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Awesome Music / Dragon Age: Inquisition

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  • The main theme released before the game itself came out sets the tone wonderfully. It also appears in various forms throughout the game.
  • "In Hushed Whispers" is the most melancholy song on the soundtrack, almost a dirge. Appropriately it serves as a Recurring Riff for some of the more traumatic moments in the game, akin to "The Rains of Castamere".
  • "Calling The Inquisition" leading right into the Title Card.
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  • "The Dawn Will Come", giving all the atmosphere of an Andrastian hymn. No better song for the Inquisition to lift itself out of its Darkest Hour.
  • "Journey to Skyhold", which plays during the reveal of Skyhold. It starts as a sweeping piece while showing mountains before turning into a pounding drum rhythm as the title castle is revealed.
  • "The Lost Temple". It's just about perfect for rediscovering the last warrior-priests of Mythal, Living Relics from the fall of Arlathan. It sounds like pure wonder and mystery in audio form. The track also plays while you're in the fade, and it perfectly evokes the profound oldness and largeness of the place.
  • All the tavern songs. Especially the "I Am the One" from Dragon Age: Origins which returned translated.
  • The Elder One's theme, especially the last minute or so.
  • "Orlais". Even if you're not familiar with the game series and Orlais' role in it, you should be able to surmise all the decadence, all the glamor, and all the nobility from this soundtrack.
  • "Wicked Eyes & Wicked Hearts" plays all throughout the mission it's named for and just sounds like intrigue set to music.
  • "Siege of Adamant", the theme that plays during the final quest of Here Lies The Abyss as the Inquisitor's (i.e. your) forces come storming into Adamant Fortress, already one of the game's biggest moments of awesome, backed by an equally awesome song. "Adamant Fortress" is the track that plays during the battle itself, as well as during the first portion of What Pride Hath Wrought where the Inquisition's armies engage Corypheus' forces. Is there a better theme for the Inquisition's military might than an epic, triumphant reprise of the solemn "The Dawn Will Come," sung during the Inquisition's darkest hour? For bonus points, this track also plays during a few of the dragon fights as well.
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  • "The Inquisition Marches" which plays during the scene at the start of "What Pride Had Wrought", when the Inquisition rallies not only its forces, but that of all of its allies to march on Corypheus' forces in the Arbor Wilds. The way the song builds up perfectly matches how the forces under the Inquisition's start to build up, slowly becoming a theme perfectly matched to what may be the largest gathering of military force in Southern Thedas since the last Blight.
  • There's some excellent music that, for whatever reason, wasn't included on the OST. The soaring music that plays when you are battling to capture a keep.
  • During the quest In Your Heart Shall Burn, this music plays while the Herald saves the people of Haven and makes a desperate last stand against the Elder One's forces.
  • "Champions of the Just" plays during the namesake mission. It's got a spine-chilling creepiness to it given that you are watching an Envy Demon in the Fade mimick you.
  • The music that plays while you solve the astrariums (astrarii?) is beautifully serene and ethereal against a background of stars.
  • The Descent has some downright incredible combat music. This soundtrack that plays during your battle to clear the darkspawn from Heidrun Thaig is especially thrilling. Definitely the best combat theme outside of the music that plays during the attack on Haven.
  • Trespasser brings with it several new bard songs. "Fall of the Magister" is an especially epic piece about the Inquisition's victory.
  • One of Trespasser's main themes, "Lost Elf Theme/The Dread Wolf", is one of the best pieces of music in the whole game. Beautiful, emotional and sinister at the same time.
  • The last boss fight with Saarath in Trespasser is incredibly epic with a theme to match.
  • "Into the Darkness," by The Phantoms, used for one of the trailers.
  • This music video created by Lindsey Stirling for the game's launch.
  • When fans saw the trailer for Trespasser they cheered and demanded what the music in it was. Ladies and gentlemen, "All or Nothing" by audiomachine.

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