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Tear Jerker / Delicious in Dungeon

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  • Chapter 1:
  • Chapter 11:
    • When Laios is possessed by a spirit, he flashes back to the day Falin was eaten by the red dragon. Consumed by guilt, Laios thinks how worthless he is and wishes the beast could have taken him instead. He begs Falin for forgiveness before Senshi drives the spirit away.
  • Chapter 14:
    • Anne the kelpie turning on Senshi and trying to kill him even though they've known each other for years and he trusted her and considered her a friend. After he and Laios kill her, he insists on carving up her body alone.
  • Chapter 26:
    • After everything they went through to kill the Red Dragon, Team Touden find its stomach, cut it open... and see that it's empty. Everyone is appropriately horrified at the possibility that they were too late to save Falin.
    • Then, after digging a bit further, then manage to find Falin's staff, and her skull. At least now they have a chance of reviving her, but it's still hard to look at.
  • Chapter 29:
  • Chapter 30:
    • Chilchuck, with tears in his eyes, admitting that he doesn't want to lose his friends. Comes after insisting for almost a whole issue that all he cared about was saving his own skin. In the end, even he can't lie to himself anymore.
  • Chapter 37:
    • Everyone's looks of absolute horror when they see Falin's chimera form. Even worse for Laios, Marcille, Senshi, and Chilchuk, since they were there when she was revived, and the last time they saw her, she was mostly fine.
    • During the fight with chimera!Falin, Laios tells her he would gladly take her place if he could. Then, after she regains enough of her mind to call out to him, he gets to watch Kabru slit her throat.
  • Chapter 38:
    • Shuro telling Laios he secretly always hated him. Laios admits he didn't pick up on this because he was just so happy to have made his first and only friend on the Island. Poor Laios.
  • Chapter 41:
    • Team Touden admitting to Izutsumi that they don't know how to heal her of being a beastkin and in all likelihood, she'll be like that forever. She's crushed.
  • Chapter 42:
    • We get a look into Laios's past and it's not a happy picture...apparently he dropped out of school and deserted the army because he couldn't adapt to either, the gold peeling group he and Falin were part of betrayed them and took all the credit, and he and his parents haven't spoken in ten years. Oh, and he's still haunted by Shuro telling him that he hated Laios all along.
    • Thanks to the nightmare, we find out Marcille's greatest fear: outliving everyone she loves. She also feels a huge amount of guilt for Falin being turned into her chimeric form since it was Marcille who resurrected her, albeit unknowingly, using a dragon that had a spell on it, causing their souls to become mixed.
  • Chapter 49:
    • The reveal of Senshi's surprisingly dark backstory as to how he first came to the dungeon in the first place. He was just the dwarf equivalent of a teenager when his entire mining crew— treated as an adoptive family— was picked off one by one by a griffin while their food supplies dwindled. Eventually it was just him and two adults left, pressed to the brink of starvation. Then his two friends stepped outside to have an argument, he heard a struggle... and only one of them came back. Seriously injured, but with desperately needed meat. Senshi's lead his entire life since then not knowing if he ate another dwarf, and it's haunted him to the point where anything that reminds him of the incident (like griffins) sends him into a blind panic.

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