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Nightmare Fuel / Magic Adventures of Mumfie

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  • The Secretary of Night is this. Many children who watched the show have been scared by him.
  • The final scene of "Friend or Foe?" might be the biggest example of this trope causing a scene considered this to be altered for a western animated show, since the offending clip does not show up in Mumfie's Quest, and the show's creator denies its' existence. In it, there's a longer sequence when Mumfie gets imprisoned that is very terrifying. Mumfie is asked to stop whistling by Bristle, who then makes a scary face as he locks the holding cell's door on Mumfie. Complaints about this scene were reason why some countries skipped the Mumfie's Quest arc, and why, in a similar case to the DiC Sailor Moon episode "Day of Destiny", the final two episodes of Mumfie's Quest were combined in Norway.

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