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Tear Jerker / Seth Rollins

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  • The night of October 22, 2018, was the worst night of Seth's life. The night started out with his best friend Roman Reigns relinquishing his Universal Championship because his leukemia had returned. It ended with his other best friend Dean Ambrose betraying him after all the pent-up emotion inside him finally became too much (with Reigns' situation heavily implied to be the straw that final broke the camel's back). Both left Rollins in tears, and for good reason — the first time he lost his brothers, it was by choice, and at the time, he at least thought it's what he wanted. This time, it wasn't by choice at all, and he knows full well that it's the absolute last thing he wanted. And the worst part? There's a possibility he'll never have either of them back, and there's nothing he can do about it.
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  • His promo near the end of RAW's December 9th 2019 show. It's rare for a Face–Heel Turn to have such a moment for the heel, but here we are. Rollins gave the crowd that night a You Bastard! speech essentially pinning the turn on them, saying he was tired of getting X-Pac Heat despite his best efforts to be a good crowd-pleasing face for the WWE Universe. Once you get past the typical Never My Fault heel attitude, it's hard to deny he has a point, given how fickle wrestling fans can be.


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