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  • Whenever Horatio Caine or any of the CSIs are around kids, they show the best part of themselves when they are comforting the children that are usually attributed. Especially when a certain pedophilic villain from early on in the series makes appearances.
    • It also applies to most interactions between Horatio and his own son.
  • The brotherly bond between Horatio and Eric, even before Horatio became his brother-in-law by marrying his sister.
  • Horatio's Sunglasses are a gift from Delko after he first comes into the CSIs. He's worn them in almost EVERY episode.
  • His dealing with the mentally disabled Eugene in "Witness To Murder" is this.
  • In "Terminal Velocity," one of the Separated at Birth twins played by Grant Gustin had a rare disease which required a partial liver transplant. His biological father refuses to help, but his brother is willing to do it. Boa Vista helps too, putting them in the same van when they leave the precinct.
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  • A set of triplet sisters conspire to kill the rich husband of one, figuring the cops can never figure out which of them did it. They're not only wrong but it turns out the guy they killed was their husband's Body Double. He watches in amazement as they're led out, never imagining that his "wife" was three different women. He tells Horatio that the only good thing to come out of this is his young son, who he now knows is more important than anything in his life. Actually smiling, Caine says he knows the kid will turn out all right "because his father is a good man."

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