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Trivia / Dragon Age: Origins

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  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: The post-game expansion for Origins is called Awakening, but it frequently gets wrongly titled as Awakenings or The Awakening.
  • Casting Gag: Alistair deeply distrusts magic and was formerly trained to be a Templar. In real life, Steve Valentine is an accomplished stage magician.
    • Possibly mixed with foreshadowing, we see the leader of the Dalish is the Keeper, who leads them both physically and spiritually. The third game reveals Flemeth is the incarnation of the Elvish God Mythel. So it looks like Tuvok (played by Tim Russ, voice of the Keeper) is still working for Captain Janeway (played by Kate Mulgrew, voice of Flemeth).
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  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: The Kingdom of Anderfels is rather suspiciously like a real world state where several major armies and empires have tried to dominate the region, and ended up failing utterly with massive losses - and has a statue of a major religious figure in a recessed niche in the northern part of the country. For the incredibly dense (or those who don't know the history of the region), it is Afghanistan - the statue is known as "Our Lady of Anderfels" and its description is eerily similar to that of the (now destroyed) Buddhas of Bamiyan).
  • Executive Meddling: This and time restraints are the reason Shale's only available via DLC instead of being in the vanilla game.
    • The devs were kind enough to include that bit of DLC for free with any copy purchased new. It still served to discourage buying the game used (which doesn't turn a profit for BioWare). It was later made free in Summer 2013 as part of EA's removal of Online Passes.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • One of the writers named the dog Rabbit, making it a popular choice.
    • Another common name is Barkspawn, popularized by Tycho Brahe of Penny Arcade, who did the official Dragon Age comics.
  • Fun with Acronyms: The name of the world, Thedas, stands for The Dragon Age Setting.
  • Meme Acknowledgement: Dragon Age Keep allows you to create a story to import into Dragon Age: Inquisition without having to play the other games. In the Companions section for Origins, it refers to the ritual child that Morrigan can conceive with a male Grey Warden as an "old god baby."
  • Playing Against Type: While playing a villain is quite standard for Tim Curry, it is incredibly rare for him to be one of the most subtle and repulsive villains in the entire story.
  • Pre-Order Bonus: Rather ridiculously, every major vendor had a pre-order bonus for Origins that's exclusive to them. had The Lion's Paw boots, Direct2Drive had the Dalish Ring, EA Store had the Fire Band, Game Crazy had the Guildmaster's Belt, GameStop and had the Feral Wolf Charm, Steam had The Wicked Oath... Those who pre-ordered were forced to pick one and miss out on all the other items. Some items have been made available for manual installation, although if you play on a console rather than PC you won't be able to get them all.
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  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: None of the Qunari had horns although their race is supposed to have them. This was because BioWare didn't have the time to create alternate designs for all the helmets just so your Qunari party member could wear them, so they opted to not give him horns at all and Hand Wave it by saying that Qunari born without horns are considered to be destined for greatness, while those who choose to leave the Qun cut off their horns as a way of showing their rejection (all the other Qunari in the game).
  • Shrug of God: When asked about Maric's cause of death, David Gaider repeatedly stated that it was irrelevant before finally revealing that he was lost at sea. The Silent Grove reveals that he was rescued from drowning, was imprisoned by the Antivans only to be captured by a Tevinter Magister. Unfortunately, when Alistair rescues him in Until We Sleep, he is forced to give his father a Mercy Kill.
  • Talking to Himself: Gorim and Oghren can have a conversation at one point. Both dwarves are voiced by Steve Blum.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda:
    • There was a rumor (and rumor only) that if you do not kill Flemeth in Morrigan's sidequest, the ending epilogue will state that Morrigan was killed and possessed by Flemeth. Said rumor only ended when it was Jossed by the head writer.
    • One persistent rumour claims that Teagan can get married to either Kaitlyn or Bella in the epilogue. While this is true for Kaitlyn, Bella's epilogue has no mention of Teagan. The rumour likely started due to how similar the two women's stories are. Both of them can be given money, which they will use to open a foundry (Kaitlyn) or a brewery (Bella) in Denerim. To add to the confusion, you can convince Bella to become Teagan's maid, which is also never mentioned in the epilogue. Add in Teagan's reputation as a ladies' man and it becomes easy to see how fans just assumed that she was an alternate option.
    • Due to the game's mechanics, it is very easy for Leliana to get high approval status with the Warden, and thus she tends to quickly become interested in them romantically. This leads many to believe Leliana is the game's canonical love interest, or that she is a Clingy Jealous Girl towards the Warden. In reality Leliana is just a character that is very easy to win affection with and has a plethora of bugs in her her romance arc. As a result, the game often incorrectly assumes that the Warden is in a relationship with her and sometimes even forgets that a breakup has occurred, making her come across as a lot more clingy than intended.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to David Gaider, the game's lead writer, Jowan was originally supposed to be a joinable party member after the events in Redcliffe, as the Warden could have invoked the Right of Conscription when speaking to Arl Eamon in order to recruit him. However, they didn't have room to add another character, so the idea was scrapped.
    • One early idea that was ultimately scrapped was the game's ending being narrated an old woman. The player would be led to believe that the woman was Flemeth, and then learn that was actually Morrigan in the distant future.
    • There was originally a plotline that involved Empress Celene of Orlais visiting Denerim and would have explored Cailan's plan to marry her in favour of Anora.
    • Originally, there was the possibility that some of your party members could become infected with the darkspawn taint and they would participate in the Joining ritual in Denerim after the Landsmeet. However, the idea was dropped and your companions' immunity to the taint is purely due to gameplay necessity.
    • There were originally going to be two more human origin stories: a commoner story (you would have been a farmer's son from Redcliffe, owed Dwyn a lot of money, and had your sister Brigid engaged to him to take care of the debt), and an Avvar barbarian from the village of Haven. The concept art and fluff for these origins made it into the tabletop RPG, though.
    • The Blood Mage specialization originally had some unique scenes on the basis that most groups kill Blood Mages on sight. Certain situations seem very silly without those scenes as a result.


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