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Recap / Calvin And Hobbes The Series S 2 E 15 Insanity Is In The Air

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The episode opens with Calvin and Hobbes arguing over Susie, eventually coming to a truce. They decide to get a game of Calvinball started, but Andy isn't really willing. Eventually, he sort of reveals that he's interested in a girl, but too shy to ask her. Hobbes poorly attempts to explain love to him, and he fails to gather the courage to call her that night.


Next morning, he's attempting to type a thirty-six page long list of conversation topics. Shortly after, they go down to the park to meet Maria (the love interest), and their conversation doesn't go over well... not especially when she reveals she's more interested in Calvin.

Needless to say, Calvin ends up a wreck, but his sadness is halted by the arrival of an irate Andy, who challenges him to a contest to see who gets Maria's love.

The contest doesn't go over well - Andy does reasonably well, while Calvin is flat-out terrible at impressing her. She actually likes Calvin, thinking he did it intentionally bad, and Andy eventually accepts that he's not ready for girlfriends yet.




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