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  • Chapter 1:
    • Falin's Heroic Sacrifice to save Laios and then all of her team in Chapter 1. She literally pushes Laios out of the way of the Red Dragon's jaws, getting caught herself in the process, then teleports all of the team out of the dungeon to save them. Which means they wouldn't be around to rescue and resurrect her. Falin was willing to give her own life to save her brother and their friends.
    • Laios tries to get Marcille and Chilchuck to leave the guild so he can go after Falin alone. He even says it's all his fault she was lost and so they shouldn't worry about going. But Marcille and Chilchuck flat out refuse to leave. They want to help save Falin no matter how dangerous it is.
  • Chapter 2:
    • After seeing how gloomy Marcille is at the thought of eating monster again, Laios asks her what she'd like to eat and promises to do his best to get it no matter what. It doesn't comfort Marcille much, since it would still be monster food, but it was still a sweet gesture.
  • Chapter 5:
    • Senshi and Chilchuck beginning to mutually respect each other's skills. Chilchuck even offers to teach Senshi about traps, which is a big deal considering how much he hates others interfering with his work, because Senshi gave him a cooking lesson.
  • Chapter 11:
    • In a flashback, Falin saying she'd rather repel the spirits than blast them. They reform later so hitting them with offensive magic just makes them suffer needlessly. Even to enemy monsters, Falin is kind.
    • Later she gets a spirit to leave the body it was possessing by hugging it and asking it gently to go.
  • Chapter 13:
    • Chilchuck finally telling the rest of Team Touden his age, showing he's opening up to them more and more.
  • Chapter 14:
    • Marcille and Laios running up to hug Senshi after Marcille's water walking spell works. Both of them are so happy they'll be able to keep travelling with him.
    • Afterwards, Senshi admits walking on water feels pretty good and thanks Marcille for helping him do it.
  • Chapter 17:
    • Laios telling Marcille how much happier Falin's letters to him became after she and Marcille became friends. From the look on Marcille's face, it's obvious she's deeply touched.
  • Chapter 19:
    • Just how worried Mr. Tansu gets about Kiki. He's pretty blasé about Namari dying, but as soon as Kiki is in trouble, he's frantic. It is revealed in Ryoko Kui's artbook that Mr. and Mrs. Tansu adopted Kiki and Kaka and raised the pair as their own after they were abandoned by their biological parents.
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    • Namari telling Laios not to risk his life because revival magic is unreliable. Laios tells her not to worry because he's not relying on magic, he's relying on her and Senshi.
  • Chapter 20:
    • Marcille begging Namari to rejoin Team Touden and help rescue Falin. She even promises to scrape together Namari's fee out of her own pocket if that's what it takes. Marcille is so dedicated to getting Falin back that she'll even plead with someone she considers a traitor and obviously dislikes for "abandoning" them in the first place.
    • Chilchuk gives Namari absolutely no grief about leaving the team, even pointing out that it would damage her reputation if she just kept switching sides for money. While the reasoning is mostly pragmatic, it's still nice to see him considering what effects the situation could have on her.
    • Mr. Tansu telling Namari to "go for a walk", code for letting her go help Team Touden. It's of no benefit to him, but he still lets her do it because it's obviously important to her.
    • Marcille hugging Namari after she and Senshi catch the undine together.
    • All the company sitting down to dinner together, followed by Mr. Tansu telling Namari she can stay if that's what she wants. Namari replies that she's with Team Tansu not because of the money, but because she wants to be with them.
    • Namari telling Team Touden to make it back safely and Marcille thanking her and shaking her hand. It's clear that she still cares about her old teammates even if she can't go back to them right now.
  • Chapter 22:
    • Kiki and Kaka go with Namari to a resurrection center to see if Falin's body turned up. When the unidentified corpse turns out to not be hers, Namari sighs in relief, and the guy behind the counter says he hopes she's found. Later, at a tavern, Namari warns Kiki and Kaka not to rely on the Tansus so much. Kiki asks how old Namari is, because if something happens to her, it'd be a problem if she didn't know how old Namari is.
    • Namari lets Kiki and Kaka take as much food as they want, saying it's their day out and implying that lunch is on her. It's a nice gesture, and it implies that she likes them a lot.
  • Chapter 23:
    • Laios thanking Senshi, Chilchuck and Marcille for sticking with him this long. He tells them he couldn't have come this far if they weren't with him.
  • Chapter 25:
    • Chilchuck rushing out to rescue Senshi from under the Red Dragon's foot. He even grabs Senshi's mithril knife and stabs the beast in the eye! And this after continually insisting he would not help fight the Red Dragon. In the end, Chilchuck proved himself wrong and risked his own life to save his friends.
  • Chapter 27:
    • When Falin is brought back, the first thing she does is call for Laios. Cue him grabbing her in a tight hug.
    • When Marcille wakes up and sees Falin is alive, she breaks down in tears and pretty much throws herself at her.
    • The chapter ends with Falin's stomach grumbling and the rest of the party smiling at each other and promising to cook a meal for her. Awww.
  • Chapter 28:
    • Just how happy Marcille is to have Falin back. She's happier than she's ever been in the whole series up to this point. When Falin worries about all the trouble she's caused them, Marcille insists that everything they went through is worth it so long as they have her back.
    • Laios hugging Falin for all he's worth and making her promise never to put herself in danger like that again.
  • Chapter 30:
    • Senshi saying he wants to make sure he can give Falin a proper meal when they find her again. He has faith they'll find her again and, when they do, he wants to take care of her the way he does the rest of the team.
    • Heck, just the fact that Senshi is sticking around to help them find Falin again is pretty sweet. Considering he'd initially joined the party because he wanted to cook the Red Dragon, he could've left after they did, but he genuinely wants to help Laios get his sister back.
  • Chapter 31:
    • The very first panel is this with Laios, Chilchuck and Senshi in the middle of a group hug after they agree to head back to the surface to regroup. Chilchuck again admitting he doesn't want to lose his friends.
    • Just how dedicated Senshi is to making sure everyone is eating well and getting the nutrients they need is really touching, especially when he starts becoming a Papa Wolf and refuses to abandon any of the "young ones" (even though Chilchuck is very much an adult for one of his race), particularly since he hasn't known the others for very long.
  • Chapter 38:
    • Shuro giving Laios the bell so he and the rest of Team Touden will one day have a way to escape to the East if need be. He may have been disgusted by their actions, but Shuro still cares about his former party members.
  • Chapter 41:
    • Senshi offering to cook for Izutsumi, even though at that point she was their enemy. He admits to himself that he just can't bear to see any "young ones" go hungry.
  • Chapter 42
    • After dozens of chapters of Marcille looking like she hasn't slept in a decade and about ready to fall over from overexertion, Marcille finally gets some good rest and happy dreams, and ends up looking even better than brand new. It's the brightest she's smiled in the entire manga up to that point.
    • The last two panels of the chapter are Laios admitting he doesn't care how Marcille saw him in her dream as long as she had a good night's sleep, and an image of dream!Marcille hugging dream!Laios's dog form.
    • The fact that the resolution to Marcille's dream consists of her, Laios' dog form and her doll (the stand-in for Falin) going on a hunt for treasure could be seen as her subconscious reflecting her deep friendship with the siblings and how she enjoys adventuring with them. There's also how the doll only starts moving after the nightmare turns into a good dream, and the "treasure" being the Lunatic Magician's tome could indicate Marcille getting over some of her guilt over what happened to Falin and finding renewed resolution to save her by getting said tome.
  • Chapter 43:
    • Chilchuck repairing a backpack for Izutsumi and apologizing for antagonizing her earlier. Shortly afterwards, she thanks Senshi for the food along with the rest of the group.
  • Chapter 49:
    • Chilchuk opening up a bit more and telling everyone more of his backstory. Of course, it quickly turns funny when everyone is shocked that he has a kid, but it's still nice that he was the one to come forward in order to make Senshi more comfortable with sharing his past.
    • One that's both heartwarming and tearjerking: Laios is determined to replicate the soup Senshi mentioned after the dwarf reveals his backstory. He finally gets the proper kind of meat for it, and Senshi breaks down in tears of relief when he realizes that he didn't eat what he thought he did.
    • The chapter ends with everyone giving Senshi a group hug. Awww...

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