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  • Adored by the Network: Fox was in love this show. It lasted six years on Fox Kids and then Fox Family, only getting the axe when Fox Family was brought out by Disney. Justified in the fact that Haim Saban (who was one of the people behind Fox Kids at the time) and Britt Allcroft had a very close relationship.
    • Not to mention that it's on in Norway to this very day!
  • Banned in China: Apparently not an outright ban, but the channel that was going to air the show in Malaysia, NTV7, backed off after learning that there's a flying pig in the show. NTV7's CEO seems to have an ongoing hatred for pig characters. Sadly, tho, no other channels have offered to air the show after that.
  • Bowdlerise: The Norwegian dub mutes out any time Mumfie sneezes, probably because it sounds more like farting than sneezing. There's an odd exception to this: the episode "Lighter Than Air". Also, in a situation unlike the DiC dub of Sailor Moon, they combined the last two episodes of the Mumfie's Quest arc for some scary moments.
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  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: This show has so many people who have gotten details incorrect about it that it got it's own page for this trope.
  • Critical Backlash: Tons of people hated the fact that the Mumfie's Quest movie removed a few scenes. This has resulted in the IMDB rating for both the show and the movie being lowered
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: All the characters are voiced by the same person who narrates the story, so all the girls (except The Queen of Night and The Queen of Light, who are voiced by the series' creator, Britt Allcroft) have these. Averted with the songs, however.
    • In the Japanese dub, Mumfie is voiced by a girl. It's clearly noticeable during the songs.
  • Cut Scene: A few scenes were cut from the original TV versions of Mumfie's Quest to make the movie. Here are a few of them:
    • The Beginning of Things: Scarecrow tries to break up a fight between two pigs and Pinkey, telling them that they shouldn't bully her due to her wings.
    • A Whale Of Discovery: An adorable scene where Mumfie plays in the water, Mumfie accidentally calling Whale a mountain and explaining part of his backstory to the gang and a scene where Mumfie doesn't know how to sleep in a hammock were cut.
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    • Pinkey's Mysterious Island: A scene where Mumfie trips in the forest after hearing a scary noise and hums "The Beginning of Things" to calm down, part of "Gotta Dance, Gotta Whistle, Gotta Sing", and a longer scene where the tree sucks him in.
    • Sparks In The Dark: Anytime Eel mentions jam jars.
    • Friendship Is A Circle: The title song got cut.
  • Cut Song: The songs "I Must Have My Night" and "Admiral's Song" were recorded for the Mumfie's Quest arc, but a sequence was never animated for it.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Ask anyone who their favorite character is from this show, and 95% of the time, they will say that Scarecrow's their favorite. He's so liked that almost nobody hates him!
  • Estrogen Brigade: There are a lot of Scarecrow fangirls out there.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The show is more popular in Norway and the USA than it is in its' homeland of Britain, as many fans are American, and there are many Norwegian pages mentioning the show. Norway even was the first country to get the show on DVD!
    • Like its' sister show Thomas the Tank Engine‎, it was also popular in Japan, with the videos of the series constantly appearing in the top 5 anime videos each time a new one came out, and there were plans for Japanese merchandise. Unfortunately, neither the post-"A Treasure Beyond Price" episodes or the merchandise got released in Japan either because of the death of Scarecrow's voice actor, Kei Tomiyama, or the fact that ForteMusic dissolved into Columbia Music Group before the new episodes were completed.
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  • He Also Did: Britt Allcroft was the person who brought Thomas the Tank Engine to television. Kate Barris and Jill Golick, two of the show's writers, also worked on another program that had British roots, The Noddy Shop.
  • Harsher in Hindsight and Too Soon Combined: In 1845, Charles Edward Trevelyan, the assistant secretary of the British Treasury, tried to help stop the potato blight in Ireland, but failed, causing millions of people to die. The Cut Song "I Must Have My Night" was sung by The Secretary of Night, who shares the same profession as Trevelyan, contains the line "Starved of the sun, every fruit, flower and vegetable suffers from mildew and blight".
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Averted-for a while, only a few episodes were released on tape, including the pilot movie, the Christmas special, and four volumes containing episodes from the TV series, two of which are very difficult to find. After Britt got the rights back from Hit, she eventually released them onto DVD and they're available to watch on Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and Netflix (the later only has up to "Let's Go Fly A Kite").
    • Currently, 17 episodes are missing from Hulu and Amazon Instant Video-see Missing Episode below.
  • Memetic Mutation: The term "what-iffer", originally used for Scarecrow, is commonly used for people who worry a lot. It also helps that Scarecrow's the Ensemble Dark Horse.
  • Missing Episode: The Hulu and Amazon Instant Video run skips the 13 episodes that made up the Mumfie's Quest movie to not confuse people. Four other episodes are missing because Britt Allcroft didn't think they were good enough.
    • The Music Of Spring: Mumfie and Scarecrow help a deer find her lost flute.
    • Lighter Than Air: Bristle uses a potion on cookies that makes people float.
    • Flying Fever: The Admirals come over to play golf with Mumfie and Scarecrow, but the balls they throw keep on getting in the way of Napoleon and Fifi.
    • Aiming For The Moon: The Lighthouse Keeper meets a scientist who turns his house into a rocket.
  • Name's the Same: Scarecrow's not the first Scarecrow named Scarecrow.
  • Non-Singing Voice: All the characters have this.
  • Out of Order: The episode "The Album" reveals the order in which the episodes after Mumfie's Quest happened. This reveals that they originally aired out of order. The order they are supposed to go in is as follows:
    • Captian Jellybean's Treasure Hunt (the fourth aired)
    • The Black Cat Disappears (the sixth aired)
    • Things That Go Bump (the eighth aired)
    • A Grouper's Teeth (the seventh aired)
    • The Lonely Cloud (the twenty-third aired)
    • The Guest (the twenty-second aired)
    • Scarecrow's Birthday Surprise (the third aired)
    • Scarecrow's New Best Friend (the fifth aired)
    • Mumfie and the Wellwisher (the first aired)
  • Periphery Demographic: A lot of older people like this show for the same reasons Thomas is liked. Britt even addresses these people on her website.
  • The Merch: There were tons of Mumfie merchandise back when the show was still airing, and on the heels of the recent re-launch of the series and the upcoming uncancellation of the show, there are plans to release more of it. The first items will be t-shirts, plush toys and books.
  • Un-Cancelled: Britt is currently working on the fourth season of this series.
  • Vanilla Edition: The 2014 Lionsgate release of Mumfie's Quest has no bonus features, but starts with Leap Frog and Lalaloopsy trailers.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Many sellers of Mumfie merchandise believe that Mumfie is a girl, because of the character's pink jacket. Mumfie is a boy.
    • One YouTube comment on the episode "Sparks in the Dark" said "A cross-dressing male eel. Nice." Eel is actually a girl. The commenter might have been confused as a result of her cross-dressed role.
  • What Could Have Been: The show was originally supposed to be done with puppets and have an artstyle similar to the Katherine Tozer books. Britt Allcroft hated the results of this and gave us the show we have today.
    • Paramount was to have released VHS and DVD of the show over a 15-year period beginning in 2000-2 videos were to be released each year excluding the first, which brought out three titles. Two episodes the second wave of Mumfie videos (which included DVDs as well) were to include "Cabin Fever" and "Scarecrowella". Ironically, those two episodes wound up being released on DVD-in Norway. This is a major dissapointment, as the latter episode is the show's Grand Finale.
    • Mumfie's Quest was supposed to be released in theaters in 1996, but went to pay-per-view instead. However, one theater chain showed it twice as part of a summer movie program and a few libraries have screened the film.
  • Working Title: According to production art, the show was originally called "Here Comes Mumfie", which was changed because there was already a puppet show with the same name.

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