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  • Absentee Actor: Joan Collins misses the premiere of season six because she was in contract negotiations at the time. Additionally, she doesn't appear in nine episodes in the final season due to budget cuts.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • In an "Archive of American Television" interview John Forsythe said that the first couple of seasons were good. He said they were relevant and they had "punch". He said by the last season, though, most of the shows were bad.
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    • Al Corley, Steven's original actor, left the show in season 2 partially because he disliked how the character was written (namely because he felt the character lacked a sense of humor and didn't "have any fun", while also criticizing the show's inconsistencies at portraying Steven's homosexuality). He would return for the 1991 miniseries, though.
    • Joan Collins detested her character's exit at the end of season 9 (where Alexis and Dex fall off a balcony and their fates are left unknown) to the point where she announced that she wouldn't return for the following season. Of course, the show was cancelled before that happened. Like Corley, she returned for the miniseries two years later.
    • The Moldavian Massacre finale of season 5 also had mixed reactions in hindsight from the cast and crew. Gordon Thomson thought the follow-up, but not the massacre itself, was a letdown. John James believed this was the moment the show "maxed out on outrageness". Series creator Esther Shapiro believed that the finale was "well-produced" but they could've done something else.
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    • Helmut Berger (Peter Di Vilbis) had stated that he disliked working on the show.
  • Dueling Shows: With Dallas. These two were the biggest American soaps of the 1980s.
  • Follow the Leader: Deconstructed: while clearly inspired by Dallas (and Alexis clearly being their attempt to create a JR-type character) the show did managed to find its niche with strong female characters and featuring a gay main character. Ironically, as Dynasty leapfrogged over Dallas in the ratings, Dallas (having lost its main show runner) tried to ape Dynasty with an Alexis-type villain and casting Donna Reed as the new Sue Ellen.
  • Hide Your Pregnancy: The producers tried to conceal Pamela Bellwood (Claudia)'s real-life pregnancy in season 6 as it was not written into the script, but it was sometimes apparent on-screen that she was pregnant. Pamela also missed five episodes in mid season 6 when she had her baby.
  • Hostility on the Set:
    • Joan Collins and John Forsythe didn't get along, which added a lot to their characters' volatile relationship. Collins has stated that Forsythe was a misogynist and hated the fact that an English woman practically stole the show. Ironically, she got on fine with Linda Evans.
    • As stated in The Other Marty below, George Peppard was the original Blake Carrington, but producers found him so difficult to work with that he was replaced with John Forsythe. He would eventually end up starring on another popular 80s show and also dealt with similar issues there as well.
  • McLeaned: Joseph Anders was killed off when Lee Bergere asked for more screen-time.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Ali MacGraw admitted that she appeared on the show for this reason, as did Helmut Berger.
  • The Other Darrin: All the Carrington children were eventually re-cast.
    • Al Corley left after the second season after taking issue with the network's decree that Steven's homosexuality be downplayed, and the part was re-cast the following season with Jack Coleman (after the character was in an oil rig explosion and required plastic surgery, explaining his new face).
    • Pamela Sue Martin left after the fourth season, with Emma Samms assuming the role of Fallon the following year. Samms also played Fallon on the Dynasty spinoff, The Colbys.
    • Catherine Oxenberg, who joined as Amanda in the fifth season, left after the sixth season due to a contract dispute, with Karen Cellini taking over for her the next year. This re-casting was not accepted with audiences and the Amanda character was dropped after 13 episodes in season 7, never to be seen again.
    • Gordon Thomson joined the cast as Adam in season 3 and remained with the show until the end. However, he was unavailable for the reunion movie two years later, and Robin Sachs replaced him. Joan Collins has said that she felt Sachs was miscast, and felt very sorry Gordon couldn't return.
    • In a rare reversal, Jack Coleman was not available to do the reunion movie either, and the role was re-assumed by Al Corley (even more ironic considering Steven had been the only child to have his "new" appearance explained in-universe).
  • The Other Marty: George Peppard played Blake Carrington, but he was hard to work with and replaced by John Forsythe a few weeks into shooting the pilot. Peppard did, however, make one real contribution to the series - it had been his suggestion that the producers hire Bill Conti to score the pilot, because Conti had scored Five Days From Home (Peppard's only film as a director) and the two had become good friends. Result: one awesome theme tune.
  • The Red Stapler: "Krystle" (in a myriad of invented spellings), "Alexis" and "Fallon" became popular girls' names in the 80's.
  • Romance on the Set: George Hamilton was romantically involved with Catherine Oxenberg during his stint on the show.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The show is one big time capsule for The '80s.
  • Wag the Director:
    • Joan Collins told writers not to make Alexis too evil because it would alienate viewers.
    • The original plans for the second part of season 7 was that Blake would develop amnesia and fall in love with Alexis. However, this was changed because John Forsythe routinely vetoed any storyline involving adultery.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Raquel Welch were all considered for Alexis Carrington. Welch was also considered for Lady Ashley Marshall.
    • Richard Chamberlain was offered the role of Daniel Reece.
    • The original plans after the infamous Moldavian Massacre were for King Galen to propose Alexis to marry him and become Queen of Moldavia. Alexis would have refused the proposal, however a dream sequence of the wedding had been shot. Because the viewer response to the entire Moldavian storyline was highly unfavorable, several scenes of three episodes were replaced by new scenes, including the royal wedding dream sequence.
    • Other ideas for the true identity of Dominique Devereaux that were considered by the writers included Cecil Colby's real widow and Kirby Ander's long-lost mother.
    • Diahann Carroll had planned to make some cameos during the show's eighth season, but it never happened because of budget problems. It was also rumored that she would have rejoined the cast during the tenth season, but the show was taken off the air after the ninth season.
  • Working Title: Oil.


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