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Nightmare Fuel / Delicious in Dungeon

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  • Chapter 12:
    • Living Paintings are paintings that trap people inside it. We even get a treat of Creepy Changing Painting as the portrait of a woman follows the group when they pass by her and then tries to capture them. Although being trapped by them doesn't seem to directly kill you,it's likely that you will die inside the painting: Chilchuck mentions the paintings might eat you once you're in, somehow, and according to Marcille in the extra chapter 14.5, starvation is the main cause of such death, followed by suicide and madness.
  • Chapter 13:
    • For what's essentially just a giant hermit crab in a box, the mimic is friggin' terrifying. Made much worse by the fact Chilchuck gets trapped in a room with the thing.
  • Chapter 14.5:
    • Being trapped in the Living Paintings is a Nightmare Fuel all on its own, but in this extra chapter, Laius has the idea of drawing himself into the painting so he can eat the food inside. His doodle self acquires consciousness inside the painting and seems to believe he is Laius himself having successfully transported inside the painting... but the real Laius, who drew the doodle, is actually still outside the painting, and cannot see or hear the drawing. The doodle Laius then watches as the real Laius and the group walk away, and is left wondering how long he'll be there, why is he there and who is he.
  • Chapter 22:
    • At the resurrection center, there's a body that was so badly charred that it's nearly impossible to identify, and it's shown entirely on-page.
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    • Namari mentions that if a body is too badly damaged, it will become impossible to resurrect properly. She gives the percentage 1/13, which is a very small amount of the body, so adventures have to be very careful if they want to be revived.
    • Comments from Kiki and Kaka imply that adventurers (at least more experienced ones) have been completely desensitized to the thought of their own deaths, which can make one wonder just how often people die in the dungeons. It's also made parties pretty much dependent on having a good healer, meaning any teams without one are pretty much screwed.
  • Chapter 32:
    • Kabru's party run into an illusion spell which makes them see each other as enemies. Confused and afraid, they start attacking each other. Imagine killing what you thought was a monster only to find you've just cut down your friend.
  • Chapter 34:
  • Chapter 37:
    • The first time we get a good look at Falin after she was kidnapped by the Lunatic Magician...and she's been mutated into a monstrous, dragon chimera. She's also completely under the Magician's control and attacks Team Touden and Kabru and Shuro's parties without mercy.
  • Chapter 42:
    • A near-literal example when Marcille is attacked by nightmares: monsters that feed on fear by trapping a person in a dream and forcing them to relive their worst memories and fears.
    • Also, in this chapter, once Laios enters her dream and tries to help her, he gets hit by the wyrm that's been chasing Marcille. Half his face melts off, and he's stuck running around like that. Then, he gets hit with Rapid Aging. Thankfully, Laios goes back to normal once Marcille's nightmare is over, but, yeesh...
  • Chapter 56:
    • After the fight with the Bicorn, Marcille rushes over to see Chilchack, and what she sees isn't pretty; not only is he bleeding from the head where he fell, his hand and wrist are hanging off the rest of his arm with blood spewing out.
Chapter 64:
  • Laios is in search of dungeon rabbits to make a meal and expects them to be gigantic warriors. He's slightly disappointed to find they're relatively normal sized rabbits, but then one jumps up, and lightly kicks off against his neck. we're then treated to the lovely reveal that they are incredibly strong as his throat has been crushed and his mouth is full of blood.

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