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Trivia / Magical Battle Arena

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  • Fan Nickname: Ruru, a.k.a. Gurren Lagann-tan, for obvious reasons.
    • Also played with. In her Story Mode, Nanoha complains that most of the girls she has to fight are scared by her, and says something like "They see me as a sort of devil". What is her Fan Nickname? White Devil.
  • Kirara & Sarara Debuted in Magical Battle Arena: You probably wouldn't know it, but both Kirara & Sarara originally got their start in another game Area-ZERO made, Magical Girl Kirara & Sarara ~Dioskroi of Starlit Sky~. Said game, however, also happened to be an eroge, so yeah.
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  • The Wiki Rule: Here, albeit it's in Japanese.

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