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Political value Nil. Operational value Excellent.
— An internal report on Donovan "Red" Grant, From Russia with Love

Dragonborn: How do you serve Lord Harkon?
Fura Bloodmouth: Simple. He says 'kill', I kill. Sometimes he doesn't even have to say it.

Morden: When I first took Onyx on, I judged him to have potential. Unfortunately, power can be a discouragement to growth, and he's had difficulty adapting. I rather hoped his association with you might have inspired him to look beyond his current set of problem-solving tools, but he seems to have decided that he's learned all he needs to know.
Alex Verus: Which is a nice way of saying that he deals with anything in his way by smashing it.

Once given the Blood Kiss, Konrad made no attempt to hide his supernatural powers, and fed openly on his friends and subjects (as well as rats, cats, cows, wandering pedlars and anything else with a pulse that came too close). Konrad appointed himself as something of a berserk enforcer for Vlad, executing anyone who displeased the Count. This, naturally, also included anyone who displeased Konrad. Over time, this encompassed many victims, including enemy generals, priests of all descriptions, people with a squint, and several Necromancers who had laughed at Konrad's pitiful magical skills.
Warhammer: Vampire Counts Army Book (8th edition)

Rapture is a body, Delta. I am the voice... and Big Sister is the hand.
Sofia Lamb, Bioshock 2

The front passenger door opened, and Mike Mazurki got out. With his gorilla shoulders crammed into a double-breasted suit, he looked ready to go fifteen rounds with an enraged moose. His fingers were a bunch of fat white bananas. I had to look twice before noticing the automatic stuck like a child's toy in his giant fist. He didn't have any dialogue, but the gun said "get in the car" in fifteen different languages.

A muscle-minded tank-brain. No Mentat, my nephew... not a Piter de Vries, but perhaps something more precisely devised for the task at hand. If I give him freedom to do it, he'll grind over everything in his path. Oh, how he'll be hated here on Arrakis!
Baron Vladimir Harkonnen on the Beast Rabban, Dune


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