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Drinking Game / Delicious in Dungeon

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Drinking game for Delicious in Dungeon. Make sure to chow down on some starchy monsters before starting!

Take a drink whenever...

  • Marcille freaks out about eating a monster.
  • Falin is mentioned. Down it if she appears in a flashback.
  • Senshi or Chilchuck freak out over magic.
  • Laios squees over a monster.
  • Someone treats Chilchuck like a kid.
  • The Red Dragon is mentioned.
  • Someone uses the word "delicious". Finish your glass if they use "dungeon" in the same panel.
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  • Kensuke rattles. Down it if it appears on panel.
  • A finished dish is shown.
  • You think "Dang, I'd love to try that!"
  • Someone comments on Marcille's ears.
  • Kuro gets pet.
  • Anyone from Kabru's party gets wiped out. Finish your glass if they suffer a Total Party Kill.
  • Kabru says something while thinking the opposite.
  • Every time Izutsumi acts like a cat.
  • A special one for Chapter 50: drink every time a panel featuring Senshi is covered in flowers.


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