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  • Actor Allusion:
    • Guido Messina's first (and only previous) role was an influencer.
    • In 2x28, Bia and Ana/Helena talk about their native country Brazil and mention surfing twice. In the next scene, Bia's parents reminisce about Brazil and call Bia a siren because she loved spending time in the water. Isabela Souza (Bia) made her acting debut in the Disney Channel Brazil show Juacas, portraying a member of the all-girls competitive surfing team called "Sirenas".
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  • Bonus Material: The videos that the influencers make on the show are often uploaded onto Disney Latino's YouTube channel, in some cases they're longer than on the show itself. Interestingly, these videos had English subtitles available from the start despite the show not having had any signs of an English release yet.
  • Celebrity Paradox: Created by actors who have appeared in Violetta and Soy Luna (both series take place in the same universe as BIA):
    • Jorge Blanco, who played León in Violetta, appeared As Himself in a video first posted on Laix's Instagram performing with Jandino.
    • Similarly to the above example, thanks to this video Gastón from Soy Luna and his actor Agustin Bernasconi now exist in the same universe.
      • MYA even make a guest appearance as themselves in the second season, cementing this.
  • Content Leak: Of all things, a promotional picture of Un Mundo al Revés leaked from a screenshot taken during a Zoom call for Disney employees that happened in August 2020. The special would not be officially revealed until November of that year.
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  • Cut Song: During promotion for the first season of the series, a handful of songs that were not featured in the series proper were shown in trailers and performed at live events. Fans were confused as the season ended without any sign of them, but in a subversion, they turned out to be for the second season and were included on the album Grita.
  • Darkhorse Casting: Most of the young cast are newcomers - this is the first credited television role for Julio Peña, Andrea de Alba, Micaela Diaz, Luis Giraldo and Valentina Gonzales. It is also Isabela Souza and Giulia Guerrini's debut in Latinoamerica (although they've both had prominent roles in Disney Channel series from their own countries, which have also aired internationally).
  • Dawson Casting: Most of the actors playing teenagers are twenty or older.
    • Gabriela di Grecco portrays present day Helena/Ana as well as teenage Helena from ten years ago. In the present day, it is an aversion, but it's played straight as a line in flashbacks.
      • Teenage Victor is also played by the same actor as present-day Victor, making him another example.
    • The only known aversion among the teenage cast is Manuel, who is supposed to be a first-year college student in season 1. His actor is 18 - younger than Bia's actress who plays a 16-year-old at 20.
    • Guillermo's age is problematic as well - his actor, Esteban Velasquez, is older than he looks at 30 years old, while Guillermo himself must be younger than he looks - he must be old enough to be a CEO (unless Improbable Age is involved) and simultaneously young enough to date 17-year-old Chiara without age difference issues.
  • Demoted to Extra: Might have happened to Aillen during development. When the series was leaked, she was rumored to be the title character, but she's just an Advertised Extra in the final product.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Daniela Trujillo bleached and dyed her hair for Un Mundo al Revés.
  • Fake Nationality: Averted with nearly everyone from the Multinational Team.
    • Played straight with Bia and Helena, who are Brazilian on their mother's side and Argentinian on their father's side. Isabela Souza and Gabriella Di Grecco are Brazilian on both sides.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The show's Instagram accounts used to post stories as episodes aired for the first time, often being of moments not seen on the show itself. Most of what they posted was not saved to any Story Highlights.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: One of the promotional pictures from Disney's website depicts a young Helena outside of a carwreck. Nothing like this ever appears in the series itself.
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: After seeing false episode titles widely circulating for Violetta and Soy Luna, the tradition continues with this show. Sort of... Editors on the English and Spanish versions of The Other Wiki have been more strict with the edits made for articles on the show, which has been effective in lessening the circulation of false episode titles.
  • Playing Their Own Twin: Leo Trento portrays Pietro's father Pietro Sr. and his identical twin brother, Pietro's uncle Carlos.
  • Reality Subtext: The message of the song "Aquí me encontrarás" felt very relevant for the time it came out in. A music video, which features the cast performing the song from their own homes via video call, aired after the season 2 finale in Hispanic America to take advantage of this coincidence.
    No importa la distancia, aquí me encontrarás...
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Katja Martínez was unable to reprise her role of Jazmín in the second season due to her pregnancy, so Malena Ratner as Delfi appears instead.
  • Romance on the Set: Jandino and Andrea De Alba met on set and started dating some time later. So did Guido Messina and Giulia Guerrini.
  • Schedule Slip: During season 2's first run, the first 40 episodes were aired before its mid-season break in Hispanic America. In Brazil, where episodes had been airing simultaneously with Portuguese dubbing, only the first 30 aired due to the closing of studios during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the following 9 episodes releasing onto VOD. Episodes would not resume on the network until September of that year.
  • Short Run in Peru: On the other side of the pond; Spain, which usually receives shows from Disney Latino months after they originally start, ended up being the first to receive the rest of season 2 due to a lack of breaks in their run. However, this may have been a result of the network burning off the show at 11pm.
    • This ended up affecting the show's original schedule in Hispanic America - the remainder of the season was going to resume in July after repeats of previous episodes would have ended, but because of how readily available the episodes (and spoilers) became from... other sources, the schedule was changed with less than a week's notice to begin airing them the week after they did in Spain. Since Spain aired four episodes a week as opposed to five in Latin America, the season finale aired in Latin America the day after it aired in Spain.
  • Timeshifted Actor: Naturally, little Bia is portrayed by a child actress in flashbacks. Teenage Helena is still played by Gabriela di Grecco in those scenes, though.
  • What Could Have Been: When news about the series first came out, it was called Es Aillen and, apart from a significant part of the cast, had little to do with the final product. A character named Aillen exists in BIA, but doesn't appear until after mid-season and is more of an Advertised Extra.
  • Written by Cast Member: Jandino wrote seven of the songs on the first soundtrack album, one ("Te Vengo a Pedir Perdon", which he also sings) for the second, and another for the third.
    • Guido Messina wrote his character's song "Los Besos Que Te Di" (featured on the third soundtrack album) for the second season.
  • You Look Familiar: Since this series and spiritual predecessors Violetta and Soy Luna, as well as fellow Disney Channel LA series O11CE and Juacas, there are a lot of examples of this:
    • Estela Ribeiro is tough but fair skating coach Juliana in Soy Luna, and portrays Bia's gentle and supportive mother Alice here.
    • Jandino portrayed Eric in season 3 of Soy Luna, and appears here As Himself.
    • Agustina Palma made her Disney Channel debut as Martina in O11CE, and plays Bia's friend Celeste here.
    • Esteban Velasquez appeared in season 3 of Soy Luna as Michel, and in BIA as Guillermo.
    • Facundo Gambande was main character Maxi in Violetta, and has a small role here as Marcelo, a former member of Moondust who left the band before the accident.
    • Ana Carolina Valsagna, best known as Luna's adoptive mother Monica in Soy Luna, has a small role as Celeste's therapist.
    • Fernando Dente (Victor) appeared in a number of episodes in the third season of Violetta as Martin Rosetti.
    • Season 2 introduced Luan, a new character portrayed by Brazilian actor André Lamoglia. He also played the protagonist of Disney Channel Brazil series Juacas, where Isabela Souza (Bia) debuted as a series regular in the first season.
  • You Might Remember Me from...:
    • Fernando Dente (Victor) first gained popularity appearing in High School Musical: El Desafío eleven years before BIA premiered.
    • Nicole Luis, known for Patito Feo (2007) and Cuando Toca La Campana (2011-2013), appears in BIA as Soledad, a secondary character.
    • Downplayed with Facundo Gambande as Marcelo, a former Moondust member, who first appeared in Violetta as Maxi six years before BIA premiered, and hadn't acted in any Disney Channel series in-between, but did have other roles outside the network.

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