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Scenario 10: Amuro, Once Again

Amuro Ray: Why are you here?
Char Aznable: I came to laugh at you! Is that what you were expecting me to say?

Kusuha realizes that it's unlikely that her encountering the Grungast was just an accident, and that Shuu and Ingram are hiding something. Kusuha resolves to live long enough to figure out what's really going on around her, and some of the other crew show up and try to cheer her up. Emma explains that she left the Titans a while ago because of meeting a certain person - Amuro Ray. A person who, even though he seemed tired of going on living, still continued to dream. She found out that it was Amuro only later upon talking to Quatro. She figures what really charmed her was the atmosphere of the Argama: an assembly of people that crosses institutional boundaries. And that Amuro is expected to seek this place out too.


The group heads toward Cheyenne. Quatro is worried about being attacked by the Federation army base there, but Bright wants to get Amuro to join you. Bright explains that Amuro is an observer of a Gundam development project, apparently under extremely heavy supervision and as a virtual prisoner. Quatro wonders whether Amuro can be of any use to the group under such circumstances, and Bright asks him to check that out himself as they get closer. Although a fight may well be in the offing, Bright asks Quatro to avoid combat if at all possible. Kamille and Kusuha come along aswell.

At the base, Amuro and is discussing the Gundam RX-78 NT-1 with test pilot Christina MacKenzie. She thinks he should be the one to pilot it, although he says that he fought enough in the One- Year War and that he's acclimated to his life now. When Chris says he's as good as a prisoner, he warns her to watch her language since this room is being monitored too. Chien Agni shows up and asks him about the new model Gundam which, like the NT-1, is only intended for Newtype use. It's currently being built by Anaheim Electronics at the Von Braun moon base. Amuro remarks that the Gundam construction projects all over are proof that the Earth is brimming with some sort of unrest, although it's none of his business... Incidentally, Amuro mentions that he's heard the Titans are monopolizing the Psycommu technology developed by the Zeon during the One-Year War. He has Chien ask October of Anaheim where they got something like a Psychoframe. And, Chien tells Amuro he has a visitor...


It's Kobayashi Frau and Katz, who have lots to talk to Amuro about. Katz asks Amuro why he isn't working with the Karaba where his father is. He further confronts Amuro with the fact that he's simply afraid to lose his current lifestyle, which is why he's letting the army tell him what to do all the time. Amuro admits his current life is hell. Katz has figured out that the Titans are going to take over not only the military but the Federation government itself at this rate. Unfortunately, at this point a certain set of gun-toting dudes show up and inform Amuro that he's just been placed under arrest, although he proceeds with the NT-1 startup test under their guard.

Outside, Kusuha's team is lurking and watching the test. Quatro's plan is to break in and carry Amuro away. Camille is worried about fighting the regular army, but Quatro says they'd have to fight them anyway and that he should concentrate on fulfilling his mission. It seems there's a group of Titans on the scene who plan to attack the base. They learn that the Argama is on the inbounds, probably after Amuro, and the order is given to shoot on sight. Amuro thinks he can't do anything under such circumstances (the army guard agree). The group infiltrates the base. Rosamia Badam shows up with some goons to try to get rid of you. She thinks AEUG is going to drop a colony on the Earth and is fighting to prevent that from ever happening again (hence her "The sky is falling!" spiel). Amuro then snookers his guards and they prepare to sortie the NT-1 and the G-3 Gundam...As Kusuha attacks Rosamia, Rosamia rants about how she won't let them drop the sky - the AEUG pilots get a very strange sensation while fighting her.


After the battle Bright picks Amuro and the others up. After a bit of pleasantries, Amuro says he hasn't gotten his old intuition back but he's willing to do what he can to help. Amuro has a chat with Quatro and observes the Gundam. Frau then tells Bright that she's going with Katz to Hong Kong to be with Mirai, and Bright tells Amuro that he'll be counting on him in the coming fights.

Scenario 11: The White Mobile Suit

Masaki and his cats talk about planning an escape. He learns that Shu is in Japan. He then bails, promising to pay the group back for their help someday. At Quatro's advice, Bright lets the Cybuster take off - which it does at a surprising speed. The AEUG talk about the Titans and how they subdued Jaburo with only two or three vessels. It appears they had some help, not from Neo Zeon or from the Aerogaters, but possibly from an unidentified group of mobile suits who attacked the White Base back before the Gundam crew met Kouji and the others. Quatro thinks they might be the Jupiterians: people who helped develop the resources of Jupiter's energy along with the federation. Amuro also provides some feedback on the situation too.

Oka moves the rendezvous with Henken to the Far East base and tells you go head to Central Europe in the meantime to investigate a new battalion of Zeon, which is apparently using mobile suits neither of Federation or of Jion design. Your job is to figure out if they're working with the "third party" supporting the Zeon. Also repeat the stuff about how the European base was wiped out by a single Gundam-like mobile suit, although that's not among the ones you're searching for. The suits seem to belong to the Vespa, and they're investigating heat signatures inside a factory in an area they thought they already secured. Inside are Romero and Nyung - the factory is not a factory at all. Suzie is with them, and recognizes the beam rotor sound from the mecha as that that burned her hometown down. Marvet asks for permission to blast off to protect everyone hiding in the base, which he's denied since his leg is injured. But he persists, and leaving Usso to protect the others as he sorties in one of the V-Gundam's corefighters. After one round of combat Usso freaks and hops in the other core fighter. Katejina mounts some dumb objection about how killing each other should be left to the adults, which the other kids echo, but Usso shows his Burning Heart(tm) and sorties. He manages to combine with the first other piece of the V-Gundam, but the "boots" get wiped out by one of the enemy units.

This works out after one more combat round. Cronicle is not pleased to see Usso, but Usso gets pissed and starts firing, scaring away Cronicle. Now it's time for an all-out assault! The Argama shows up one round later, and Quatro wonders why a Gundam developed on the moon is here on Earth. However, on the enemy turn Pipinieden shows up on the opposite corner of the map. After the battle, the people of the League Militia thank you - this is a groupof anti-Federation Spacenoids. They do a lot of work on Gundam development, including collaboration with Anaheim. After noting that the "V" for victory is somewhat auspicious for both the V-Gundam and Combattler V, your group finds out that the V is a mass-production upgrade not of the GM, but of the Gundam itself. The League people take pride that they built the V independent from the army, but profess no knowledge of the Deathscythe - looks like they weren't the ones who built it... Unfortunately for them, during a secret gravity test they ran into the Jion troops. The Reinforce Jr. which brought them to Earth has since headed for Hong Kong, where the Hazan Foundation who supports them is. Otis then tells them that the machines being used were of Jupiterian origin. Your group then muses that a change of scenery from the Earth may cause people to think of themselves as a breed apart naturally. Quatro remembers that when he was in Axis the dealings between Zeon and the Jupiterians were strictly in trade for Helium-3, but now there seems to be military cooperation too...or perhaps it's just Ghiren up to his old tricks. In any event, Katejina shows up again and bugs you about letting her and the children get off here, babbling about how her hometown was better of destroyed by Zeon than living under the Federation tyrany - and that she never asked for AEUG's help. This rightfully upsets the rest of the group, but Bright is ready to go along with her request.

Romero and Otis and Astonage get to reminisce, and the old guys plan to stay with them and continue testing for the sake of the V-Gundam no. 2 still on themoon. They give the AEUG some funds too. Thank god Usso is planning to stay on the ship. Usso's fellow kids try to persuade him not to do it, but he says that by riding with the AEUG he should get some clues about what happened to his parents, who were part of some anti-Federation movement. He invites Shakti, whos parents are also missing, to come with him. It turns out that Usso doesn't actually want to fight per se, but Odelo points out to him that if he stays he'll probably be forced to. Odelo slips a few BS lines about how he doesn't want to die and how Katejina (Usso's first love??) is leavingtoo. Usso's resolve sort of wavers.

  • Combining Mecha: The V Gundam uses the Core Block system similar to the ones used by the Gundam/Guntank/Guncannon trio and Double Zeta Gundam, except now they can combine mid-air without extra pilots to control the separate parts.
  • Improbable Age: Yes, Usso's a pilot at age 13. More or less justified because his mom designed his Gundam *and* because of his life in Kassarelia.
  • La Résistance: The League Militaire is meant to be the good guys... it doesn't quite work out that way.
  • Transforming Mecha: The Victory Gundam can operate as a fighter, provided that it doesn't have both the arms and the legs attached at the same time.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: Katejina
  • Reluctant Warrior: As with most Gundam protagonists, even though Usso really doesn't want to fight, he is forced to pilot the V Gundam because his homeland and his friends are threatened and because he is just that good a pilot.

Scenario 12: Fighting is for Whose Sake?

Usso plans to stay with the group after all. He entrusts Odelo with looking out for Shakti and Karl and says to use his house or whatever. Katejina tells Usso not to grow up into a scary person and they finally leave. Quatro doesn't remember anyone named Evin in the AEUG, but that may not be conclusive since many people use aliases. Bright doesn't intend to make Usso fight... Unfortunately, a new Zeon force shows up heading for Kasaleria, which is where the kids just went. Usso hops into the Victory and rides off to the rescue. Wouldn't you know it's Fala trying to find the recovery signal for Cronicle's escape pod! It seems he's the little brother of the queen of Jupiter, and if something happens to him they'll never explain it to Kagachi or Scirocco - although Pipinieden figures she's just worried about keeping her reputation as a commander clean. As they come to investigate Usso's house, Katejina is at it again proposing that they try to get the Zeon to take them in, saying it's preferable to living with the AEUG. She thinks that the Earthnoids will eventually lose to the Spacenoids and figures now's her chance to hook up with Zeon. Odelo tells her to stuff it just as Usso shows up.

After the first round of combat Chronicle shows up and takes the folks in the house hostage. He tells them not to make him shoot them, and tells them all he wants to do is return to his unit. On the second round of combat, Rakan and AEUG's troops show up. Fala complains on how Neo-Zeon seems to distrust the Jupiterians and wouldn't let them participate in the raid on South Atalia.

After the battle, Usso learns that Katejina was taken away by the BESPA soldier - or rather, she went with him of his own accord, according to Shakti. Usso and Odelo start fighting about the fact that Odelo let her go, but Marbet stops them. Kusuha gets the opportunity to scold Usso, which gets things get settled and the rest of them end up staying on the ship as the safest place.

Since things are going from bad to worse, Amuro and Quatro recommend returning to the Far East base to regroup and meet with Henken. However, Bright wants to rendezvous with the Kalaba first and seek additional sources of support.

  • Hostage Situation: Chronicle holds the people in Usso's house hostage because he just wants to get back to his unit.
  • Relationship Values: Choosing to scold Usso improves the Protagonist's relationship with the love interest.
  • The Quisling: Katejina

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