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Recap / Archer S 1 E 6 Skorpio

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Archer must rescue Lana from the clutches of Skorpio, the infamous arms dealer. Meanwhile, Cyril fears not only for his girlfriend's life, but her succumbing to the seductive nature of Archer's heroics.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Black Comedy Rape: Neither Archer nor Lana actually wanted to have sex with Skorpio (Lana in fact had been stalling him for days), but he gives them no choice in the matter.
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  • Blatant Lies: Malory is "at a conference", not nearby on a boat with Nikolai Jakov. Nor does she micromanage her agents.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Cyril spends most of the episode episode obsessing over Lana, to her great annoyance. Cheryl, Pam and Krieger have fun with it by taunting him that Archer and Lana are probably having sex (which they are).
  • Destructo-Nookie: After a three-way between Archer, Lana, and Skorpio, the room is covered with chocolate and even chocolate prints of Lana's boobs on the wall.
  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: Lana literally shoots Archer in the foot, in the middle of a firefight, because he compliments her tits.
  • Erotic Asphyxiation: After having sex with Cyril, you can clearly see handprints on Cheryl's neck.
  • Foreshadowing: Pam explains the love triangle between Archer, Lana, and Cyril is why she doesn't sleep with her coworkers. She has since slept with everyone but Ray.
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  • The Reveal: Mistakenly thinking that Archer has just been blown up, Malory lets slip that he is also Nikolai's son (maybe).


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