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  • Acting for Two: In "Show Stopper," Lucy Hale plays a pop star and her Body Double, who's killed in the opening.
  • Creator Backlash: Rob Zombie wasn't very happy with his director effort for the episode "L.A.", calling it the worst two weeks of his life, citing a lack of creative freedom and not getting along with David Caruso.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The Sunglasses of Justice: Horatio's shades.
    • The Hummer of Justice: The Hummers they drive.
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    • Super H : Horatio, especially during his dramatic escapes without injury.
  • Life Imitates Art: The actress who plays Natalia Boa Vista sister's image was found among the many, many photographs of Serial Killer/The Dating Game contestant Rodney Alcala. Fortunately she wasn't a victim and the story was later Ripped from the Headlines, with her sister in a cameo (also not as a victim).
  • Playing Their Own Twin: Grant Gustin played twins in the episode "Terminal Velocity."
  • Playing Against Type: One episode had Ben Browder play an unhinged wannabe firefighter-turned arsonist.
  • Reality Subtext: Upon being served papers in New York City in the CSI: NY crossover episode "Manhattan Manhunt," Horatio says, "I have a number of memories up here and not all are good. So I apologize." This is a reference to David Caruso's time in NYPD Blue, in which he had a very public spat with series creator Steven Bochco and left after the fourth episode of season 2 on acrimonious terms.
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  • West Coast Team: Inverted (along w/ CSI: NY of course) by spinning off to the east from Vegas.
  • What Could Have Been: Don Johnson and Jimmy Smits were considered for Horatio Crane.


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