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What An Idiot / Magic Adventures of Mumfie

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Because there would be fewer adventures if the characters did sensible things all the time.

Beware of unmarked SPOILERS!

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    Season One/Mumfie’s Quest 
The Beginning Of Things
  • We learn from Pinkey that her mother took her here to keep her safe from the island.
    You’d Expect: Pinkey’s mother to stay with her.
    Instead: She left her daughter alone and returned to the island, only to be imprisoned.

Pinkey’s Mysterious Island

  • The trio have reached an area of the forest with signs up forbidding ball games, smiling, laughing, and fun of any kind. But Mumfie starts singing anyway, causing a cold breeze to blow.
    You'd Expect: Having seen the signs warning him not to do this, Mumfie listens to Scarecrow urging him to stop.
    Instead: Mumfie is all like “Fuck the police” and continues.
    As A Result: The wind blows Mumfie through a trapdoor in a tree.
The Queen Of Night
  • Mumfie asks Napoleon why the palace floor is made of ice. Napoleon answers, “What else would a palace floor be made of?” and also points out that the ice makes it hard for unauthorized persons to enter.
    You'd Expect: The Queen Of Night to just use, you know, a key to lock up the palace so that only authorized persons can enter.
    Or: Have armed security at the door.
    Instead: The “security system” decides who does and doesn’t get in not based on whether they are authorized, but whether they can skate.
    You'd Further Expect: The box holding the skates to be locked.
    Instead: It doesn’t have a lock, allowing anyone to take a pair of skates.
Bottom Of The Ocean Blues
  • Mumfie and Scarecrow have escaped the island via a magic umbrella that carries them over the sky. They see Whale and Pinkey, and Mumfie decides to wave.
    You'd Expect: Mumfie to just wave with his trunk without feeling the need to get the napkin out of his pocket (the same pocket holding the Queen’s jewel).
    Instead: He takes the napkin out of his pocket, and accidentally pulls the jewel out, which falls into the sea. Nice one, Mumfie.
The Chase Is On
  • Mumfie and Scarecrow are disguising themselves as a new crew member in order to escape the pirate ship. They are confronted by Nasty Nate, who finds this new pirate familiar somehow.
    You'd Expect: Nate to see through this obvious deception (and perhaps notice that Mumfie and Scarecrow have disappeared at the exact moment this mysterious new member has arrived) and simply pull off the disguise and send Mumfie and Scarecrow back to work. Especially when the “new member” says it was captain’s orders for him to leave the ship to do some exercise. And ESPECIALLY when Mumfie’s ear pokes out.
    Instead: While he finds it suspicious, he allows this to go ahead.
  • According to the “new crew member”, the captain has ordered that he do some exercise around the ship. Nasty Nate is skeptical of this.
    You'd Expect: Mumfie to simply continue insisting and hope Nate takes his word for it.
    Instead: Mumfie suggests that Nate go ask the captain.
    To Make Matters Worse: Captain Davy Jones appears right at that moment and has heard Mumfie: “Ask him what?”
  • The pirates have been captured in a net, and Napoleon is doling out their punishment. But Davy Jones is making his escape.
    You'd Expect: Someone to notice him CUTTING A HOLE IN THE NET AND SWIMMING AWAY.
    Instead: No one does.

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