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  • Bonus Material: Each volume has several pages of bonus comics at the end. Usually they're omakes giving more detail on the monsters Team Touden had encountered in said volume.
  • Colbert Bump: Received an influx of new readers after Linkara looked at the first issue for a patreon review.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Kabru's party has been called by fans as either the Scrub party, Fail Party, Team Rocket or Team Loser due to having been easily killed and saved by Laios's party twice and mistaken the latter for thieves.
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    • After getting more exposition, fans sometimes call Kabru "Cabron" instead, thanks to his hypocritical, negative way he thinks of other people ("Cabròn" is Spanish for "jerk", "bastard", "asshole", and similar words).
  • I Knew It!: Fans have long suspected Asebi/Izutsumi would join Laios's party due to her appearance in the one-shot.
  • Scanlation: During the three year gap before the official translation was released the English-speaking fandom had to rely on these. There's still debates going on as to which version is better.
  • What Could Have Been: The one-shot chapter has the same premise as the main series, and the characters are mostly unchanged from their present incarnations. The biggest change of them all is Asebi was with the group before she actually join the party later in the manga. She looks like a catgirl but is likely an early design version of the beastman kobold we see in the manga. She also has Marcille's adversion to eating dungeon monsters, and Senshi has been traveling with the party rather than joining up later. Considering the one-shot version of Marcille is a lot more sullen, it's likely the final Marcille is a combination of the catgirl and the one-shot Marcille.
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  • The Wiki Rule: One right here.
  • Write What You Know: Most likely why Shuro and his party, the only foreign characters introduced so far, are based on medieval Japan rather than some other real world country.

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