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Recap / Super Robot Wars Alpha South Atalia Route

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Scenario 10: Awaken, Hero!

"Raideen! Fade In!"
-Akira Hibiki
The Youma Kingdom plan to attack Mutropolis because Akira Hibiki was injured in the last battle and the other Super Robots aren't currently in Japan. Sharkin plans to go out in the Gante to see the end with his own eyes. The Far East Base team talks about the SRX project in general.

Elsewhere, a rather informal Ryusei is unwinding from all the training and explaining the results to Aya, although Rai tells him that his headache probably comes from rattling off the name of his weapons every time he fires them. Banjou pays them a visit (his reputation precedes him), and shocks the pants off of Ryusei the mecha otaku. Banjou wanted to talk with Ingram, but of course he's not in at the moment...instead, it's the Youma army heading for Mutropolis. And [unsurprisingly] Reideen can't be launched at the moment to fight them. Ryusei decides to take action and sneaks out.


Things look hopeless for awhile, until the R-1 and Mach Attacker show up. A little later, a mysterious voice saying "Reideen" over and over will call to Akira. It tells him that it was made long, long ago to fight the Gods of Destruction that follow the current enemies. Akira reawakens to fulfill his destiny as a hero.

After the battle, the other SRX pilots show up, berate Ryusei for disobeying orders, and express their thanks that everyone's okay. Akira explains that Reideen called to him to fight against the God of Destruction coming fromthe sky. After thanks are passed around, Rai preempts Ryusei's attempt to get his picture taken with Reideen and tells him that he already took it. Banjou then invites Aya to South Atalia with him and tells her to work onthe R-3 there.



Scenario 11: Gundam Theft

Masaki and his cats talk about planning an escape. He learns that Shu is in Japan. He then bails, promising to pay the group back for their help someday. At Quatro's advice, Bright lets the Cybuster take off - which it does at a suprising speed. After that, the group receives a AAA call from Trinton base in Australia - a base for test pilots and their machines...and for nuclear munitions banned by treaty. The call is probably due to the Neo Zeon forces attacking. Bright figures that the SDF should be able to hold off the Titans for a while while the group heads to Trinton - plusGeneral Cowen of Trinton is part of the anti-Titans movement and should aid the group's cause.


Trinton detects a bunch of invaders heading for their base. They talk about the GP02A Physalis and its dangerous nuke bazooka. Shapiro tells them that the Gundam won't be stolen because he trained the Beast Machine troops for that occasion. However, Shapiro is proven wrong, as the Gundam is hijacked by Anavel Gato anyways. Shapiro doesn't particularly care about the theft itself, and thinks it'll be a good lesson for the upper brass, saying that the army as it is now has no chance against the Aerogaters. Keith flips out when he finds out that the Nightmare of Solomon is the enemy, but Kou realizes he can't back down. Cowen tells Kou to stand down and let the Beast Machines handle it. The Argama group also shows up to give them a hand.

After the battle, the group chats about the theft of the Gundam and why it was made.


  • Big Damn Heroes: The Argama team.
  • General Ripper: Shapiro Keats. He even abruptly demands that all pilots who had contact with the Aerogaters give him copies of their combat data and delete the master files - and if they resist he'll have them arrested. He disses Oka and Bright and tells them that only qualified people should be allowed access to the data.
  • Red Baron: Nightmare of Solomon

Scenario 12: The Ambitious Man

Shinobu and Kusuha talk about Kusuha being the pilot of the Grungust. Shinobu also talks smack about Shapiro. Unfortunately, Shapiro overhears and berates Shinobu. Shapiro tells him that he's strong-willed but far too immature to beat him, on all fronts. The group has a meeting about the Aerogators and their use of varying technology. They talk about the Titans and how they subdued Jaburo with only two or three vessels. It appears they had some help, not from Neo Zeon or from the Aerogaters, but possibly from an unidentified group of mobile suits who attacked the White Base back before the Gundam crew met Kouji and the others. Quatro thinks they might be the Jupiterians: people who helped develop the resources of Jupiter's energy along with the federation.

The group runs across Neo Zeon and beats them easily. Neo Zeon flees with the Physalis and a Mecha Beast, the Dragonsaurus, shows up. Ma-Kube had it ready for just such an occasion and it's got Large Regeneration! After the group kills it, Viletta and a bunch of Aerogators show up. She notes that Earth culture isn't advanced as her Balmar culture is, but that the group has some finely honed warcraft...and that they've got some machines that use the same military tech as the Aerogators do. Shapiro notes that the new vehicle is clearly a combat machine and thinks it's a great opportunity to understand with what the aliens will eventually overpower the earth. Your people begin to realize that the aliens are a diverse group, and Shapiro and Sara sortie. Bright demands to know what Shapiro is up to, and orders him to return at once. He refuses, thinking this is a magnificent chance...a chance to infiltrate and use the aliens, and become the ruler of all space! Worse, Sara vows to go if he's going. Kusuha feels some sort of unrest, and Shapiro and Sara defect to the enemy side - saying that he exists solely to dominate the universe and that his talents are beyond Kusuha's comprehension, etc. Viletta thinks to herself that he seems similar to the crew at Jupiter and that he may prove useful. Sara tries to go along too, but at the last minute her Vernier thrusters give out and she gets left behind.

Sara gets detained as a result. The good news is that the Zeon detachment was unable to breach the SDF's defenses at South Atalia. The group has to go to a meeting at the American west coast.


  • Ambiguous Robots: Dragonsaurus
  • Social Darwinist: Shapiro claims that the rest of the humanity can perish as long as the rich and powerful can escape aboard the ships. He says that such an escape, and the chance to pursue unlimited evolution of mankind in space, seems like the best option.
  • The Quisling: Shapiro Keats.
  • Villain Team-Up: The Titans and Jupiterians

Scenario 13: The Shooting Star She Saw

"I'll kill You."
-Heero Yuy

Jamitov is having a meeting with Basque Ohm. Basque says the plan is running along smoothly, even though Zeon might do something unpredictable. They also talk about Scirocco Paptimus and Treize Kushrenada and why they can't be trusted.

The group arrives at the meeting point and they get attacked by an OZ battalion because they might get in OZ's way. Zechs explains that the AEUG are dangerous as Neo Zeon and that AEUG does not know their potential. The group protest that they're fighting for peace, and Zechs counters that his country which advocated Absolute Pacifism got destroyed by the Federation Army. He also notes that the world must be unified under Oz to fight off the oncoming alien threat. Kusuha agrees with him, but AEUG realizes that they can't just leave things up to Oz. Quatro also asks Zechs how long he intends to go on doing what he's told and wearing his mask - mentioning that there was once a certain other person who did the same.

Heero Yuy shows up in the Wing Gundam and Kusuha can't sense his intention to attack or not. Duo says that Heero Yuy won't. Amidst the battle, Relena comes out and tries to catch sight of the Mobile Suit that looked like a shooting star from her window. She's unafraid of death. Noin and her men show up. Amuro, Christina and Usso also show up in their Gundams. After OZ is beaten up, Heero tries to kill the AEUG, but Duo Persuades him into not doing so. After the battle is over, Pargan manages to convince Relina to stop watching the battle - so she goes over to where the Wing Gundam crashed and runs into Heero. Heero can't manage to kill her off and bails in the ambulance a la Gundam Wing ep. 1. Insert Relena being a total space case.

Back at Oz HQ, Zechs tells Treize that he stopped the fighting at a level the Titans and Romfellar wouldn't have any reason to suspect. Treize apologizes for making the Lightning Count fight a losing battle. Including the machine Zechs saw, there are now five Gundanium mobile suits come down to Earth. Gundanium - a material far more durable than Gundalium, only manufacturable in space... Zechs notes that all such suits including the Wing Zero, are called "Another Gundams". According to Treize, they are the perfect executioners for the fools in the gravity well who try to monopolize all the authority. Apparently they need the AEUG to do something in the remaining time before Operation Daybreak starts...

Upon meeting the group, Amuro and the others explains what they been doing in Jaburo. Amuro also has a chat with Quattro and realizes that he is Char.


  • Char Clone: Zechs Marquise. Quatro/Char Aznable also asks Zechs how long he intends to go on doing what he's told and wearing his mask - mentioning that there was once a certain other person who did the same.
  • I'll Kill You!: Heero's threat to Relena.
  • Unobtainium: Gundanium, which is incredibly tough, nearly immutable, heat-resistant, electrically neutral, and a natural radar damper. The "rare, hard-to-find" part comes from the fact that it can only be manufactured in space and the fact that at the start of the show, only six people in the world know how to make it. This has some basis in real-world science. The crystalline structures that form as liquid metal solidifies can be very different in microgravity. The odds of creating an alloy with ''all' the aforementioned properties remain fairly small, however.
  • Wild Card: Scirocco Paptimus and Treize Kushrenada

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