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Trivia / The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

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  • Actor Allusion: One of the lines from Ford Fairlane's narration says "I could have been a rock star, if only I wasn't banned from MTV."
  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $40 million. Box office, $21.4 million.
  • Creator Killer "Cradle of Love", the Billy Idol song whose music video was a Video Full of Film Clips from this film, was also Billy Idol's last hit single. Granted, Idol was largely thought of as an 80's musician, so his career was likely doomed by The '90s anyway, given the sharp turn pop culture took only a year or two later (same goes for Andrew "Dice" Clay). Nevertheless, it has been speculated that this movie worked as a Creator Killer for not only Clay, but Idol as well. Renny Harlin, on the other hand, still had a few years before he would suffer the same fate.
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  • Old Shame: Screenwriter Daniel Waters said that he hated working with Andrew "Dice" Clay, calling the experience "traumatic". It was so bad that he was happy when Clay accidentally credited him as "Bobby Rivers" during an interview, as he felt that was one step for his name not being attached.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Billy Idol was originally going to play Smiley in the movie, but had to drop out at the last minute due to a serious motorcyle accident.
    • Andrew "Dice" Clay wanted Howard Stern to play Johnny Crunch, and even convinced him to audition for the role.
    • Stephen Pearcy, lead singer of Ratt, was considered to play Bobby Black.


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