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  • Ascended Fanon: Shane McMahon referred to Seth Rollins as "Crossfit Jesus", a nickname given to him by fans, during the 2016 WWE Brand Extension Draft. Seth likes the nickname so much, he's got a t-shirt made of it.
  • Dye Hard: He's become known for dyeing one part of his hair blond, as he said that in NXT, there were lots of people with long dark hair and he wanted to stand out. Averted upon his return from injury with his hair mostly in its natural dark brown because, well, he's Seth freakin' Rollins, and everyone's aware of that at this point.
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  • Fan Nickname: Due to him being sponsored by Crossfit and the fact that he looks like the popular image of Jesus, the fans have given him the nickname "Crossfit Jesus". This especially fit when he wore white on PPV against John Cena.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: He had "Fixation on the Darkness" by Killswitch Engage in Full Impact Pro, "The Haunted" by Walls of Jericho in Ring of Honor, "Battle On" by War of Ages in FCW, (Which seemed to inspire his NXT and current theme.)
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor:
    • Not for him; his girlfriend Zahra Schreiber got released for "inappropriate and offensive remarks" (she posted pro-Nazi artwork involving swastikas on her twitter account). They were already on thin ice due to the nude photo scandal earlier that year, but since this had nothing to do with Seth (the posts were from 2012, long before he had probably even met Zahra), she got the shaft. Not even being the girlfriend of the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion can save your job in the PR-heavy WWE if you screw up enough times. It was believed for a while that the incident would bring Rollins's push to a screeching halt too, but him cashing in his Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania 31 proved this not to be the case.
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    • Averted when it was also thought by some more paranoid fans of his that the death knell to his push would come soon after he accidentally broke Cena's nose with a rising knee, forcing WWE's top star to miss a couple of weeks for surgery. Again, he managed to avoid any apparent backstage heat for the accident (and WWE even took the opportunity to make some merch out of it!) - although, in a cruel twist of fate, he would later tear several ligaments in that same knee and be forced to vacate the title.
  • Romance on the Set:
    • A rather unfortunate case that caused a major hit to his reputation. Back in February 2015, someone hacked into his social media accounts and posted a nude photo of NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber that he had, more-or-less confirming he was having an affair with her behind his then-fiancée Leighla Schultz's back. Schultz was upset enough about it that she posted a nude photo of him onto her own Twitter account. Reportedly, neither Rollins or Schreiber were punished for this (it was rumored Vince was intending to at least fine Seth, only for Triple H to protect him), and the only order to the roster was that no one talk about it since it was a personal matter. Schreiber caught major heat from the locker room for this, as a lot of them had liked Schultz; ironically, it was something that had nothing to with the affair and had happened long before she had probably even met Rollins that got her fired six months later. He did still appear to be with Schreiber afterwards until reports in February 2016 indicated they'd broken up, and both have since found themselves in other barely-publicized relationships.
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    • In 2019, it was revealed that he is dating Becky Lynch and later in August 2019 they're engaged.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • His earnest entry into singles competition at FIP was due to tag team partner's Marek Brave's back injury forcing him into retirement. Black himself had to drop the FIP Heavyweight championship to Davey Richards due to injury.
    • Was set to possibly enter an on-screen relationship with the debuting Paige in FCW, but the angle was shelved before it could develop.
    • He was always supposed to be a part of The Shield, but at first he was supposed to be partnered up with Daniel Bryan and The Big Show, with CM Punk as leader. Then, by Punk's suggestion, he was supposed to be partnered up with Dean Ambrose and Chris Hero, still under Punk. Due to creative changes, not only was it Ambrose and Roman Reigns instead, Punk would never be officially linked to them.
    • Tyler Black was offered a deal by TNA, but Matt Sydal convinced him to sign with WWE. If that weren't enough, Jon Moxley (aka Dean Ambrose) had a tryout for TNA as well. It makes you wonder what would've happened to them and to Roman Reigns had either (or both) had gone there instead.
    • Seth was forced to drop the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in November 2015 due to injury. Injury being a torn meniscus, MCL and ACL, it also puts him out for six to nine months, meaning he's also going to miss WrestleMania season. Prior to that, he was supposed to defend against Roman Reigns at that year's Survivor Series. Interestingly enough, last time Rollins and Reigns were supposed to have a singles match on pay-per-view, it was Reigns that got injured prior to the event. When the match finally happened at the following year's Money in the Bank, it was Rollins challenging Reigns for the title — and Rollins actually pinned Reigns semi-clean to retake the championship, only to be instantly dethroned by a cash-in from Dean Ambrose, which led into the long-awaited Shield Triple Threat at Battleground. However, soon news came that Reigns had failed a drug test prior to Money in the Bank and would be suspended for the buildup to Battleground, which may have affected the booking outcome of the match. In short, when the match took place as well as what happened in it was detoured and redirected several times.
  • You Look Familiar: He wrestled on the independent scene as Tyler Black, most notably as a Ring of Honor world champion. He's probably the most recognizable American indy wrestler to be signed to the WWE since CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (aka "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson).

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