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The music of Dragon Age: Origins perfectly matches the epic scale of the game, from the opening theme to the epilogue, and its sequel experiments with sounds unusual to the genre of High Fantasy.

Dragon Age: Origins

  • The theme that plays at the Joining really sets the tone; it perfectly brings home the enormity of the moment, and just how big of a sacrifice is being made. Bonus points that it has elements of Sovereign's Theme.
  • The main theme of the game captures the epic feel of the story. The Grey Warden theme is a variation of this that includes the Grey Warden's motto.
  • The origin themes, especially Human Nobility and Elves at the Mercy of Men, a sad piece that fits in well with the overall feel of the Alienage.
  • "The Common Dwarf", which right from the start sets the tone of the dark underbelly of Orzammar that the Dwarf Commoner calls home.
  • Ferelden at War, which plays during the battle at Ostagar. The subdued opening slowly builds tension as the darkspawn come out of the forest until the armies finally charge. The sequence is bookended by the equally awesome The Betrayal.
  • Tavern Brawl. The name speaks for itself.
  • "The Battle of Lothering Village". Appears only in the titular town, and is never heard again afterwards. Unfortunately, the Warden and their party leaves before the town is invaded by Darkspawn, so there's no actual battle.
  • The Party Camp. It's only a little minute-long snippet, but it's beautiful. Especially considering that the camp is where you will end up having most actual conversations with your party members, which means this is the song that plays during many of the game's more emotional moments. It's odd how the vocals in that piece always seem to arrive at the right moment during your conversations with party members.
  • Leliana's Song at the party camp. Now you know why they call her a bard. It made it into the soundtrack album, and for good reason.
  • Leliana's Song, as in her DLC. During her prison escape there's the aptly-named "Sorrow", which really fits the mood of this particular section of the quest. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Battle For the Urn. Mostly heard while battling the dragon cultists at Haven. The distant voices in the background really capture the frenzied and strangely alien brutality of your attackers.
  • This boss theme which is tragically not found on the game's official soundtrack. It first plays during the fight with the Broodmother, and expresses the sheer horror of the encounter (and all of its buildup) dead-perfectly.
  • The Deep Roads almost make up for their namesake level, almost sounding like a mash up of the Isengard theme from Lord of the Rings and the melodies from the first Gears of War.
  • "A King Crowned", a very short piece that plays when the Warden's chosen candidate is crowned King of Orzammar. Regardless of who you think makes the better king, the music alone makes the moment a true Awesome Moment of Crowning.
  • Ruins of Ostagar perfectly conveys the enormity of the place and the grandeur it once had.
    • Despite being called "Ruins of Ostagar" on the soundtrack CD, this theme is never used in the Ostagar scenes. It is actually the Orzammar theme, and is used there.
    • The actual Ostagar theme can be heard during the first 40 seconds of the "Betrayal" track on the soundtrack CD.
  • The Coronation and epilogue music are a celebratory yet wistful tune that indicates no matter what actions the Warden took, Ferelden and Thedas will never quite be alright.

Dragon Age II

  • The Arishok Battle theme is pretty epic. Good thing too, because you'll be hearing it a lot considering he's That One Boss.
  • "Fenris' Theme". Beautiful, melancholic and fitting for an elf who lost everything to Tevinter Magisters. And its counterpart, "Mage Pride", the Triumphant Reprise for Anders' Mage Rebellion.
  • This battle theme from the Mark of the Assassin DLC makes the extended boss fight against Duke Prosper and Leopold that much more epic.
  • The second part of the credits, Rogue Heart, is absolutely beautiful.

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