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Recap / RWBYV 3 E 4 Lessons Learned

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Volume 3, Episode 04:

Lessons Learned

The first doubles match of the tournament puts Mercury and Emerald against Yatsuhashi and Coco. Later Qrow and Winter spend some quality time with their families.

Tropes in this episode include:

  • Art Shift: Qrow's story briefly shifts to traditionally drawn and shaded stills (with limited animation).
  • Bad-Guy Bar: The tavern that Qrow visits is filled with shady figures like sellsword Huntsmen.
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  • Bullet Time: Seen at a couple points during the Coco vs Emerald part, especially when Coco reacts to Emerald's first shot. She even bends backwards as the bullet flies past her face like Neo in The Matrix.
  • Call-Back: The sword that Weiss manages to summon is the one used by the Knight in the White Trailer.
  • The Casanova: Qrow mentions that he was one during his days in Beacon and his story has him being taken in by an attractive innkeeper.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Even without the match-fixing, Emerald and Mercury take full advantage of their terrain and their opponent's weaknesses, namely how slow and unwieldy a minigun and a BFS are in close-quarters. There's also a brief moment of a fake Yatsuhashi distracting Coco before she's finished off.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Emerald and Mercury dominate Yatsu and Coco in their fight, with the latter only having a few moments of being in control during their fight.
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  • Dance Battler: Mercury's fighting style involves a lot of flips, rolls, and constant movement, giving this impression. He even creates a whirlwind and some projectiles by seemingly break dancing in a circle.
  • David vs. Goliath: A variant in that the villains appear to be David, since their victory is called a major upset by Oobleck.
  • Easter Egg: In the official Youtube version, the captioning goes off-script for a moment during Qrow's visit with Ruby and Yang, seen here.
    Qrow: Just remember that you've still got a long way to go. And don't think for a second that graduating means that you're done. Every day out there is worth a week in this place. You two, you're gonna go far. But only if you keep learning. If you never stop moving forward.
    *Excuse your transcriber as she goes and cries in a corner*
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  • Enemy Rising Behind: Emerald does this in classic fashion, slowly rising up behind a bewildered and frightened Coco before administering the Coup de Grâce and ending the match.
  • Geo Effects: Exploited by Emerald and Mercury to their advantage. Yatsuhashi is finished off with a geyser blast to the head.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: Team CFVY's strategy is to have Coco lay waste with her minigun while Yatsuhashi covers her with his BFS.
  • Hypocrite: Yang complains about Qrow staring at an innkeeper's skirt, when she did the same thing to some shirtless boys back in The Shining Beacon, Part 2. However, her complaint is also along the lines of Qrow using that story to distract her from the game they're playing, rather than purely in response to the antic.
  • Insistent Terminology: Qrow is not an old man, he's just older.
  • Hooks and Crooks: We get to see the chain part of Emerald's kugarisama weapons this time, fired with the blades on the end to snare Coco.
  • In the Blood: Schnee glyphs are revealed to be hereditary, as a rare case of this in Remnant.
  • It's Personal: Played for laughs when Coco sees that her shades had been broken.
    Coco: I take it back. I don't like her.
  • Lotus Position: Yatsuhashi meditates like this before their fight begins, albeit with this hands clasped to the opposite forearm than on his knees.
  • Meaningful Look: Yang has a transfixed look on her face when she sees the picture of Team STRQ, specifically of her mother.
  • Parental Sexuality Squick: Qrow mentions his old team, which consists of Yang and Ruby's parents, used to get up to inappropriate things. He then states those stories can wait until the girls are older. Ruby is grossed out.
  • Plot Tailored to the Party: Invoked Trope for the villains. Cinder clearly made sure that the battlefield would "randomly" come out in a form best suited to Emerald and Mercury. The wheat field gives them time to hide and get into position, wide open rocky plains are perfect for Mercury's wind attacks, and Emerald moves through the forest at lightning speed while Coco tries to track her.
  • The Reveal:
    • The Schnee family does possess a hereditary semblance (and such things are rare).
    • Also we are given the reason why Weiss is at Beacon when Winter went to Atlas.
    • It's also revealed that Torchwick got the Paladins by intercepting shipments.
    • The name of Qrow's team is discovered to be STRQ (pronounced "Stark").
  • Rule of Symbolism: A caterpillar is seen in the foreground as Weiss attempts to summon, then again when it runs into her glyph sword on the ground. It symbolizes Weiss and her development in both her abilities and her identity (as she cuts ties with her father in the next scene).
  • Summon Magic: A revealed use of glyphs that Weiss has yet to master.
  • Trash Talk: Some occurs at the start of the episode.
    Coco: Hey, love the outfit, kid.
    Emerald: Thanks. I'll try not to get blood on it.
    Yatsuhashi: I can't promise [that] you'll leave without a scratch.
    Emerald [smugly] I won't be the one bleeding...
    Coco: Oh, I like her!
  • Triumphant Reprise: "Mirror Mirror" gets one when Weiss and Winter say their goodbyes.
  • The Worf Effect: After being formidable in the battle with the Grimm at the end of Volume 2, Yatsu and Coco are soundly beaten by Mercury and Emerald, respectively.

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