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Recap / Regular Show S 08 E 19 And 20 Terror Tales Of The Park VI

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Despite being in space, the crew find they can still celebrate Halloween to which they plan a trip to the Halloween Neubla in the Park Dome Ship. As they wait to arrive, naturally the crew decide to tell some stories with Skips, Eileen and Rigby telling the tales.

  • Fear Planet: Skip's story sees Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Pops and him traveling in space in a VW Wagon and needing to refuel to continue. They stop on a planet to get more fuel but find that it brings their worst fears to life if they think about it.
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  • King-Sized Candy Bars: Eileen's story finds Rigby, Mordecai, Muscle Man, Skips and her trick or treating within the Space Tree Station. They come across a spooky looking house promising king size candy bars but find that it's filled with vampires.
  • Alien Roommate: Rigby's story sees the park crew having to look for a new roommate to get extra funds. But the one they pick turns out to be an actual Xenomorph looking for one...and a very atrocious roommate at that.

In between the stories, the crew find themselves drifting toward a black hole which the park crew are trying steer away from.



  • And Then John Was a Zombie: All the protagonists in Eileen's story are turned into vampires.
  • All for Nothing: In the second story, Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen make it to the bowel with the candy. Only to find out the bars aren't one of their favorites.
  • Big "NO!": Eileen in the second story when she find she's the only one left before the vampires get her.
  • The Cameo: Neil DeGrasse Tyson shows up at the ending.
  • Did Not Think This Through: Said word for word by Muscle Man when he knocks Shannon off the park ship without anyway to get back.
  • Downer Ending: At the end, the ship is sucked into a black hole and the crew end up (literally) becoming spaghetti (as stated by Recap Bot earlier) only to be eaten by Neil deGrasse Tyson in an Italian restaurant.
  • Dwindling Party: Fear Planet and King Sized Candy Bars has the protagonists being picked off one by one.
  • Evil Laugh:
    • Rigby, Mordecai, Muscle Man, Skips, Eileen and the other vampires do this at the end of "King Sized Candy Bars" when they hear other trick or treaters coming into the house.
    • Shannon gives one when the others finds that she damaged the button to open the airlock.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Rigby dons one when gearing up to fight the vampires.
    Eileen: An eyepatch, Rigby?
    Rigby: Yeah! I'm feeling it!
  • Faux Horrific: The fears in Fear Planet. Benson's fear of sharks is normal enough, but then you have Skips' fear of flying disc free stylists and Rigby's fear of amusement park mascots. After the story, Mordecai points out that it's just Skips making excuses for his hatred of flying disc free stylists.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Muscle Man makes one at the end of Alien Roommate to drive Shannon off the ship.
  • Prequel: Either that or out of order as this episode take place before Space Escape.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Shannon who literally throws money at all her problems in order to avoid doing work.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Naturally the costumes, this time we have Benson as Abe from Primer, Muscle Man as Zed from Zardoz, Fives as E.T, Eileen as Samus Aran from Metroid, Rigby and Mordicai as Tetsuo and Shōtarō from AKIRA. Skips isn't really in costume but has three nipples, a reference to the hooker from the original Total Recall (1990).
    • In Eileen's story, Rigby and she are dress as Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay from Star Trek: Voyager, Skips is Ash in his getup from Army of Darkness, Muscle Man is Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes and Mordicai is Han Solo from Star Wars. When the group suit up to hunt the vampires, their outfits resemble that of the film version of Van Helsing.
  • Skewed Priorities: Despite the fact that Shannon is an acid-spewing xenomorph, the others are more concerned about her being a bad roommate.
  • Vampire Episode: "King Sized Candy Bars" is focused on vampires.
  • "What Do They Fear?" Episode: The basis of Skip's story, though the others find out it was just his way of stating how much he hates Flying Disc Freestylers.
  • Whole Plot Reference: Alien Roommate to Aliens obviously.

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