facto mascot Karnov).


Atomic Runner Chelnov provides examples of:

  • Adjective Noun Fred
  • Auto-Scrolling Level: The whole game consists of these stages.
  • Enemy Roll Call: The arcade version has credits featuring enemies throughout, minus the bosses.
  • I Love Nuclear Power: Chelnov gained his super-power through nuclear accident. Sega Genesis port rewrote his backstory, however.
  • Market-Based Title: In Europe and North America, the Genesis port is simply known as Atomic Runner.
  • Monumental Battle: The final boss fight is a duel against the Statue Of Liberty.
  • One-Hit-Point Wonder
  • Sudden Downer Ending: In the arcade version, just right after the Credits Running Sequence, a military helicopter comes out of nowhere and opens fire to Chelnov. Only the worst can be assumed, given the death sound is heard. The Genesis version retains and even slightly expands this ending with an alien ship hot on his heels and his death scream as his helmet flies in from off-screen, but also adds an extra scene where Chelnov is found to be pretty fine after all and reunites with his sister.

Alternative Title(s): Atomic Runner, Chelnov, Chelnov Atomic Runner


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