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Tear Jerker / Magic Adventures of Mumfie

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    Mumfie's Quest 
  • When Scarecrow was told told that Mumfie was probably eaten by a shark.
  • When Mumfie goes into the holding cell, since he did nothing wrong that would cause him to go there.
    • Made into an even bigger tearjerker in the Ladybird/Premier Publishings book "A Treasure Beyond Price" when the book cuts out half of the scene for no reason, which perfectly explains why The Secretary of Night wanted him to go to the holding cell.
  • The song "Home".

     Season 1 (Phoenix Animation Studios) 
  • Scarecrow loosing his hat in "If The Hat Fits".

     Season 2 (D'Ocon) 
  • Mumfie getting sick in "Mumfie's Lost Button" is this as well as a heartwarming moment.


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