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Nightmare Fuel / CSI: Miami

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • "Tipping Point." A fellow is Buried Alive in a construction site, and is only discovered when a giant drilling machine breaks through the coffin he's imprisoned in and rips him apart. And of course, said event is repeated over and over again.
  • "Dissolved." A guy gets knocked into a pool, the water of which was replaced some kind of horribly corrosive chemical. We're treated to pretty much a minute straight of the guy thrashing and screaming as the stuff eats away at him, and in the end he looks like one of The Skinless from Hellraiser (and is still sizzling away when the team arrive).
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  • "Spring Breakdown" starts with three people dead over spring break. One person is found impaled through the sides on a sharp rail from a great height. Another is a woman found dead inside a washing machine. And the third victim is another male found buried up to his neck in sand within the low tide.
  • Another episode features a special machine gun that practically liquefies anyone it hits.
  • "Mayday" ends with Natalia forced into the trunk of a car by Randy, who promptly drives it off the edge of the dock The episode replaces the end credits music with her panicked screams for help.
  • One of the final few episodes, "Last Straw," actually has multiple moments:
    • The Jump Scare beginning: From out of nowhere, a terrified horse runs out in traffic... because someone bloodily killed and hanged its rider nearby.
    • Another victim is locked in a tanning-booth, and left to suffocate and burn alive at the same time.