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Mumfie's Quest (the movie) was All Just a Dream.
  • One piece of evidence is that Bristle keeps his "obsessed with rules" personality in the series, but he isn't as strict as he was in the movie. Also, the color scheme of his clothes in the series is the same color scheme as his clothes were in the majority of the movie. (He wore different colored clothes when he turned good at the end of the movie.) Another is that the pirates were told to sail the 7 seas for seven years, but they don't do so in the show. A third piece would be that the farm Scarecrow was on in the movie doesn't look like the one in the series, and in the series, the crows are smaller than they are in the movie. There is also some weird purple mist that appears during the song The Beginning of Things and after The Queen of Night's party at her castle.
    • Possibly Jossed: Two episodes call back to the Mumfie's Quest storyline. For example, in "Bring the Mountain to Whale", Mumfie says "We thought you were a mountain when we first met you, Whale!" This references how in the the movie, Mumfie thought the beach had a mountain, which turned out to be Whale, and in "A Fishy Tale", the narrator talks about how Eel was put in jam jars. Eel says this is the reason she hates the pirates, which only appeared in the TV version of the episode. In "The Guest" and "The Album", Scarecrow says he still has a hole in his hat. (In the movie, he didn't look where he was going and it caught onto a tree).
      • Also, thanks to Mumfie pointing out they’d get lonely, Napoleon instead offers them a job at the palace. That’s why they don’t sail the seven seas for seven years in the show.
The gooseberry imp from "It Won't Be Alright on the Night" caused the Secretary of Night to turn evil and rule the island.
  • In "It Won't Be Alright on the Night", the narrator tells us that Bristle has dealt with the gooseberry imp before. Since the gooseberry imp can make good things turn bad, maybe the Secretary visited the Well Wisher and told him that that he wanted to be treated like he was the most important person on the island, and the Gooseberry imp used his magic in the middle of the Well Wisher's spell to cause the Secretary's wish to go wrong, making the Secretary actually rule the island. Bristle was with the Secretary when he visited the well. As the gooseberry imp laughed at how funny it was that the Secretary's wish turned out the way he wanted it to go, Bristle noticed the imp and when he got back to the island, he put the imp in the vase he wound up hitting with the gavel in "It Won't Be Alright on the Night".
Scarecrow knew the Secretary of Night before Mumfie did and was friends with him. This is why he's sometimes a grouch.
  • When The Secretary of Night is swallowed by the thimble, Scarecrow looks more concerned about it. Maybe the Secretary visited the farm sometimes when he was good.
Scarecrowella (the prince form of Scarecrow from the episode of the same name) is really a human.
  • Pay attention to the part where Scarecrowella runs away and his ankle is exposed for part of the time, and looks nothing like it does when he's in scarecrow form.
Scarecrow's relatives that he mentions sometimes either moved away or died.
Bing Bong from Inside Out is Mumfie's child.
Napoleon took Bristle’s rule book in “Bristle’s Blues”.
  • Napoleon reveals the book under the pillow, even though Bristle already looked under the pillow. For one reason or another (maybe he just wanted to Troll Bristle), Napoleon took the book, then placed it back under the pillow before Bristle got back.

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