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Paula & Alex will have a Heel Realization Once they learn the truth.
All their hatred for the Urquizas comes from the fact that Antonio forced Victor to lie about how the accident happened, namely claiming that Helena was driving the car.
  • Seems very plausible - assuming that they ever learn the truth, that is. Knowing how they react to the Urquizas being mentioned at all, even if Victor wanted to talk about the accident, it's likely they may never give him the chance to tell the truth. Alternatively, they might perceive it as Cassandra Truth and say Victor is blaming himself just to excuse Helena, or Paula may very well be outraged that he dares to place the blame on her dead son.
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  • Confirmed. Both Alex and his mother realise they treated so many people badly and apologise, managing more or less to redeem themselves by the end of the series.
Guillermo will team up with Carmín to take down Marcos and Laix
In her act as a mole Carmín found out that Guillermo is the masked dancer Giovanni. And since he will probably eventually find out about her act. He will probably decide to help her since he also is against the way the Laix people acts towards El Fundom.
  • They will probably also expose Alex for being a Jerkass. And Mara for being a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, and maybe they will make Aillen realize that the Laix people aren’t so great as she thinks they are.
  • Jossed. Guillermo does team up with Aillen to try and make Laix a better place, and is accepted by team BeU by the finale, but Carmín has nothing to do with Laix anymore by the time this happens. Also, Alex' Jerkass antics are left untouched until his independent Heel Realisation, which is caused by his father's actions instead. The part about Mara does more or less happen, though, if only in front of Alex.

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