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Perhaps the most common victim of the trope Cowboy BeBop at His Computer in Western Animation is Magic Adventures of Mumfie, as proven in the examples below.

  • The show is sometimes called "Magical Adventures of Mumfie" or "The Magic Adventures of Mumfie" instead of "Magic Adventures of Mumfie". The former misname was used by Amazon, and the later misname was used by the UK Nick Jr. channel (where Face made this mistake in at least one of his bumpers) and This Very Wiki, until it was fixed.
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  • Sellers of Mumfie merchandise think the main character is a girl, due to the pink jacket. His voice actor in Japan is female, though.
  • A lot of people tend to spell Pinkey as "Pinky".
  • A lot of people think Mumfie lives in a Whale. Whale transports the gang to places.
  • A seller selling a set of figurines called the unnamed blue bird character Napoleon.
  • Speaking of Napoleon, a fansite thinks his name is Bristle, the name of the Queen of Night's rulekeeper.
  • An example within the actual series itself: the episode "Davy Jones' Story" does not match its title or description note , as it's about Davy Jones wanting Mumfie and Scarecrow to come down and see him.
  • Hulu calls the episode "Orders Are Orders" "Orders is Orders".
  • This review of Storytime with Thomas calls the show a Winnie-the-Pooh ripoff, when it was actually based on a series of books about the adventures of toys sent down to Earth from a land inhabited by them, spells Pinkey's name wrong and calls Napoleon a king.
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  • The description for "Scarecrowella" that Lionsgate gives says that Mumfie read the story of Cinderella in the episode. It was actually Scarecrow who read the story.
  • People often call "Scarecrow's New Best Friend" "The Goose and I", due to confusion with another episode in which said goose appears in.
  • Toonarific's description of the show says that Scarecrow's the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz when he barely resembles him at all, Pinkey uses her ears to fly when she has wings, and says that Napoleon has a lot of money and that he is the aide to Bristle, when he actually is a French bird who's the aide to The Queen of Night.
  • An interview with Mumfie in the final issue of Turtle magazine has Mumfie recall when he met Scarecrow, and provides the dialogue he said, which was not said at all in that scene in Mumfie's Quest and said that The Queen of Night had more than one jewel stolen. He also says he likes mashed potatoes only, when he also likes mashed banana pancakes.
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  • DVD Verdict's review of the Mumfie's White Christmas DVD misquotes a line from the special, spells You-Are's name wrong, and says that all of the characters are voiced by Patrick Breen, when one of the episodes on the disc features The Queen of Night, who is voiced by Britt Allcroft.
  • Sodor Island's article about Mumfie says that the show debuted in 1993 and ended in 1996 when it actually debuted in 1994 and ended in 2000, and calls the Secretary of Night "The Evil Master".
  • When they had the rights to the series, HiT Entertainment called the show an "animated sitcom", when the show doesn't have a laugh track at all or is meant to be a comedy series at all!
  • MSN TV 's descriptions for episodes of the show are wrong nearly half of the time. For example, think that "The Goose and I" is about Pinkey making a mess in Mumfie's cottage, "Pop Goes The Weasel" being about vegetables being stolen from the garden, and Time Waits For No Mumfie being about Mumfie playing hide and seek.
  • Common Sense Media's review of Mumfie's Quest falls under this trope-it says that Pinkey is male and mispells her name, and says that multiple characters were put in jail besides Pinkey's mother, when only Mumfie ever was trapped in jail note , and spells Britt Allcroft's name as "Britt Allacraft".
  • The show is sometimes mistaken for a Disney show due to its artstyle, mostly by people who live in Norway, where it's popular. Phoenix Films animated the movie and Season 1, and D'Ocon Films animated Season 2. If you show someone who has never seen the show an image of the titular character, chances are he will probably be mistaken for Dumbo.
  • This review of Mumfie's White Christmas claims that Mumfie woke up to good weather the day before Christmas Eve, when a wind cracked the ice already on top of the pond and the ground had a bit of frost on it, and that the end of the special, where it finally starts snowing, took place on Christmas morning. It actually began snowing on Christmas Eve, as the special ends with Mumfie going to bed and the narrator claiming they dreamed of the presents they would get. The special's last line, "Happy Christmas, everyone!" probably threw the reviewer off.
  • A book by Kids First says that in the episode "A Fishy Tale", Mumfie helps his friends while trying to find a home for the fish he won at the fair, when it's actually the other way around. The same review also misquotes one of the birds' lines in "The Lost Cloud".
    • The same book claims that Mumfie and Scarecrow both made the kite in "Let's Go Fly A Kite" when Scarecrow actually made it. Mumfie only decorated it.
  • Nick Jr. UK's episode descriptions contained a lot of errors, like calling Mrs. Admiral an annoying guest in their description of "The Guest", and calling You-Are "Reindeer" in their description of "Reindeers Keep Dropping On My Head".
  • Many articles about Britt Allcroft published after the Mumfie's Quest arc aired say that the show is a musical, when only the episodes in that arc are musicals.
  • The transcript of this NPR segment thinks Scarecrow's singing voice is Mumfie's and gets the lyrics to Pigs Can Fly wrong.
  • The answer to this Yahoo Questions inquiry stated that Mumfie aired on the show "It's Itsy Bitsy Time". It aired on Storytime With Thomas at the time. Both Mumfie and the show mentioned, Budgie the Little Helicopter, did air on the Fox Cubhouse at one point.
  • This TV Guide review of Mumfie's Quest misspells Pinkey's name yet again, and thinks that the movie was dubbed over by Patrick Breen, when it was actually the same in both the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • Mummy Says' review of Mumfie's Quest may look fine at first, but a fellow fan of the series will recognize that the picture used is not from the movie, but from the episode "When You Wish Upon A Tree".
  • The CDUniverse description for Mumfie's Quest says that Mumfie is a girl who is looking for her mother on an island, when Pinkey's actually looking for her mother.
  • This review has, among other mistakes, giving three out of four songs incorrect names, misquoting dialouge, claiming the characters are all voiced by males when The Queen Of Night was voiced by Britt Allcroft, and thinking "How Big The World Seems" was part of "The Beginning of Things".
  • Yet another reviewer believes that The Secretary of Night captured a princess. He actually took away power from The Queen of Night.
  • A person describing the series on a thread about winter-themed anime mispells Mumfie's name and says that they had to save the world from an evil ice queen. The ironic part about this? The Queen of Night and the Queen of Light's outfits look like those of Anna and Elsa.
  • The official website of Mumfie claims that two things the viewers will hear Scarecrow say are "What if it never stops raining?" and "What if our plan doesn't work?". He never said any of these phrases in any episode of the show.
  • This page calls the Secretary of Night a sorcerer, and thinks that the mission was just to give the bird in the tree a present, when there was also the plot of finding Pinkey's mother.
  • The official Facebook page of the series spells Pinkey's name wrong.
  • Writings of a Wandering Wonder's review has the following mistakes:
    • The reviewer believes the movie was complied in 2014. It was actually made in 1994, but its compliation release wasn't until 1996.
    • The reviewer calls Here Comes Mumfie stop-motion. That series was actually done with puppets.
    • Misquotes Scarecrow's line "Drat then birds" as "That them birds", and says that he said "What if something bad happen?". (Which, by the way, isn't the kind of grammar any character on the show would use.)
    • Pinkey's name is spelled wrong.
    • The reviewer says Scarecrow's farm closed down because the crows were scared of him. He never stated the real reason in the movie.
    • The reviewer says that Whale was "a cursing ship" and people didn't want to come inside him because they hate getting eaten by whales, when the real reason could be explained by Scarecrow's two Freudian comments.
    • The reviewer states that a reprisal of "The Beginning of Things" played when Scarecrow and Mumfie reunited. The background music does not sound like that at all.
    • The reviewer calls Napoleon Jones' song "I'm Just A Waste of Your Time", when it's actually "Just A Waste of Your Time", and the unnamed theme song "Here Comes Mumfie".
  • A parody site, on some installments of their fictional movie series Pooh Goes Poop, sometimes spell Scarecrowella's note  name as "Scarecrowrella" in their cast list.
  • This review of Mumfie's Quest calls Mumfie a girl more than once. This is ironic, considering the website's review of Mumfie's White Christmas lacks these mistakes!
  • The Premier Publishing digital books have a bad case of misquoting dialouge. Once, they attributed an actual quote from the Christmas special to the wrong character!
  • The book Children at War says that Mumfie aired on BBC in the UK. Magic Adventures of Mumfie aired on Ci TV and Nick Jr., not BBC.
  • Starbust Magazine does the same mistake as the Mummy Says review and calls Britt Allcroft a male.
  • One now-defunct GeoCities site about non-PBS preschool entertainment of the 80's and 90's had sections on the various preschool shows aired during those decades, inluding a Mumfie section. It included these mistakes:
    • The show was called "Magical World of Mumfie" by the site.
    • Mumfie was said to be female and it was claimed that Scarecrow was his dad. Though Scarecrow acts like Mumfie's caretaker, we don't know whom or where Mumfie's actual parents are.
    • Scarecrow was given the name "Whatiffer", (oddly, the episode names still said Scarecrow, but the descriptions said "Whatiffer the Scarecrow" and was claimed to have been Offered the Crown by Smidgen thanks to Mumfie's magic wand turning him into a prince named Scarecrowella and married The Queen of Night at the end of the series. "What-iffer" is Mumfie's nickname for people who worry a lot, and he became a prince for a day thanks to his Fair-Eel Godmother's magic, but was given no name except "the mysterious dancer". Scarecrowella's the title of the episode, though the episode title is also the Fan Nickname of the mysterious dancer, as seen in Scarecrowella And The Healing Idols, and this could be where it originated. He was offered the crown by Bristle, not Smidgen, but refused to be king, and it was only a dream.
    • Pinkey was claimed to have been imprisoned on the island, and Mumfie rescued her. Mumfie actually found Pinkey in a field. Whoever wrote it was confusing it for the scene later in the movie where Scarecrow rescues Mumfie from the holding cell.
    • Bristle was said to be The Queen of Night's husband, and Smidgen was said to be Napoleon's child.
    • It confused a few episode plots. For example, their summary of "If Wishes Were Pancakes" said that the episode had Mumfie get a nightmare from pancakes, but that's "Mumfie's Lost Button", which had the opposite summary where it said Mumfie felt weak from pancakes.
    • The website called Scarecrowella "The Royal Ball" and called the Pilot Movie "The Beginning of Things". Additionally, it swapped the titles of "Scarecrow's New Best Friend" and "The Goose and I", and "Up, Up, And Away" and "Lighter Than Air".
    • It also claimed that all the stories were written by Britt Allcroft and John Kane for season 1, and Jill Golick for season 2. There were a variety of writers on the show.
    • It said that the show was made by DiC. Phoenix Animation Studio animated season 1 and the movie and D'Ocon Films animated season 2. This confusion may come from DiC's involvement with another D'Ocon show, Pocket Dragon Adventures.
  • Common Sense Media strikes again with their review of the post-movie episodes! Not only do they call Mumfie a girl and say that he got captured in a post-movie episode, but all the screenshots, except the third and fourth, are not from the post-movie episodes. Two are from Mumfie's Quest and one is from Mumfie's White Christmas.
  • Rotten Tomatoes thinks Pinkey is a boy and mispells Katherine Tozer as "Kathering Tozer".
  • A return receipt request a FOX station recieved for violating the Children's Television Act called the show "Britt Allocroft's Magical Adventures of Mumphie".
  • This review not only mispells Pinkey and You-Are's names, but calls Pinkey a boy and Mumfie a girl!
  • A Nick Jr. fansite claims that the show was made by Cuppa Coffee and Nelvana, when neither of those companies were involved with the show!
  • This topic calls the show "The Adventures of Mumfie", claims that the movie was a Christmas film when the Mumfie's White Christmas special was the only one, and claims Lorenzo Music narrated the series.
  • The 2000 Random House book "Britt Allcroft's Magic Adventures of Mumfie", which was illustrated by Ken Edwards, has so many errors it could almost be considered an alternate re-telling of the Mumfie's Quest arc.
    • First off, many plot details are removed. Mumfie does not set out on an adventure due to a parcel in this version, he just decided to have one. Second, the underwater parts are removed, as well as the skating rink scene, the chase outside the castle where the Black Cat tries to fool Mumfie into going to The Meadows of Your Mind, the use of Queen of Night's umbrella (although it appears on the cover, held by Scarecrow) and removes the characters of Bristle, and the bully pigs.
    • None of the dialogue in the book matches that of the film. Two sentences come close, but one adds in a word and uses the wrong the meaning of a contraction instead of said contraction, note  while the other have the wrong punctuation and an ommited word note 
    • Pinkey's mother is mentioned but is not shown as an illustration.
    • Napoleon has the wrong color scheme.
    • Scarecrow is called a "straw man" and his farm was claimed to have been sold to another owner, not shut down as in the movie.
    • The characters do not go inside Whale at all in the book. They just sit on top of him to get to the island. The whole scene with the dinghy was also omitted.
    • The scene where the characters eat breakfast is ommited, along with the part where Scarecrow rips his hat.
    • Mumfie hums instead of sings and vanishes along with the cat. In the movie, the wind blows him into a tree. He has only teleported twice, both times in Season 3 episodes. note  This also is the only scene where the Black Cat appears, as the signpost scene was skipped.
    • Random bottles that weren't in the original movie, such as "People Singing" and "Wind Chimes Tinkling" appear in the bottle room, and Napoleon gives Mumfie the Queen's Jewel, telling him he is the destined one.
    • Scarecrow and Pinkey still sing to find Mumfie, but get transported to The Queen of Night's room rather than to the same place Mumfie was.
    • The friends randomly find each other in one place, not on the skating rink like in the original.
    • After the above scene the Secretary locks Mumfie, Pinkey and Napoleon in the holding cell, but "only Scarecrow escaped". Only Mumfie got locked in the holding cell in the actual film, but Scarecrow and Pinkey escaped.
    • The Secretary was said to have multiple guards when he only has one, Bristle, who isn't named.
    • Scarecrow finds the thimble in what appears to be a clone of Queen of Night's jewel, which he also uses to break open the window, when in the movie he finds the thimble in a paperweight, which he puts in his hat to smash a window.
    • The gang goes home on Whale. It is unknown how they get home in the actual movie.
    • Scarecrow leaves Mumfie at the end. Instead, he's now accompained by the unnamed blue bird character from the movie.
  • This article about Peppa Pig mispells Pinkey's name when mentioning famous pigs.

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