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The game opens with the Excelion crew surrounded by STMC. After a round of combat, they detect the gravitational signature of something warping out into the area. It's a large force of Aerogaters, to everyone's dismay. Captain Tashiro realizes that if they lose here the only other thing that can stop them is the SDF-1. He orders the vice-captain to raise all reactors to critical and plans to ram the enemy if worse comes to worse. Then the back-story begins.


In the past, the Earth Sphere was divided into two great powers: the Earth Federation government and the group of Space Colonies floating in the Lagrange points around the Earth. The colonies were originally under the dominion of the Federation, but as time passed and the colonies increased in number, those living in space began to see themselves as a people apart. In year 179 of the New Western Calendar, the colonies most distant from earth (Side 3) named themselves the "Zeon Principality" and instigated a revolutionary war against the Federation. The pilots of the humanoid combat machines of the Zeon side started out strong, but the conflict quickly grew into a stalemate. However, at the moment the Federation's final "Operation Star #1" was initiated, a gigantic object appeared out of nowhere in the L5 quadrant, smashing the greater half of both sides' forces and falling to Earth on South AtaliaIsland. Both sides, whose forces were greatly depleted, took the incident as their cue to sign a cease-fire, ending what would later be called the One-Year War.


After the war, an investigative team, The Extra-Over Technology Institute (EOTI) headed up by Dr. Bian Zoldark headed to Sout Atalia Island to examined the object and concluded that it was an ultra-large scale space battleship created by some undiscovered culture. This discovery implied the existence of another intelligent lifeform besides humanity, and that some sort of large-scale war was being waged somewhere outside the solar system. However, the leaders of the Earth Federation refused to accept this, and planned to increase the Federation's military strength solely for the maintenance of their own power. Amidst this, Bian Zoldark foretold that sooner or later the Earth would become embroiled in the struggle, stating that "Humanity no longer has anywhere to run." He then founded an organization, the "Divine Crusaders" (DC), to manufacture war machines to counter the alien threat, based around the Extra Over-Technology (EOT) found within "Alien Star-Ship One" (ASS-1). At the same time, the Federation special Space Defense Force (SDF) was established, based around ASS-1. However, doing so required enormous amounts of resources, resulting in economic downturn throughout the Federation.


Most of the citizens were never informed of the existence of other intelligent life, and various factions began to resent the pressure brought to bear by the Federation government, especially those native to space (the "Spacenoids"). This lead to a series of anti-Federation movements springing up. And as though summoned by the chaos on Earth, the Zeon Principality army which had fled to the asteroid base Axis were reborn as the "Neo-Zeon Army" and began conducting operations. In response, the higher Federation brass established the "Titans" Special Weapons and "Oz" Special Forces units. They began acting to suppress the remnants of Zeon and the anti-Federation activities of the Spacenoids.

At the same time, the "Dinosaur Empire" and "Youma Empire" appeared on the Earth and began assaults throughout the land, although they were smashed by the arrival of "Mazinger Z", "Getter Robo", and "Raideen". Dr. Hell, a collaborator of the Dinosaur Empire, and the Youma Empire's Prince Sharkin began to accumulate military strength in preparation to establish their kingdoms on the surface.

And in the New Western Calendar year 187, the Earth was surrounded by an atmosphere of intrigue as the plots of the various organizations swirled around...

Scenario 1: Cockpit Of Steel

Kouji Kabuto has just finished with a long day at school. His classmate Kusuha Mizuha tells him that the finals are coming up and if he doesn't study his ass off he's gonna fail. Kouji tells her that he didn't have the time because of the Dinosaur Empire attacks. Sayaka Yumi arrives, bringing news of the new super robot that the DC designed and that it is being delivered by plane to the Photonic Research Labs. Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield then bursts onto the scene, warning Kusuha and the others about the arrival of a squad of Mecha-beasts, led by Baron Ashura. Kouji points out there's no time to go get Mazinger Z, and plans to hold the Mecha-Beasts off in the Hover Pilder until the army arrives. Kusuha and Bullet worry for a moment, but are interrupted when the plane Sayaka was talking about crashes. Bullet and Kusuha are separated in the chaos, and as Kusuha desperately starts looking for him admidst the plane wreckage, she stumbles across the Super Robot Grungust Type 2.During this time, Kouji gets a combat round and then angsts about how the plane fell on the school - and then another round to realize he's being unmanly waiting for the army to come back him up. Baron Ashura decides to finish toying around with Kouji and finally kill him. However, Kusuha activates the Grungust and uses it to give Kouji some backup and chase Baron Ashura off.


Scenario 2: Mazinger Z in Dire Peril

The Mecha-Beasts are also attacking the Photonic Research Lab. Aphrodite A and Boss Borot are sent out to stall for time. Count Brocken thinks his plans to destroy Mazinger Z and take over the lab and all its resources are on course until the Pilder and Grungust show up. After the battle, Shirou is still angsting over how he broke Kouji's bike the other day. Prof. Yumi then inquires about how Kusuha can pilot the Grungust type II, and tells Kusuha and Kouji to head immediately to the Far East supply base. Kouji gets pissed off that Kusuha's likely to get punished for using the Grungust type II without permission when the army didn't lift a finger to help, and Prof. Yumi says he'll try to put in a word with the commander there, who is supposedly a reasonable man. You agree to go, and Kouji and Sayaka insist on coming along too. Yumi then thinks to himself that Prof. Shirakawa and Robert told him that only people with a special quality could operate the Grungast...and that the test run today was supposed to only use the Basic Motion Program. Could it be that Kusuha's ability to pilot it isn't just a coincidence?


Scenario 3: Getter Team, Sortie!

"Open Get!"

As the Photonic Research Lab team travel to the Far East base, they are sidetracked by a Mechasaurus attack on the Getter Ray Research Lab. Meanwhile, the Getter Team demonstrate their might against the Mechasauruses: Getter Robo-1 vs. Mechasaurus Bado, Getter Robo-2 vs. Mechasaurus Zai and Getter Robo-3 vs. Mechasaurus Zuu. After the battle, Archduke Gorgon bitches from the sidelines about his plans to get the Getter Ray data going awry. He figures if he can unlock the secret of Getter Rays, he won't have to let Dr. Hell rule the world. Meanwhile, in secret, Ivan has been doing some spectating of his own and gathering data.


Scenario 4: The Second Coming of Zeon

The commander of the base is a bit astonished that the pilot of the unmanageable Grungust is a high schooler. In the ensuing discussion between Kusuha's group and the commander, Kouji offers to take whatever punishment isin store for Kusuha onto himself. The commander then tells Kusuha that no punishment is in store; rather, they want to know more about her ability to pilot the machine, since not just anybody can do so - and they wish to collect combat data. In short, they want her to be the Grungast's test pilot. She needn't even enter the army, merely work as an affiliate of the Photon Power Lab.

The document turns out to be the concept paper for Shin Getter Robo, a version that surpasses even Getter G. Just then, the forces of Zeon attack, or more properly, Neo-Zeon. Hayato explains that Jion wasn't entirely wiped out when the One-Year War was called off, and the commander tells you that they've been scheming for revival in Axis ever since. Evidently the Titans are asleep at the switch for letting them land on Earth. They've split in four groups: Australia, Central Europe, the South Pacific, and the Far East archipelago. The last has a Zanzibar-class battleship and ten mobile suits - far too little power to actually oppress the area. Their objective must be something else. Kouji offers to attack them, and the rest of the team follows suit. Kouji is all set to attack, but some new signature is approaching from underwater. Note that your people were supposed to retreat and avoid combat.

On round two, the Submarine Fortress Budo appears - it's Ashura, who was meeting with the Zeon to hand over a certain object. The transfer is done by turn three, at which point M'quve and his goons depart and leave Ashura to finish you off...or something. He remarks as he departs that there aren't that many people this easy to manipulate, to which Ashura responds that she's the one doing the manipulating. Happily, Ryouma and Musashi show up too. After the battle, it's clear that Dr. Hell is planning something sinister with Neo-Zeon. It's rather suspicious that the Titans didn't show up to fight Neo-Zeon.


  • Combination Attack: If you've got at least 3 Skill Points, the Black Trinary will use a special group attack on Kusuha - the Jet Stream Attack.
  • Just a Kid: Kusuha's treatment by the base commander, at first.
  • Villain Team-Up: Neo-Zeon and Dr. Hell.

Scenario 5: Secret Numbers

Kusuha detects that someone is being attacked. Kouji notes that Kusuha is becoming an Esper and says that the radar proves that Kusuha's right. The group fights off the Youma Empire forces with Copelander team until they become too numerous. Ryusei and Ingram arrive for battle testing and give them a hand. At one point, Kusuha has a powerful headache. Aya notes that notes that there's way too much powerful psychic energy in the area.


  • Ascended Fanboy: Ryusei Date, a fan of Mazinger Z and Getter Robo, becoming a member of the SRX team.
  • Foreshadowing: Ingram thinking that everything's going according to plan. Aya notes that notes that there's way too much powerful psychic energy in the area.

Scenario 6: The Order to Shoot Down the Argama

Jamican and Oka talk about Neo Zeon and argue about the Titans for a bit. Jamican orders Oka to attack a "Zeonian" ship. Kusuha thinks that the ship is hostile and deploys with Kouji. Turns out the ship is the Argama. Duo Maxwell deploys from the Argama and Bright warns him not to attack the Far East Base. Duo replies that AEUG is really an anti-Earth Federation group, and that the normal army isn't likely to understand their objectives. Duo insists that the base and the army are his enemy anyway. Brocken and some Neo-Zeonians under Mashmyre Cello's command appear. Mashmyre tells Brocken not to order him around. He tells Gordon (who's feeling rather unlucky being sent here) that he has to fight with all his heart to lead the Earth Sphere in the proper direction and to win freedom for the Spacenoids. After the fight, Quattro reveals that AEUG's objective is to free the people of Earth from the oppression of the Federation army and the portion of the Federation government who supports them. He also reveals that their goal is peace.


Scenario 7: Let's Combine!

The group speculates on the possibility of the Titans allying with Neo Zeon because they know that the aliens exist and want to counter the SDF. After all this blah-blah, some enemies show up, whose identity Oka can't reveal even to Kusuha - merely that this base must constantly be on guard against them, which is why they couldn't sortie their own forces in the previous battles.

The Professor at the Nangen Connection displays Combattler V and asks the team to deploy to fight the intruders. However, they can't combine at first. The Argama team arrives after a few minutes of fighting. After another round or so of combat, the team gets another chance to combine Combattler V. During the combat, various members of the team will observe that Garuda's ship doesn't seem to be of Earthly origin. After you defeat Garuda, he bitches about how he'll never be able to explain it to his mother. After the battle, Nangen asks the Combattler V crew to join the Argama team.


Scenario 8: Launch! Its Name is Giant Robo!

Kamille encounters Duo composing some sort of log about the preceding events. Kusuha's team is heading out for some sightseeing, although Kamille decides to stay behind and hold the fort while working on his Gundam. Meanwhile, in Yokohama, Tetsugyuu and Ginrei are trying to keep Yasunishi Eri safe and get back to the Greta Garbo. Apparently Taisou isn't supporting them this time, but someone else is supposed to. Eri is apparently being targeted by the B.F. because she was part of a team that investigated some newly-discovered ruins in China and discovered something that was apparently an ancient Chinese weapon. And not just a sword or bow either, but something entirely more fantastic. Ginrei insists that they hurry the good doctor off to somewhere safe. And they literally run into Sayaka and the others - causing Hyouma to remark that Chinatown even has people (like Ginrei) in China gowns.

Just then, one of the B.F.'s robots closes in! The pilot is Q-boss, who insists that if Eri wants to continue her research she'd better do it with the B.F.Ginrei is about to use her special power to help them escape, but Tetsugyuu won't let her. In a recreation of the first ep. of Giant Robo, Daisaku ishiding with GR in a boat and has the group run for the bridge. Q-boss is shocked to see GR here, as are Tetsugyuu and Ginrei. Daisaku esaily dispatches Q. Boss. However, Albert and Ivan appear. Apparently the kidnapping attempt was just a plot to lure out GR, and Dr. Hell is already at work figuring out the weapon. Albert has serious reservations about having someone as untrustworthy as Dr. Hell working with them on the research, even though it was Big Fire's order. Ivan questions his loyalty (briefly) and Albert wonders if the operation really is part of Big Fire's plan. In any case, Ivan has stolen the plans for the new Getter Robo as a way to counter Dr. Hell. Also, they're hacking into the DC base for data on the Grungust and the Hukebein - they figure even Shuu won't notice. Albert plans to continue his inpection of NERV, and tells Ivan to take care of Robo. Out pops Ivan in Uranus with several other B.F. robots.

Kusuha, Duo, and the Getter and Combattler Teams show up. Musashi is astonished to see Daisaku hanging off the side of Robo's head. The fact that this B.F.-designed robot, which had gone missing, is here is very surprising. After the battle, GR flies off towards the Far East base. Hayato only knows that GR had gone missing along with its designer, Dr. Kusama. Ryou realizes that Daisaku is most likely Kusama's son. Bright points out that too much has been happening lately, and you decide to start gathering data on the B.F. Bright also informs you that Shuu wants to see Kusuha in his office when she arrives.


Scenario 9: He Who Calls Forth the Wind

Kusuha worries about piloting the Grungust, but Bright tells her that he knew a friend who worried about piloting the original Gundam. Kusuha has a meeting with Shu Shirakawa, who talks about Kusuha's psychic powers. He thanks Kusuha for providing data for the Grungust. They talk about the Grungust for a while. Reports stated that BF has stolen the ancient weapons which were dug up in China.

Oka warns everyone of a possible uprising from the Titans. The Titans are gathering at Jaburo in South America to plan a way to ploy to eliminate all resistance to the Titan's activities. This means that South Atalia's only defense is the SDF. The Titans plan on turning Zeon and SDF against each other and beating the weakened victor. Since everyone in AEUG will be branded traitors if the Titans take over, Kusuha contacts Brg. General Brecks to try to form a plan. As news of the impending attack spreads, many politicians and military men are already making deals in secret with the Titans. He agrees with your assessment of the Titans' aim. Should this succeed, an internecine war with both sides using EOT is the only possible outcome. He tells you that Henken has already set out for Jaburo with a detachment, and asks Kusuha to join them.

The group spots the Cybuster from a distance. Kouji demands to know who Masaki is, and gets told to stay out of the way. Unfortunately, the Cybuster's Prana Converter got broken in the shift to Earth, so Cyflash is unavailable and combat can only be sustained for a short time. Ingram shows up and identifies the Cybuster as the AGX-05, but notes that it's not like Aerogater machines - meaning it's one of the Elemental God-Machines that Shu spoke of. Masaki and Ingram have a talk about La Gias and the Aerogaters, who want its data. Kouji recognizes Ingram's mech from their last meeting. Ingram says he's going to help the group out (Duo is somewhat upset at hearing his name). After the next round of combat, Kusuha detects an unknown flying enemy batallion on the inbounds - Aerogaters, which show up on the enemy turn. Garuda is upset with these, the Empire's intelligence forces, and Masaki thinks that the surface is having big troubles of its own. As the group trades words and blows with Garuda, he tells them that conquest of Earth is but a single step toward their ultimate goal. If Ingram attacks Garuda, he finds out that he and the other Campbellians are the ones in charge of the Imperial Army (Garuda is astounded he knows that).

After the battle, Masaki passes out. He is sent to the infirmary. The group talks about the current situation. Then comes a transmission from Oka. The Titans are jamming communications from South Atalia, so its current state is unknown. Given that their rendezvous with Henken is two days away, Bright solicits the crew's opinions of what to do next - in effect, whether to take on the Titans or Neo Zeon. Going to Jaburo would help smite the Titans but would make gathering info on Neo Zeon harder. Conversely, going to South Atalia would solve a lot of the mysteries about EOT but might make them late to the rendezvous.


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