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Nightmare Fuel / Seth Rollins

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  • WWE's new steel cage attachment system involving descending spikes was widely panned as hazardous after Seth nearly got impaled on the near-side center spike on the September 8, 2014 episode of Raw. He had had another near-miss a little before that when he got tossed out of the ring and said spike almost went through his head. If he didn't have insanely good reflexes and even better luck, the Raw season premiere would almost certainly have ended on a different note.
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  • One shudders to think of what could have happened if he hadn't escaped being hit by the cinderblock that Reigns threw at him.
  • His threatening to Curbstomp Edge on the last episode of Raw for 2014 unless John Cena brought back Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was chilling enough, considering Edge IRL retired due to lingering neck injuries. The fact that Rollins attempted to carry out his threat, even after Cena agreed to his demands, made it one of the darkest segments the WWE has written since the PG era.
  • The brutal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown he received at the hands of Brock Lesnar on the July 29, 2019 Raw. He received multiple German suplexes and F5s (including one off the ring post and multiple rib-first onto a steel chair), and likely would've gotten worse in the ring had a completely horrified Paul Heyman not been there to talk Lesnar down from it. But that wasn't the worst Rollins got; as he was stretchered into an ambulance and about to leave, Lesnar arrived on the scene and forced the ambulance to stop, after which he threw Rollins out, flipped his stretcher over, kicked him multiple times, and gave him an F5 onto the steel stretcher. The combination of Lesnar's remorseless viciousness and Rollins' disturbing spots made this one of the most violent segments in recent memory.
  • Rollins' Hell In A Cell 2019 match with The Fiend. While YMMV on the actual quality of the match (let's just say that, among other things, the booking itself was maligned by some), basically it consisted of several minutes of Rollins throwing everything but the kitchen sink at The Fiend (and that only because Rollins couldn't find a kitchen sink under the ring anywhere) and The Fiend refusing to go down. This results in Rollins' actions growing more and more frenzied and more and more heinous, until he starts to bear more than a slight resemblance to the guy that was willing to murder Edge on live television to get what he wanted. Even as a face, Rollins has shown some hints of being a Combat Pragmatist, but here he tapped into something... darker.
    • After all that (and a ref stopping the match because The Fiend, whatever else he is, is still presumably a contracted in-ring talent and the ref is therefore responsible for making sure Rollins doesn't kill him), The Fiend still doesn't stay down, getting hold of Rollins and giving him such a forceful Mandible Claw that it appears to burst several blood vessels.
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  • And it doesn't end here, oh no. Seth somehow entered the Firefly Fun House later on with the intent of destroying it. And Bray later implied on Twitter that he'd have to be dead to enter the Fun House... so how...?!


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