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Recap / The Adventures of Batman & Robin E6 "The Terrible Trio"

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Three wealthy playboys enter a life of crime purely for the "fun" of it.

Tropes in this episode include:

  • Answer Cut: Dick asks why the Trio would steal if they're so rich. We then cut to Warren yelling, "Because we were bored!"
  • The Beautiful Elite: The Trio certainly see themselves this way.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: The Trio.
  • Bribe Backfire: At the conclusion, Fox tries to pay off Batman with $10 million, explaining that it "buys a lot of batarangs." Batman refuses not just because he already has "a lot of batarangs," but because he refuses to let Fox just buy his way out of his troubles.
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  • Didn't Think This Through: Warren assumes he'll be able to use his wealth to get away with his crimes. He fails to realise that most of the crimes he's committed were against other members of the city elite, who also have the wealth to ensure that he won't.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: The Vulture hesitates when they rob people they know, not to mention when their leader decides to kill his own girlfriend once she learns they're criminals.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: There's a very clear implication of impending Prison Rape in the final scene.
  • Gilligan Cut: A dramatic example: the end has the rich playboy Warren declaring his family's lawyers will undoubtedly get him off as Batman apprehends him. The very next scene is him being pushed into a jail cell.
  • He Knows Too Much: Warren tries to kill his girlfriend after she finds out he and his two best friends are criminals. Not that it matters, since Batman has already long since deduced their identities anyway.
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  • Horrible Judge of Character: Warren felt he knew everything he needs to know about Bruce Wayne and assumes he's not worth noticing. If only he knew what he was at night...
    Warren: Dollar for dollar, that has to be the dullest man in Gotham!
  • Irony: Warren's girlfriend accepted his invitation to go with him and his friends on a trip to the mountains so she could take her mind off her father being in a coma, unaware she's going on a trip with the very people who put her father in the coma in the first place.
  • It Amused Me: The Terrible Trio commit crimes purely for their own entertainment. Batman considers them worse than the Joker (who at least has insanity as an excuse).
  • Jerkass: Warren's definitely this.
  • Land, Sea, Sky: The eponymous trio from the comics. They all are bored, rich men who inherited family fortunes from oil (land), a shipping magnate (sea), and an aerodynamics firm (air).
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  • Money to Throw Away: Happens with the wealthy trio throwing out the takings from their latest robbery to slow down the pursuing Batmobile.
  • Nice to the Waiter: Bruce Wayne is this, which becomes more evident in contrast to the trio's civilian identities. He's the only one who'd thank servants. Warren mockingly asks Bruce if he would thank the garbage man for taking the garbage away.
    Bruce: When I happen to bump into him.
  • Reality Ensues: Warren's initially convinced that he can buy his way out of trouble once Batman apprehends him and rejects his attempts at bribery. Warren doesn't seem to realize (or possibly ignores the fact) that most of his victims are just as rich as he is (if not richer), and thus can easily afford high-priced lawyers themselves and ensure that whoever ends up being the judge that presides over the trial remains unbiased. Therefore, it's not much of a surprise that Warren's presumably found guilty on all charges—breaking and entering, theft, aggravated assault, and attempted murder, just to name a few—and tossed into a filthy prison cell with a burly (and apparently ill-tempered) cellmate.
  • Rich Boredom: That's what drove the Terrible Trio into a life of crime.
  • Screw the Money, I Have Rules!:
    • Warren pathetically attempts to bribe Batman to let him go. Naturally, the Dark Knight refuses the offer.
    • Warren gives the security guard at their first target a "tip" from the loot in an extremely condescending way. The guard throws the stack of cash back in his face.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: The leader of the Terrible Trio tries to pull this when Batman catches him. When Batman refuses the bribe, he claims he can use his money to walk away anyway. One Gilligan Cut later, he's being pushed into a cell.
  • Shark Man: Gunther Hardwicke, a.k.a. Shark.
  • Smug Snake: The Terrible Trio, especially Fox, who seems to have trouble not lording it over "the little people."
  • Terrible Trio: The (literal) Terrible Trio, three wealthy young men who commit crimes for the thrill and excitement.
  • Übermensch: Warren justifies the Trio's crimes by claiming that they are the übermenschen of Gotham, inherently superior and therefore entitled to do as they please.
  • Was It Really Worth It?: Warren has a lavish and cushy lifestyle, but commits his crimes out of boredom, believing he can get away with it because of his status. Once apprehended by Batman, the next scene shows him shoved into a dark dank prison cell, with an unsavory cellmate. The fallen rich boy becomes frightened almost immediately once the reality of his situation finally hits him. One simply has to ask, "Was your fun worth it?"
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: It's never explained if Warren's girlfriend's father recovered from his encounter with Warren (he's last shown in a coma) and it's never explained what happened to Warren's girlfriend after Batman rescues her.
  • Younger Than They Look: Vulture is supposed to be the same age as Shark and Fox but is already balding and looks almost ten years older than them.


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