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  • Colbert Bump: Some mobile video games collaborate with Kizuna Ai either via sponsored videos, in-game playable cameos, or both in the hopes of having her fans try out said games.
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  • Meme Acknowledgement:
    • Her official Nendoroid figure has her "Install face" as one of her swappable faces.
    • She discusses and recreates the "fuck you" scene in this video.
    • The Azur Lane collab references the "Fuck you" scene in a few ways, though censored to a "Fakkyu" (not that it fools anyone): Original Kizuna Ai will say it at her lowest affection level, Elegant Kizuna Ai'll replicate the outburst while rage quitting a game in her idle dorm animation. And equipment skins that turn your battleship shells and bombs into the word (so you can drop literal F bombs)
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  • Milestone Celebration: Reached 1,000,000 subscribers on her main channel as of December 18, 2017.
  • Old Shame: During her Let's Play walkthrough for The Evil Within 2, she discusses the "FAKKYU" meme when she briefly compares the game to Resident Evil 7. Needless to say, Kizuna Ai expressed a sense of regret that many fans now remember her for that scene, and even some of her concerned Japanese fans explained the meaning of the phrase and advised her not to use the phrase again. Quite Subverted when she says "FAKKYU" again in Resident Evil 2 Remake after imitating Claire Redfield, while the phrase is now associated with her Guest Fighter cameo in Azur Lane as a form of Meme Acknowledgement.
  • Reclusive Artist: Almost nothing is known about the voice actress who does Kizuna Ai's voice, nor the rest of the team responsible for the project... or, for that matter, if there even is a team beyond the voice actress. The sheer rate of updates and video uploads would strongly suggest the probability of a multi-person project, but the whole gimmick is that "she" is supposedly an artificial intelligence that makes vlogs and skits and Let's Play videos in order to connect with humans, so the human(s) behind it are kept secret to maintain the illusion. Even moreso when Ai sounded like Luna and vice-versa in their respective April Fool's videos, and only those videos.
    • This even carried into the Azur Lane collab where all the splash art of her playable versions only had "Kizuna Ai" under voice actor.
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    • Averted with the English dub of Ingress, where Ai-chan's brief cameo was played by Cristina Vee.
    • Averted in a commentary of her Let's Play for Resident Evil 2 Remake, she reads comments about fans thinking that Ai's staff plays the game in place of her because at one point, Ai's aim significantly improved. She denies the statement, saying that she herself plays the games and not her staff. Although the way she phrased it gave away the idea that Kizuna Ai is really a team project and not a one-man project. In Ai-chan's "I have an assistant now!!" vlog, she casually mentions having a staff team. The video is also played on a hardware screen, with some of the staff members audibly trolling and laughing at her.


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